Weatherall ‘Accidentally’ Sings The Blues

Techno/ electro DJ producer Andrew Weatherall has stepped out from behind his machines to sing vocals on his new Two Lone Swordsmen project, the band he runs with fellow electro hero Keith Tenniswood.

The legendary Brit producer reportedly got onto the mike after writing deeply personal lyrics then realising he hated the idea of recruiting celebrity guests so thought why not have a go himself? The result (he sings throughout new album The Double Gone Chapel) is surprisingly impressive, and while he’s no George Michael, he’s not a million miles away in style from his all time hero Nick Cave.

“Nick Cave’s work is the definition of a classic piece of art: it takes you to a parallel universe,” Weatherall told Skrufff’s Andrez Bergen in 2002.

“That’s the sign of good literature, good music and good art in general – if it takes you slightly out of this world and deposits you in a new one. I’d give my right arm to write one song as good as he does.”

Two Lone Swordsmen: The Double Gone Chapel, is out on May 17 on Warp Records.

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