Fri 27/03/15

Just when we thought there wasn't a flyer for Pudel tonight.
Tue 17/03/15
The Black Madonna is articulate and cool - here she is talking about a new series of nights at Smart Bar called 'DAPHNE', after Daphne Oram, in celebration of Women's History Month

"The series is centered around women, but it’s not exclusively women playing. The only point is to have women in leadership positions. We don’t need to be exclusive; what we need to do is show that women are normal, integral fixtures in this world."

The Black Madonna on Going Beyond Sexism In Dance Music
We spoke to the DJ and chief talent buyer at Chicago's Smart Bar about the DAPHNE party series, "A Women's Movement in Dance Music."
Fri 13/03/15
chris mack!!!!!
one of UK dance music's most legendary figures

getting really excited now... still can't quite believe i've been given the opportunity to play this music alongside some of my all time heroes - >>>

The Underworld - Champion Sound (F2F001)

Twitter: @Spectralband
Thu 12/03/15
whittling down a selection for Bloc on sunday evening

Thu 12/03/15
Dates until the end of April -

13th March - Bloc - Minehead
14th March - Chibuku 15th Birthday w/ loads of other great DJs - Liverpool
14th March - Simple - Oxford
15th March - Bloc (celebratory end of weekend jungle rinse out) - Minehead
20th March - Conne Island w/ Kassem Mosse and Karen Gwyer - Leipzig
21st March - Duel Beat - Naples

27th March - Square - Tortoreto
28th March - Calefornia Dancing - Treviso
29th March - Last Resort w/ Jackmaster (WMC) - Miami

3rd April - Culture Box - Copenhagen
10th April - Zukunft - Zurich
11th April - Hinterhof - Basel
(All with Joy Orbison)

16th April - Elita Festival - Milan
17th April - Goa - Rome
18th April - Harmonized - Civitanova Marche
24th April - Club Control - Bucharest
25th April - Laundry w/ Even Tuell and Timnah Sommerfeldt - London
Thu 12/03/15
People in London or within travelling distance of London - I'm doing a party at the end of April with Black Atlantic, it's at the Laundry

I'll be joined by Even Tuell from Workshop Records and Timnah Sommerfeldt, who put together that awesome mix for the radio show last week as part of the specialist DJ series -

They are both killer DJs and I think it'll be a really good night

We're bringing in a nice system, we run until 6am and we've tried to keep tickets reasonable - there's a bunch at £5 and then there'll be more at £8, you can pick them up here:

Wed 11/03/15

Optic Nerve - Another World

Catalog No: DB4W-006 Another of Keith Tuckers' many excellent projects
Wed 04/03/15
Tomorrow night on the Hessle Audio show, Timnah Sommerfeldt joins me for the second edition of our three-part series focusing on specialist resident DJs from around Europe. If you missed the first edition last month featuring Mimi, you can listen back here -

I met Timnah just over a year ago at Hinterhof, an excellent 400-capacity club in Basel. In stark contrast to the eclectic and perhaps slightly hyperactive set I'd played that night, Timnah played an exceptionally measured, focused and thoughtfully crafted set to close out the night - something that takes a lot of courage when faced with a full dancefloor and a closing bar. Her sense of timing and understanding of groove is second to none, and she played exactly the music I needed to hear in that moment.

Tune in to Rinse FM tomorrow night at 9pm to hear her 60 minute mix (and I've got some cool stuff to play too). / 106.8fm
9pm - 11pm

Wed 25/02/15
i'm a talking head!

big up Tim Sweeney :)

Beats In Space - New York’s Most Important Underground Dance Show (Documentary)

Producer: Anoushka Seigler Editor: Kamil Dymek Filmed By: Jason Bergman Launched in 1999, Tim Sweeney’s Beats in Space has become the New York dance undergro...
Thu 19/02/15
This is a nice idea -

In summary - 'Amen, Brother' by the Winstons contains the most sampled and distinctive breakbeat of all time (if you think you haven't heard it - you have), but none of the band members have seen any royalties from the project, and the drummer himself died homeless.

Any money raised by the project goes directly to Richard L. Spencer, The Winstons' vocalist and lead sax player :)

"Please be aware, this is in no way a means to try to chase royalties, fees or to pay for sample clearance. It is nothing more than a gesture of good will and obviously totally voluntary."

A gesture in support of The Winstons and the Amen breakbeat
Tue 17/02/15
Hessle Audio at fabriclondon alongside Exit Records and MOOD HUT

Tickets here - (early birds and 1st release are gone already...)

