Sun 20/04/14
Happy 420/Easter, it's a double celebration,
Sat 19/04/14
Pleasant afternoon spent walking the dogs in the English countryside.
Thu 17/04/14
Been working on this.
Thu 17/04/14
Heres a little interview we did>>>> step out with Brave New Worldwww.examiner.comRecently, formidable dubstep duo Bar9 traveled to the U.S. for a short run of dates that included a stop last month in Detroit at The Works. The UK pair are tou
Wed 16/04/14
Weather is splendid! Going for dinner!. Al fresco yo!!!
Mon 14/04/14
So who knows what movie this is taken from!
Sun 13/04/14
If u have not heard it yet here their we did for YourEDM.>>>
Sat 12/04/14
Cant wait for this!!!Timeline Photos@[127254203998255:274:Ergh] X @[252664494177:274:Never Say Die Records]. 30.5.14
£10 tickets on sale now!
Thu 10/04/14
Here is an interview we did for
Thu 10/04/14
#tbt When i saw a bear while touring canada
Wed 09/04/14
What have you been up to?
Tue 08/04/14
I always wear odd socks.
Mon 07/04/14
Master of disguise!
Sun 30/03/14
St Louis was crazy. Big up everyone that took part. Had a sick time, now for the long trip back to the UK.
Sat 29/03/14
Detroit was sick. Now on to St Louis with Getter, point blank and JPhelpz!!!!!
Fri 28/03/14
Fri 28/03/14
Playing at The Works, Detroit tonight with Nerd Rage,
Shits gonna be crazy.
Thu 27/03/14
Tonight @ Heaven NightClub, Lubbock TX!!!!Mobile UploadsIts going down tonight! FREE with RSVP &#064; — with <a href="" data-ft="&#123;&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;;&quot;&#125;" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/user.php?id=1530270310&amp;extragetparams={"directed_target_id":null}">Vinnie Garcia</a> and 37 others.
Wed 26/03/14
Tonight @ Slide, San Francisco,
Gonna be crazy!!! HEAVY with BAR9 are something of a formidable force in the Dubstep scene. Ollie and Martin burst onto the scene in 2008, with early works such as ‘Midnight’ and ‘Untitled Symphony’ grabbing attention across the globe. Their unmistakably polished level of production was soon in high demand, as they delivered…
Wed 26/03/14
Ladies and Gentlemen, Guys and Girls!!!...Why not check out this little interview we done for YourEDM and then download this banging mix courtesy of yours truly X
Wed 26/03/14
Ahead of our mini US tour, we made this exclusive mix for Yo
Wed 26/03/14
All of these seats that look empty, have got children sat in. GGGGGGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!
Wed 26/03/14
Boarding flight to San Francisco!!!!!
Tue 25/03/14
Just getting everything ready for the STATES,
Catch us @>>>
26th Slide, San Francisco CA
27th Heaven, Lubbock TX
28th The Works, Detroit MI
29th Skatium, St Louis MO
Sun 23/03/14
Weather is beautiful today! Makes all the difference..