Ever since he teamed up with Underwater last year to release his monster trance-house anthem The Push, Paul Jackson has enjoyed elevated status as label chief Darren Emerson’s number one protégé and with his new single Blockbuster, he proves the ex-Underworld man’s faith is highly justified.

Like The Push, Blockbuster is a deceptively simple instrumental house record, oozing and throbbing with power and an almost malign dark energy. And like The Push, it comes with a third beatless mix, dubbed Blockbuster Tool, highlighting Jackson’s explicit emphasis on making records for the dance-floor. In fact, all three mixes, qualify as unequivocal DJ tools, each containing lengthy instrumental breakdowns (perfect for mixing between records) and each being built around an infectiously relentless get-your-feet on the floor and dance groove.

Blockbuster is out on June 7, and like The Push, is one of those tracks that’s likely to stick around in far more genres than it should. Quality.

Genre: House

Rating 8/10


Jonty Skrufff (Skrufff.com)rn