Electrogogorn@ Madame JoJo’s rn8 Brewer St, Soho, W1


Thursday August 4:

Asia Argentorn(dj set!!!)rnThe screen siren and cutting edge director (‘Scarlet Diva’ + ‘The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things’) now adds deejaying to her many talents. And believe us the girl can dj! She’ll be playing a mix of electro and tech for your listening pleasure.rnShe’s got her Kaos pad and she is ready to raaaaawk!rnwww.asiargento.itrnwww.cultsirens.com/argentornwww.tabula-rasa.info/AsiaArgento

Ping Pong Bitchesrn(live! On stage 11.00pm)rnProteg?s of The Prodigy get ready for the releasernof their new album on Umami Records.rnwww.pingpongbitches.com

Yr Mum & Ya Dadrn(live! On stage 12.45am)rnThe sound of young London! Shook up, crazy kids!

Gigi Von Gigolo?rn(live! On stage 10.15pm)rnA performance-kitsch experience!

rnAs per usual your resident djs will bernMark Moore / Frankie D / Roi

bands on from 9.30pm

Club times: 9.00pm – 3.00am

?4.00 with flyerrn?6.00 on door

Drinks promos:rnStella bottles – ?2rnVodka + Mixer ?2

rnThursday September 1st:

IDCrn(dj set!)rnThe leading light of the UK mash-up/bootleg wave.rnwww.idcmusic.com

HK 119rn(live! On stage 11.00pm)rnBjork’s fave act of the 21st century!rnwww.hk119.co.uk

ViKtorrn(live! On stage 12.45am)rnSublime electronic pop with lashings of glamour.rnviktor-music.com

No Brarn(live! On stage 10.30pm)rnPiss taking darlings of the ‘ART’ world!rnwww.nobra.co.uk

Sub Culturern(live! On stage 9.45pm)rnDynamic electropop three piece.

rnNext Electrogogo:rnThursday October 6

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rnCourtesy the lovely folk at Time Out

rnThanks to The Guardian for making us number 1rnLondon club!

“Mark Moore’s ace bursting electronic collection trips through the decades for a custom-kitted crowd.”rn(Time Out)

“One of the most interesting shindigs is the utterly fabulous Electrogogo night … these boys are on fire.” (Lottie – Evening Standard Metro Life)

“A brilliant fashion-led, diverse crowd and mix.”rn(Time Out)

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GoGo Gallery 20: Wendy James & Racine, Noblesse Oblige, HK 119, Bjork, Billie Ray Martin, Siobhan Fahey, The Infadels, Mula, The Machines and more!

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Penthouse Party with Andy Bell from Erasure, X-Lover and Ten Minutes With My Dad

1st Birthday with Carl Craig, Ping Pong Bitches, the Bisons and Discordinated

Depeche Party back at JoJo’s with Arnaud Blackstrobe/The Droyds/Mignon/Steve Morell

Electrogogo Re-opening at Zoo with Steve Strange + The Modern (Part 2)

Electrogogo Re-opening at Zoo with Steve Strange + The Modern (Part 1)

Rogues GalleryrnElectrogogo Live!rnAvenue D from NYC!rnKings Have Long Arms / Rusty EganrnBobby Gillespie rocks ElectrogogornMarc Almond djs!rnScissor Sisters party / Gene SerenernBands and tingsrnBillie Ray Martin / The Real HeatrnEL GoGo 04 (New Year’s Day with Ewan Pearson)rnEL GoGo 03rn2nd week (Siouxsie Sioux pops in for a cavort)rnLaunch night

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