Tue 21/10/14
another pudel poster!

this time i am either - a dream, or, a bubble being blown out of elgato's mouth, wearing a ufo as a bowler hat

Thu 16/10/14
9pm - 11pm tonight // www.rinse.fm

Special edition of the Hessle Audio show tonight on @[6392392405:274:Rinse FM], featuring guest mixes from @[94431533277:274:DJ QU] (Strength Music) and Robert Crash (DIN), and exclusive unreleased music from Terrence Dixon, Mix Mup and Klaus www.rinse.fm / 106.8FM London / 9pm - 11pm
Thu 16/10/14
really enjoyed this piece - it's a playlist put together by the people who have worked at fabriclondon throughout its history, but it's really all about the descriptions of each track... really lovely remembrances of how the people involved experienced the tracks they picked - of how the music sounded in that space, and of the scenes surrounding them

reading this kind of thing makes it obvious how much the club has been responsible for, and how much of an impact its had on music in London over the past 15 years

i'll be helping them celebrate their birthday this coming Sunday evening - come down! :)

fabric is 15: An Extended fabric Staff Office Playlist

Tue 14/10/14
In addition to the ongoing Hessle Audio tour, I'm looking forward to a series of bookings with some brilliant DJs over the next couple of months...

16th October - Hessle Audio at Trouw (ADE) - Amsterdam
17th October - Hessle Audio at Culture Box - Copenhagen
18th October - Hessle Audio at Under Bron - Stockholm
19th October - fabriclondon 5th Birthday - London

24th October - Bob Baeman with Joy Orbison - Munich
25th October - Robert Johnson with Prosumer - Frankfurt
26th October - Golden Pudel with Elgato - Hamburg
31st October - Le Sucre with Elgato - Lyon

1st November - Hessle Audio at Warehouse Project - Manchester
4th November - RBMA with DJ Nobu - Tokyo
7th November - Club to Club Festival with Ron Morelli - Turin
8th November - Twisted Pepper with Sunil Sharpe - Dublin
Sun 12/10/14

Loefah - Woman

Tue 07/10/14
Austin Cesear - West Side LP
Public Information 2014

Austin Cesear - La Paloma

Video directed by Paul Clipson
Tue 23/09/14
JD Twitch's beautiful edit of Amadou et Mariam is out now - more people have asked me about this than any other track this year :)

Buy it -




Amadou & Mariam - Ce N'est Pas Bon (JD Twitch Edit)

Autonomous Africa - AA Bonus 10 - Limited edition one sided 10", due 15th September 2014
Fri 19/09/14
Back at fabriclondon tonight...

Hessle Audio in room 1, I'm on at 3.45am

Call Super is celebrating the launch of his debut album in room 3 - I'll be DJing with him and Objekt in there from 11pm - 3am
You can hear the recording of our warm-up, which was broadcast live on Rinse FM last night, here - http://podcast.dgen.net/rinsefm/podcast/HessleAudio180914.mp3

Thu 18/09/14
I've recorded the 100th edition of the TRUANTS podcast series - my first studio mix since late last year
It's quite long, and includes a song about a cat...

Check it out here - http://truantsblog.com/2014/truancy-volume-100-ben-ufo/

Tue 16/09/14
Call Super interviewed by Rory Gibb for The Quietus

Call Super: Shadows In A Two-Way Mirror - The Quietus | Escape Velocity
With the Berlin-based producer's lovely, exploratory debut album Suzi Ecto just released, Rory Gibb catches up with JR Seaton to discuss the inspirations behind the LP, and why ambiguity is a potent political force.
Tue 09/09/14
We've been joined by special guests on the Hessle Audio show for the past five Thursdays

If you missed any of them, they're available for stream and download here (w/ extra special bonus artwork by Nochexxx...)

Tessela (with Pearson Sound) - https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/hessleaudio070814

Pender Street Steppers (Mood Hut) - https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/hessleaudio140814

Everything Is Everything - https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/hessleaudio210814

Power Vacuum takeover with Bintus and Ed DMX - https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/hessleaudio280814

UntilMyHeartStops takeover with Leif and Joe Ellis - https://soundcloud.com/rinsefm/hessleaudio040914

Thu 04/09/14
tonight on the Hessle Audio show, our special guests are Leif and Joe Ellis, who run the UntilMyHeartStops record label

every release is killer - http://www.discogs.com/label/408917-UntilMyHeartStops

www.rinse.fm / 9pm - 11pm

Joey Anderson- Join Her (Untilmyheartstops001)
Thu 04/09/14
throwback w/ jack and steve...
boiler room's chaotic first birthday

over 3 years ago now :/

Wed 03/09/14
(╯'□')╯︵ ┻━┻

via Objekt

Objekt - Flatland (Forthcoming PAN)
Objekt's debut LP will see release on double-vinyl, CD and digital formats in October
Tue 02/09/14
getting in practice for wedding season
loosen your ties, kick off your shoes

Rene and Angela- I Love You More
Tue 02/09/14
bookings over the next month, including the first three of this tour - http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=25831

5th September - Electrosanne Festival - Lausenne
6th September - Woodstock 69 - Bloemendaal
12th September - Dude Club - Milan
13th September - Zoo Project Festival - Donnington Park
19th September - Hessle Audio at Fabric - London
20th September - Hessle Audio at Stattbad - Berlin
26th September - Hessle Audio at Concrete - Paris
27th September - Warehouse Project - Manchester
28th September - We Love Closing - Ibiza

Hessle Audio - Autumn 2014
Ben UFO, Pearson Sound and Pangaea will represent their label at eight events in the coming months.
Mon 01/09/14
our next date at fabriclondon is on September 19th
catch the three of us in room 1, where we'll be joined by Jon Rust and DJ Bone (!!!!)

Call Super is marking the launch of his debut LP in room 3, alongside Objekt and Gatto Fritto - i'll also be DJing in there back to back with Joe and TJ

AND, in case you missed it, here's the exclusive mix that DJ Bone recorded to help spread the word - http://www.fabriclondon.com/blog/view/audio-dj-bone-fabriclive-x-hessle-audio-mix

see you there

Tue 26/08/14
listen back to a section of my set from this year's Green Man Festival, which was broadcast last week on BBC Radio 6 Music

Nemone's Electric Ladyland - BBC Radio 6 Music - Green Man Festival Special
Nemone plays Green Man Festival DJ sets from Ben UFO and Simian Mobile Disco.
Sun 24/08/14
happy 20th birthday Rinse FM :)

really proud to have been able to contribute something to the station over the past few years

Tue 19/08/14