On Miami

So Miami’s upon us again. I’ve been to the Winter Music Conference four or n five years in a row now. It’s funny one, Miami is…I get personal enjoyment n out of it and the whole concept works pretty well. You meet people there that n you might not have met otherwise. It’s such a relaxed environment, so it’s a n good place to hang out. Whoever had the idea of doing it was a genius – everyone n wants to go to the sun for a week at the end of March!


I like the diversity of Miami too. If it was only house then it wouldn’t be n interesting. But I find that I can bump into Peshay there or Zed Bias or the n Bugz crowd, or DJ Premier from Gangstarr. A lot of managers and American A&Rs n are starting to go there now too – that’s a pull factor for lots of people. n


I’m going to the Ovum party…and Danny Tenaglia’s gig is a big event too. n Unfortunately I won’t make it this year, but Tenaglia’s the guy with the overall n central thing that everyone can relate to. If you’re into d&b, garage, hard n house…you’ll still go to Tenaglia @ Space on Monday, because that is A Good n Party. My tip for the Tenaglia party is to go to bed before the club. Have a n sleep first and get there about 6am so you’re really fresh when you get there. n You can just laugh at people!


This year all the r&b lot are around and , we’re doing a party with Quest-Love n from The Roots, Victor Duplaix (live PA) and Jazzy Jeff. It’s a real Philly n thing, but at the same time it’s low-key and invite-only. That’ll be good, Sunday n night, six til midnight at Tantra.


I’ve had some really good times from previous conferences. I really enjoyed n the Planet E party in 1999, that was cool. That was with Carl Craig, Recluse, n that whole crew. That was brilliant. I find that the best parties are toward n the end because people are a bit housed out by then. By then they’ll be checking n me and it’ll be refreshing for them. The real music lovers always end up on n the Tuesday and Wednesday parties – a lot of people fade out before then!


Two years ago the Talking Loud party with Roni, Krust, Norman, Jazzanova, Kruder n and Truby was brilliant. Last year we did a brilliant party with Jazzy Jeff n and King Britt and Kenny Dope on the roof of a hotel. Every year there’s a highlight n for me. In 1998 we did a show with Basement Jaxx and a bunch of other people.

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  1. Cool Movie! We inside the United states would not have the ability to try and do that, because the law would not allow the windows to become opened, and in some cases should they were, our fat asses could never ever in shape out of them to reach the shutters! Boo-hoo, I want another cheeseburger.

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