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Marco Bellini & Val Weller: Romantic/ Dead Generation

Italian duo Marco Bellini and Val Weller return with a couple of tracks their label are dubbing ‘dirty, filthy house music’ Continue reading

Alexander Robotnick- The Grandfather of Electroclash

Rocking in his chair with laughter, 54 year old italo-disco legend Maurizio Dami (aka Alexander Robotnick) admits he’s completely at ease with both his age and his rapidly expanding career as an international DJ Continue reading

Jeff Mills- I make mixing mistakes almost every night

Detroit techno wizard Jeff Mills is the first to admit he has the odd bad night, though as one of dance culture’s most technically proficient mixers he’s happy to hold up his hands Continue reading

M83/ Before The Dawn Heals Us

M83 is the alter ego of French producer Anthony Gonzales, who like his fellow countryman Jean Michel Jarre, specialises in composing epic, moving melodic electronic music that’s classical in design, if not necessarily intent Continue reading

May, Weatherall & Hood headline split (London February 5)

London techno promoters Ben Sims and Chris Finketalk about their upcoming Turnmills party featuring Derrick May, Andrew Weatherall and Robert Hood and stressed their night will offer a wide variety of styles and people Continue reading

America & Iran’s axis of drug war evil

Stop The Drug War revealed this week that Iranian authorities have been arresting tens of thousands of drug users in the last year, aligning itself unusually with America Continue reading

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Ministry Launch 10 day charity campaign (March 24-April 2)

Ministry Of Sound are to transmit a 230 hour continuous live radio broadcast this Easter, which will include two weekends of club nights from their South London headquarters Continue reading

New York Times declares dance is dead (long live ‘Breakcore’)

One-time Melody Maker journalist Simon Reynolds (l) has published an ultra-negative diatribe against dance music in the New York Times Continue reading

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Graeme Park: Weekend 29 Jan

I played at Time Flies 11th Birthday Party in Cardiff… Continue reading

Graeme Park: Key 103

Here are the tunes I played on my weekly Key 103 radio show, Saturday 29th January 2005… Continue reading


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