Some of your favourite musicians that are big betting fans as well!

Did you ever stop to wonder what your favourite musicians get up to in their spare time? I mean, obviously I am sure that they love writing, creating and playing music but what other things do they get up to? After doing a bit of research, we discovered a little something of a trend. Many of the top singing and music sensations are into gambling, casinos, and even slots in a big way!

There is no doubt that over the last few years, online gambling has undergone a huge
transformation and has become inescapably cool. Everyone is at it on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops and popular sites like All Jackpots Casino have become all the rage! But when it comes to celebrity fans, which musicians like the stakes the highest? Let us read on to find out more!

Gladys Knight

She is sometimes known as the “Empress of Soul”, but did you also know that she is the goddess of gambling? Ms Knoght, the soulful, singing sensation has a huge penchant for bacarrat and sports betting, so much so that it did get a little out of hand at one point.


Remember good old Nelly from the 90’s? Where did he disappear to? By the sounds of things it could be the poker table as he considers himself quite a poker shark. Who would have thought that behind that silken voice (and of course the inexplicable plaster on his face) that a quiet, methodical, and incredibly strategic poker fiend lurked? He has travelled the world playing his favourite game, from Monte Carlo to Vegas and has even competed in a couple of World Series of Poker tournaments!

Scott Ian

Do you remember the thrash metal band Anthrax? Well their guitarist Scott I