Thu 04/12/14
Thu 04/12/14
11pm - 7am

Wed 03/12/14
Dates for the rest of the year - thanks to everyone that's come to see me DJ in 2014

5th December - Hessle Audio Takeover at Fabric - London
6th December - WHP with Joy O - Manchester
6th December - Castleton Mills - Leeds
7th December - Trouw with Gerd Janson - Amsterdam

12th December - La Cheetah with Spencer - Glasgow
13th December - City de la Mode with Matthew Herbert - Paris
14th December - Berghain 10th Birthday - Berlin

18th December - Perron - Rotterdam
19th December - Tivoli - Utrecht
20th December - Honig Complex - Nijmegen
(all with Midland)

31st December - Zo [Catania] - Sicily
Tue 02/12/14
I'm contributing to the next Late @ Tate event this Friday, programmed by Rinse FM in celebration of their 20 year anniversary -

Come to fabriclondon afterwards -

Thu 27/11/14
This is a big problem, and not just in the UK - in almost every city I've ever played you hear the same story, that venues which have been in existence for years are finding themselves under threat of closure due to new residents making regular noise complaints, despite knowing and otherwise benefiting from the fact that they've moved to an area with a thriving music scene.

"Anyone who wishes to buy or rent a property within a determined distance of a music venue should have to read and sign legislature that waives their right to complain about the noise from the nearby venue. If they do not wish to be bothered by something that was a fixture of the community long before they arrived, they should not move there in the first place."

Introduce mandatory noise complaint waivers for anyone who buys or rents a property within close...
There are innumerate cases of people knowingly moving within close proximity of live music venues, only to try to have their licenses revoked or have them closed completely when they take exception to the noise.
Wed 26/11/14
I know I've slightly bombarded you guys with mixes and interviews lately, but here's one final thing for you before the end of the year - the full 135 minute recording of my set from fabriclondon's 15th birthday celebrations.

This was one of my favourite sets I've played in the club's main room - starting on the Sunday evening after 5 hours of Dixon and Âme, and before Mathew Jonson. The vibe at the party felt really open and relaxed...

Our next party at the club is on December 5th - we're taking over all three rooms for only the second time:

Audio: Ben UFO Recorded Live At fabric 15th Birthday Weekend ~ fabric blog
Mon 24/11/14
I've been featured on the cover of Crack Magazine this month -

Thanks to Anna Tehabsim for the thoughtful questions and write-up, and to Tom Weatherill for the photos.

Thanks also to Jackmaster, Gerd Janson, Morphosis and Joy Orbison for the kind words on the sets we've played together! Amazing DJs and people, all of them.

Ben UFO //
Mon 24/11/14
PS: check out this mix by Yannick at Red Bull Music Academy for a great introduction to all this awesome music that came out of Japan from '89-'93

RBMA Radio - A Tribute To Japanese Underground House
A special tribute mix dedicated to to the early years of underground house in Japan
Mon 24/11/14
really excited for a few different reissue projects focusing on the work of Soichi Terada and several other Japanese deep house producers who released through Far East Recordings in the early 90's

these records have been crazily scarce and expensive for years, so big shout out to Hunee and HHATRI for making them more widely available, and for bringing them to my attention!

(this one also features my favourite ever drum break - soul pride!)

Shinichiro Yokota - Do It Again

Far East Recordings
Sun 23/11/14
thanks to everyone that came to the shows over the past two weeks - definitely some of the best i've had in north america so far :)
thanks also to Joy Orbison for the great company, the reliably fun and easy b2b DJing, and for being so patient when i got sick and grumpy

(this k. leimer retrospective LP on RVNG was the revelation of the tour for me, i listened to it on every flight we took)

K. Leimer - Entr'acte (Excerpt)

A Period Of Review LP - RVNG
Wed 19/11/14
Recording and tracklists for last night's Beats In Space show featuring me and Joy Orbison are now online here -

Big thanks to Tim Sweeney and happy 15th anniversary to BIS! :)

Tue 11/11/14
Later this week Joy Orbison and I are heading over to the US, where we're playing six shows across two weekends. This is something we've been planning for the past two years - ever since our first attempt in 2012 was scuppered when Joy's work permit didn't come through in time.

To celebrate, we've uploaded two extracts from a live recording of an event we played in Holland earlier this year, where the promoters at ZeeZout gave us the opportunity to play a six hour set together at an outdoor venue just outside of Amsterdam -

The first section was recorded as the venue was filling up in the later stages of the afternoon; the second section was recorded during peak time, once the sun had gone down. We hope you enjoy them!

Details of our shows are as follows -

11.13.14: Seattle - Q:

11.14.14: Denver - Cluster Studios:

11.15.14: Chicago - Spybar:

11.20.14: Montreal - Stereobar:

11.21.14: NYC - BLKMARKET:

11.22.14: Toronto - Coda:
Thu 06/11/14
TEST PATTERN [N°6] by Ryoji Ikeda for Red Bull Music Academy Tokyo


Tue 21/10/14
another pudel poster!

this time i am either - a dream, or, a bubble being blown out of elgato's mouth, wearing a ufo as a bowler hat

Thu 16/10/14
9pm - 11pm tonight //

Special edition of the Hessle Audio show tonight on @[6392392405:274:Rinse FM], featuring guest mixes from @[94431533277:274:DJ QU] (Strength Music) and Robert Crash (DIN), and exclusive unreleased music from Terrence Dixon, Mix Mup and Klaus / 106.8FM London / 9pm - 11pm
Thu 16/10/14
really enjoyed this piece - it's a playlist put together by the people who have worked at fabriclondon throughout its history, but it's really all about the descriptions of each track... really lovely remembrances of how the people involved experienced the tracks they picked - of how the music sounded in that space, and of the scenes surrounding them

reading this kind of thing makes it obvious how much the club has been responsible for, and how much of an impact its had on music in London over the past 15 years

i'll be helping them celebrate their birthday this coming Sunday evening - come down! :)

fabric is 15: An Extended fabric Staff Office Playlist
Tue 14/10/14
In addition to the ongoing Hessle Audio tour, I'm looking forward to a series of bookings with some brilliant DJs over the next couple of months...

16th October - Hessle Audio at Trouw (ADE) - Amsterdam
17th October - Hessle Audio at Culture Box - Copenhagen
18th October - Hessle Audio at Under Bron - Stockholm
19th October - fabriclondon 5th Birthday - London

24th October - Bob Baeman with Joy Orbison - Munich
25th October - Robert Johnson with Prosumer - Frankfurt
26th October - Golden Pudel with Elgato - Hamburg
31st October - Le Sucre with Elgato - Lyon

1st November - Hessle Audio at Warehouse Project - Manchester
4th November - RBMA with DJ Nobu - Tokyo
7th November - Club to Club Festival with Ron Morelli - Turin
8th November - Twisted Pepper with Sunil Sharpe - Dublin
Sun 12/10/14

Loefah - Woman
Tue 07/10/14
Austin Cesear - West Side LP
Public Information 2014

Austin Cesear - La Paloma

Video directed by Paul Clipson
Tue 23/09/14
JD Twitch's beautiful edit of Amadou et Mariam is out now - more people have asked me about this than any other track this year :)

Buy it -

Amadou & Mariam - Ce N'est Pas Bon (JD Twitch Edit)

Autonomous Africa - AA Bonus 10 - Limited edition one sided 10", due 15th September 2014