Miami Winter Music Conference

Everyone’s talking about Miami at the moment. I’m not going this year for a few reasons…firstly, Americans always have cameras and it drives me mad! “Excuuuse me, can I like, have a picture with you?”.


Get lost!


I’ve been to Winter Music Conference three times now. I remember it’s too hot. I hate the heat, that’s why I live in London – I like the cold. Heat is the enemy of drag. Anyway, the Americans drove me crazy everywhere I went. I didn’t get a minute’s peace. Every single person in America has a camera. They should be banned. Every single person, bar none.


However, I think the WMC is a great excuse for people to go and get a suntan. You don’t really get any work done there. It’s not really a conference as such. It’s just an illusion that people go there to do business. If you’re lucky you get a fair bit done, but for most people it’s staying up all night and partying till dawn, missing most of the sunshine and coming home! It’s like Ibiza! Like going to Ibiza but condensed. So am I worried about not being there this year?
No! Sod you all!

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  1. I consent together with the era, but, I feel, that this is a Diplomat not a LeBaron.

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