1) Proper Filthy Naughty – Fascination [10 Kilo]rnSexy Euro electro-disco like they just don’t make any more.

2) Hot Skates 3000 – No Brakes On My Rollerskates (Mark Moore & Mr Motion Mix) [Disco Activisto]rnMe, me, me! Is that Billie Ray Martin on vocals?

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3) Logic Sisters feat. Franky Glitzer – Ringelbeatz 06 [Kompact]rn”Superdub” is dark and mysterious while “Reissverschluss” is berserk wurlitzer dance music.

4) Zoot Woman – It’s Automatic (Cosmos Acid Dub) [Wall Of Sound]rnJacque Lu Cont’s band deserve to be huuuuge!

5) Fusion Orchestra – Farfisa [Wireless Music]rnOut for a while but massive everytime. B-52’s “Planet Claire” cut up.

6) Le Dust Sucker – Mandate My Ass/Love Me [Plong!]rnFunky, funny and intense.

7) Adult. – Shake Your Head/Blank Eyed, Nose Bleed [Ersatz Audio]rnAdult. back with new album and single.

8) The Dysfunctional Psychedelic Waltons – Payback Time (Jacques Lu Cont’s TWD Mix) [Sony]rnJacque Lu Cont Vs Kelli Ali Vs Nellee Hooper.

9) The Flaws feat. MC Chick-A-Boo – Freek (Ewan Pearson Remix) [Bitches Brew]rnCan’t go wrong with Mr Pearson.

10) Mount Sims – Hate Fuck [Gigolo]rnFinally released as a single. Punk Electro.

11) Nicolas Courtin – Many People (Asteroides EP) [Erkrankung]rnStrange Euro disco. Sounds great at minus 6!

12) Archigram – Doggystyle [Crydamoure]rnIggy Pop & The Stooges get the electro cut up.

13) Goldfrapp – Train (Ewan Pearson Club Mix)/(10″ Dub Mix) [Mute]rnStill marvellous after all these months. How sexy is this?

14) Savas Pascalidis – Superman (Galactic Gigolo cd) [Gigolo]rnA great album!

15) Justus Köhncke – Homogen [Kompact]rnMayhem inducing electronic disco.