South African producer, songwriter & filmmaker Spoek Mathambo today shares a new track from his forthcoming album Mzansi Beat Code.  Listen to “Black Rose” below,  as premiered on Complex.

“Black Rose” is a kaleidoscopic house jam featuring fellow SA artists Damao,  Suga Flow and Tamar and follows the soul blended zulu folk of recently released “I Found U”,  highlighting the breadth of sonic scope on Mzansi Beat Code.

In support of the album Spoek will return to UK shores to play Serious Space Shoreditch in May for what will undoubtedly be an exhilarating live showcase of the record.

With two critically revered solo albums under his belt (Mshini Wam (BBE, 2010) and Father Creeper (Sub Pop, 2012),  not to mention his collaborative projects Fantasma and Batuk, and a documentary on SA electronic music (Future Sound of Mzansi), Spoek Mathambo is prolific creative.  A true music activist, showcasing and stretching the limits of electronic music and hip hop,  on his new album Mzansi Beat Code, he pushes it one step further, abandoning vocals to focus on production.  The result is a sophisticated and intricately woven landscape which mixes various South African house schools (Bacardi, iGqomu, Sghubu), Classical House, Techno, Rap and folk music Kwazulu Maskandi. Armed with a Roland sampler and his laptop, Spoek heightens offbeat rhythms to build sound collages where percussion, bouncing guitars, and a vast array of samples intersect. “The album interludes and skits play with ideas of media. I record a lot of sounds with my dictaphone, steal clips from YouTube … Everything clashes to express things that are so specific and local yet global…nostalgic yet right now, or at least yesterday”.

Mzansi Beat Code features collaborations with a host of South African artists such as Kajama, Loui Lvndn, Langa Mavuso, Damao and Jumping Back Slash, as well as Mexican vocalist Ceci Bastida and US singer Pegasus Warning.

For more information on Serious Space and Spoek’s performance click here: tracklisting:
1.   Want Your Love (ft Kajama, Fantasma)
2.   Black Rose (ft Damao, Suga Flow, Tamar)
3.   Blast Fi Mi (feat Loui Lvndn)
4.   Landed (feat Loui Lvndn)
5.   The Mountain (feat Pegasus Warning, DJ Mujava, DJ Spoko, Machepis)
6.   Volcan (ft Ceci Bastida, Fantasma)
7.   Libalela (ft Langa Mavuso)
8.   I Found U (feat Kajama, Fantasma)
9.   Nothing’s Ever Perfect (feat Loui Lvndn)
10. Sifin’imali Yethu (ft Jumping Back Slash)
11. No Congo No Cellphone
12. Spoek Mathambo International Airport (Border Patrol Dub)