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Richard n Gooden is the brother of club DJ and musical pioneer Dave Angel. Earlier this n year he was wrongfully convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment n for the act of defending his own life. The End and the dance community has banded n together under the direction of Dave Angel to host a benefit event and right n to justice. All proceeds raised by the event, “Release”, are to go towards a n fund for his appeal.


Carl Cox
Jim Masters
n Dave Angel
n Jamie Anderson n

n Jumping Jack Frost
n Brian Geen

19th September
n The End
n 18 West Central St
n London
n WC1A 1JJ
n Nearest Tube: Tottenham Court Road
n Tel 0207 419 9199
n Fax 0207 419 9099n


nThis press release is published as issued from Dave Angel’s management, and the opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of TrusttheDJ

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2 Responses to “Release” Press

  1. How about Indian Motorcycles?

  2. Effectively said and reasoned Jack. I will join you in carrying out every thing I am able to to reverse the tide-for my kids and grandkids.

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