Mark Moore: Klub Knowledge #6 – August


I’m still on a high after seeing Black Strobe and Throbbing Gristle. Black Strobe are another band on my favourites list. It’s OK to have 15 favourites isn’t it? They’ve been cheekily described as goth techno; mainly because vocalist Arnaud Rebotini has a dark tone. He makes a great frontman. Ivan Smagghe twiddles with knobs and keyboards while a live drummer (a jazz one they told me) plays the funkiest beats. All in all an amazing sound that blew everyone away. Couldn’t stop dancing!

Black Strobe


Throbbing Gristle played for the first time in 23 years. An event that was recorded for DVD release. They brought their influential, industrial sound to a whole new audience along with fans of old. It was like a role call of electronic music. Dave Ball (Soft Cell/The Grid), Daniel Miller (Mute Records/The Normal), Richard H Kirk (Cabaret Voltaire), Richard Norris (The Droyds/The Grid), John Balance (Coil), Mark Stewart (The Pop Group/Mafia/Tackhead), electro drum ‘n’ bass star John B, Jonny Slut & Fil OK (Nag Nag Nag/Atomizer), Princess Julia and probably loads more I didn’t spot.


Till next month! MM

(Pics by Mark Moore)rn

ELECTRONIC SYSTEM – “DISCO MACHINE” LPrn(MUSIQUE BELGIQUE)rnFounder in the late seventies of the cult Belgian Electro project Telex (“Moskow Discow” and more), Dan Lacksman would want us to believe he’s recorded “Disco Machine” around the same time. But he’s not fooling anyone. By mixing the style of the great synthesiser pioneers (Vangelis, Jarre, Tomita, Schulze) to the disco beat and b-lines of Moroder and Cowley, these instrumentals offer a brilliant flashback free of the cheesy bits that these recordings would invariably include if they had been made at the time. Until the delicious end track that is!rn(Jerry Bouthier)rn(FIVE/FIVE)

PUNX SOUNDCHECK featuring MARC ALMOND – “VANITY, POVERTY, REVENGE”/”NEO BURLESQUE”rn(ICON SERIES)rnPunx Soundcheck return with their best single yet. Coming on like a 21st century Soft Cell they’ve enlisted the vocal talents of the “Tainted Love” man himself. Old and new styles clash creating something that sounds so very ‘now’ with many an ironic nod and a wink to ‘then’. This could be outakes from the seminal LP “Non Stop Ecstatic Dancing” (the first ecstasy album?) tweaked for today’s electro floors. Marc gets into the spirit of things and sounds like he’s having a ball as his witty club persona gets center stage once again. Seven inches of pure pleasure.rn(Mark Moore)rn(FOUR/FIVE)

CRAZY GIRL – “PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK”/”BAD ASS REPUTATION”rn(DC RECORDINGS)rnDoes this girl ever sleep? No sooner have I reviewed one single and BAM! Crazy Girl’s back marauding the seedy nightclubs we all love. And what a package madam! A 12″ double pack, where the “Bad Ass” twelve is produced by Chicken Lips while the other is handled and groped by Depth Charge. This girl and her tangerine wig don’t mess around! Chicken Lips deliver a funky 80′s, NY vibe. Immediately you’re grooving in Danceteria at four o’clock in the morning with your new pal Madonna (who thinks she’s gonna be famous one day). And there’s August Darnell eyeing you up from the bar in a most lascivious way! Next we’re all off to The Roxy where Depth Charge’s faithful but crazed, cover of Planet Patrol’s classic has you doing electric boogaloo with the breakdancing b-boys and pogoing with the freaky deak, new-wave punkers. Evocative of streetwise yet innocent times that have returned fresh faced and ready to party. Class.rn(Mark Moore)rn(FOUR/FIVE)

PETE BURNS – “JACK AND JILL PARTY”rn(OLDE ENGLISH)rnOoh la la! Dead Or Alive’s frontman and iconic figurehead teams up with fellow cultural attachés of English dance music, The Pet Shop Boys. The sound is electroclash with a four-four stomp and euro Pet Shoppy overtones. Written by Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe who bumped into Pete Burns (the nu-wave Pavarotti) at Nag Nag Nag and asked him to sing it, realising that Pete is probably more essential now than he has ever been. “Jack and Jill party” is American slang for a party attended by both gay men and women or a man in a relationship with both a man and a woman. On the Pet Shop’s very own record label. While we may not get the operatics we are accustomed to this collaboration is long awaited by legions of fans from both parties.rn(Mark Moore)rn(FOUR/FIVE)

MÄRTINI BRÖS – “LOVE THE MACHINES” LPrn(POKER FLAT)rnTwo DJs with a difference – they both sing and play guitar – the Märtini Brös have brought humour and musical diversity to a declining Techno scene. With typical Berlin flair, DJ Clé and Mike Vamp push the experiments further on a second album impossible to pigeonhole.  rn(Jerry Bouthier)rn(FOUR/FIVE)

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