Pre-order a vinyl copy of our latest remix of Lenzman's 'Ever So Slightly' @ INTEGRAL RECORDS Limited pressing, so get in quick! information for Lenzman / Phil Tangent - A: EVER SO SLIGHTLY (ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE REMIX) AA: CLOUDED JUDGEMENT : Integral Records, INTLP001A (***NOTE : THIS IS A PRE-ORDER ITEM***) - Integral Records INTLP001A. Available on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by Lenzman / Phil Tangent and mor…
Listen back to our latest BBC Radio 1Xtra Talent slot here on the BBC iPlayer Crissy Criss Metalheadz INTEGRAL RECORDS Lenzman The Upbeats @scardnb DLR BBC Radio 1Xtra - D&B with Crissy Criss, Bladerunner guest mix, Xtra Talent With Artificial...Artificial Intelligence continue the DnB vibes in Xtra Talent.
Straight in at top spot on Juno in the Dnb Charts. Thanks for all the support! :)Timeline PhotosExtremely proud to see our second sampler from Platinum Breakz 4 sitting at the top of the @[104044492964832:274:Juno Records] charts!

Congrats to @[186285131421020:274:Artificial Intelligence], DRS, @[183776911684290:274:Loxy] and @[96987584522:274:Resound] and most of all a HUGE thank you to everyone out there supporting the label and our artists, we would not be here without you.

We look forward to the full album dropping on the 28th...
Don't miss this tonight if you are in town. Looking forward to road testing plenty of exclusives Scar Metalheadz Technimatic Alix Perez INTEGRAL RECORDS
For those that missed it-you can listen back to our 2nd BBC Radio 1Xtra talent show on BBC iPlayer here Crissy Criss feat. plenty of treats & exclusives Scar Phil Tangent Lenzman Ivy Lab INTEGRAL RECORDS Metalheadz
BBC Radio 1Xtra - D&B with Crissy Criss, 09/04/2014, Xtra Talent With Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence resume their April Xtra Talent residency for the DnB show.
Metalheadz 10' dropping in a couple of weeks. A follow up Headz 12 and our remix of Lenzman INTEGRAL RECORDS Select album sampler 12 mastered today. Followed by a 5 track Headz EP - masters also delivered this week. Plenty of music in store for this summer! :)
listen back to our first weekly BBC Radio 1Xtra talent show with some fire from Lenzman LSB Technimatic Total Science Reso and more !BBC Radio 1Xtra - D&B with Crissy Criss, 02/04/2014, Xtra Talent With Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence take over Xtra Talent for the month of April!
Catch us tonight on BBC Radio 1Xtra or anytime this week on the BBC iPlayer laying down our first weekly Xtra Talent show including plenty of new music from DLR Lenzman Total Science LSB Ivy Lab EmperorDNB Break Symmetry Recordings @SCRIPTDJ INTEGRAL RECORDS and plenty more!
We will be kicking off our weekly BBC Radio 1Xtra Guest dnb show next week which will run throughout April. Look forward to sharing so much good new music. More info to follow
Order now from

The wait is over - PB4 is here. Perhaps one of the most revered album series in drum & bass is back with a vengeance, and some are saying it maybe the best yet.

This 2 of 2 sampler for Platinum Breakz is a dancefloor led affair for DJs and dancers alike, but after you begin unwrapping the layers there is altogether different beast at hand.

First on the double A side we have the triumvirate of Glenn & Zula Artificial Intelligence, and DRS with Warhorse - A very apt title for a very powerful, uncompromising and snarling stepper, DRS spits venom and gives way to a screwface-bassline that envelopes everything in its path. The very definition of war horse is well and truly on display here. As opener for PB4 it really sets the tone for the album - No bullsh*t - Headz2014.

Available as a ltd white label 10" vinyl stamped with the Metalheadzlogo and signed by the artists, this will be an essential purchase for any serious Metalheadz collector!Artificial Intelligence feat. DRS - War Horse - Platinum Breakz 4Order now from ...
Catch us Shogun Audio in Toulouse tonight alongside Friction Alix Perez Rockwell Icicle Vandal Crew and more! Look forward to testing out the new batch we have been working on alongside some specials from the forthcoming INTEGRAL RECORDS Select album comp
Have a listen our forthcoming Remix of Lenzman 'Ever So Slightly' taken from INTEGRAL RECORDS Select Album sampler dropping real soon. Friction BBC Radio 1Lenzman -Ever So Slightly (Artificial Intelligence Remix) Friction Radio 1 ExclusiveTaken from the Integral Select Album Sampler dropping soon!
*** Track not available for download *** Click here to view
Dropping soon! Metalheadz @ DRSTimeline Photos@[186285131421020:274:Artificial Intelligence] - War Horse ft. DRS

Coming soon on @[274193250157:274:Metalheadz] Platinum Breakz 4!
Thanks for making it happen Camo MC @Jayms Hendi Dux Live. Huge final night in Christchurch before hit the long sky bound journey home. Road tests on some of our forthcoming Metalheadz ep went down a real treat. Thanks for the specials Loadstar DLR Ant Dispatch Recordings @Calibre to name a few. Smashed it!
Looking forward to road testing plenty of fresh music in Christchurch tomorrow night at Dux Live :)
10" Ltd Platinum Breakz Vol.4 Test Press approved for War Horse feat. MC DRS- Dropping soon! Watch this space for news on our debut Metalheadz 5 track EP which will follow.
Catch tonight's gig at 10 Bar in Dunedin!
Ink Bar in Auckland, this Friday!
New Zealand fans, you can catch us in Auckland this coming Friday Feb 8 at Ink Bar, Wednesday Feb 19 at 10 Bar kicking off O-Week in Dunedin & Feb 28th in Christchurch at Dux Live. With plenty of exclusives to drop, we are really looking forward to touring again in one of our favourite places in the world
Big news for our very own INTEGRAL RECORDS! Please support the cause and LIKE the page for more details, guest mixes and exclusive free download coming soon! :)
INTEGRAL RECORDSHere at Integral HQ we're pleased to announce the forthcoming, long-awaited INTEGRAL SELECT LP will be dropping soon. First sampler 12" is mastered and wheels are in motion! Remixes and exclusive tracks from Alix Perez / Lenzman / Technimatic / Calibre / Artificial Intelligence / Phil Tangent / Scar / DLR and plenty more. More news to follow soon so watch this space and spread the word!
Happy New Year! Catch us at Subdub in Leeds tonight alongside Source Direct Youngsta Flowdan The Bugand others as well and Jersey for Vanguard
*** Track not available for download *** Click here to view
Just putting final touches to our forthcoming debut Metalheadz EP. More news to follow soon
One for the weekend - check out the Back Of The Stack picked out for Friction show this week. Have to bring this one back in the set! big up DKAYAI 'Back Of The Stack' - D Kay - How Much Does It Take (Radio 1 - Friction)Classic fro D Kay which bringing back in the set