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Back With a Passion

John Kelly returns to Passion and the G-Love reunion Continue reading

‘The Disco-Tech of Alexander Robotnick’ -Released May 24th 2004

Alexander Robotnick is the godfather of ‘Italo-Disco’, an early form of Italian synth-pop which gave rise to the Electro sound that ‘s so popular eith the kids today. His ace new mix CD coincides with a rediscovery of his early work… Continue reading

It Really Is Grim Up North- Official

…and one local club promoter is going more underground than he’d like to cope with it… Continue reading

Diesel-U-Music presents a 12-date UK Music Tour

Diesel-U-Music is hitting the road with a veritable galaxy of stars… Continue reading

Pet Shop Boys’s attack Blair, release record…

The most successful electronic get the remix treatment from the new school, and politics gets a mention too… Continue reading

Graeme Park: Chart

here are my current floorfillers… Continue reading

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Weatherall ‘Accidentally’ Sings The Blues

Andrew Weatherall seems to pop up Zelig-like at key moments in dance music. It was he for instance who produced ‘Screamadelica’, Primal Scream’s seminal rock/dance hybrid which soundtracked the 90′s and lowered people’s post rave heartrates…what’s he up to this time? Continue reading

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The Orb’s Alex Patterson- All the Rushing Around Doesn’t Really Matter

15 years on and Thge Orb’s Alex Patterson remains one of dance culture’s most enigmatic, highly developed souls. Continue reading

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Bugged Out! Presents Suck My Deck: Ivan Smaghhe

UK club outfit Bugged Out have a new comp from Ivan ‘Black Strobe’ Smagghe.. Continue reading

Boris Dlugosch- Life’s Still Easy For Big Name DJs

He’s the most famous DJ you’ve never heard of but he’s a had quite a degree of success. Now his house sound is giving way to electro with a new compilation release… Continue reading

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