Mon 16/02/15
good night


Rezzett - Goodness [The Trilogy Tapes - Forthcoming] (RIP)

Will remove on request. Ripped from the Hessle Audio show on Rinse FM - 8th January 2015 New Rezzett, forthcoming on TTT
Thu 12/02/15
s/o to Pau, Pablo and all the crew at Discos Paradiso in Barcelona - really enjoyed exploring the shop :)

Thu 12/02/15
I picked this beautiful Mood II Swing remix as one of my favourite B-sides for B.Traits show on BBC Radio 1 last weekend

Crustation - Flame (Mood II Swing Borderline Insanity Dub Mix) [Jive]

Facebook : Artist : Crustation Titre: Flame (Mood II Swing Borderline Insanity Dub Mix) Album: Flame Label: Jiv...
Wed 04/02/15
I'm lucky enough to be able to play records in a huge variety of different places, and it's become clear to me through this regular travel that there are loads of unbelievably good specialist DJs all over the world who make essential contributions their local scenes, and without whom these scenes might not exist. Their hard work is a big part of the reason people like me are able to play so regularly, and they often don't get the props that they deserve.

On the first Thursday of each month for the next three months, starting tomorrow, I'll be hosting a different guest mix on the Hessle Audio show from one of three fantastic DJs, each of whom I've met through travelling.

First up is Mimi, representing the Ekstrakt crew - - we met in Zagreb last year whilst playing a gig in advance of Dimensions Festival. He's been DJing for years, and you can hear it - his set that night encompassed everything from old school New York deep house to hard techno via Dance Mania...

You can hear his 70 minute mix on Rinse FM tomorrow night. / 106.8FM London

Tue 27/01/15
Dates for the next month, including details for most of the shows in the upcoming Hessle Audio UK tour -

29th January - Vent - Cairo
30th January - Hessle Audio at Wire - Leeds
31st January - Hessle Audio at the Marble Factory - Bristol

3rd February - Hessle Audio at The Caves - Edinburgh
5th February - Macarena Club - Barcelona
6th February - RePublik - Waterford
7th February - Hessle Audio at Twitch - Belfast

13th February - Fuse w/ Objekt - Brussels
14th February - Six Dogs - Athens

20th February - Hessle Audio at Sankeys w/ Karenn and Joy O - Manchester
21st February - Hessle Audio at Hope Works w/ DVS1 - Sheffield
27th February - Hessle Audio at Next Door - Birmingham
28th February - Hessle Audio at Brickworks - Nottingham

Wed 21/01/15
I'm playing at FWD>> again on Thursday for the first time in [x] years - yay!

Me and Jackmaster b2b from start to finish, come down early :)

If you can't make it in person, Rinse FM will be broadcasting live from the club from 11pm - 1am in lieu of our normal show

Tue 20/01/15
Recording of last week's radio show -

Lena Willikens has given me permission to share the tracklist for her mix, which starts around half an hour in:

Tom Dissevelt - Woomerangs
Svart Express - Untitled (Unreleased)
Shackleton - Beat His Command (Woe To The Septic Heart!)
Borusiade - Nihilist Conga (Unreleased)
Highlife 04 - B (Highlife)
Philipp Gorbachev -New Sound & Silver Symphony (Ana Helder Edit) (Cómeme)
Logic System - Unit (EMI)
Loren Nerell - Eidolon (Forced Nostalgia)
Golden Teacher - What Time Is It (Huntley + Palmers)
Vapauteen - Drawing Blood From A Stone (L.I.E.S)
Shemale - The Surgery (BUNKER)
Tolouse Low Trax - City Beat Straight (Unreleased)
Etienne Jaumet - Metallik Cages (Versatile)
Wolf Müller - Rudeltanz (Huntley + Palmers)
Frak - Absorb (Midlight)
Diseno Corbusier - Golpe De Amistad (Vinilisssimo)

PS: here is Resident Advisor's recent feature on Salon Des Amateurs, the venue in Dusseldorf where Lena is a resident DJ -

Rinse FM podcast - Hessle Audio w/ Ben UFO - 15th January 2015
Listen to Rinse FM podcast - Hessle Audio w/ Ben UFO - 15th January 2015 by rinsefm #np on #SoundCloud
Thu 15/01/15
Lena Willikens has recorded a 45 minute guest mix for the Hessle Audio show tonight on Rinse FM

Lock in from 9pm - / 106.8FM London

Thu 08/01/15
Plastic People as remembered by Ade and Sam
"... a room full of 200 friends"

'A blueprint for perfection’: Plastic People remembered
The London nightclub Plastic People has closed its doors after two decades. Founder Ade Fakile and resident Floating Points relive the good times, writes Ben Beaumont-Thomas