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Mark Moore: Revoltage 58

Mark Moore and Princess Julia’s column for QX Magazine. Including bitz on ‘Rip It Up And Start Again’ the Post Punk book on 1978-1984 and more! Continue reading

Mark Moore: Electrogogo Aug – Sept dates

August 4: Asia Argento dj set + Ping Pong Bitches, Yr Mum & Ya Dad, Gigi Von Gigolo. September 1st: IDC, HK119, ViKtor, No Bra, Sub Culture Continue reading

Mister Sushi interview

Sushi tells us what’s up in the world of Breaks Continue reading

Jamie Lidell on beans, blues and WH Smiths

Jamie Lidell is very much the man of the minute. Multiply has totally revitalised the moribund genre of ‘blue-eyed’ soul, and his live show is just as good, if ever so slightly odd – in true Warp style, of course. TTDJ had a brief chat with him Continue reading

Basement Jaxx Anti-Terror Blast

Felix Buxton from Basement Jaxx narrowly escaped London’s suicide bombs, though he revealed he’d been pleasantly surprised by people’s reactions following the explosions Continue reading

Devin dazzles at the Key

Felix Da Housecat is playing at the Key, and after his last performance ‘Devin Dazzle’ (or whatever he’s calling himself this month) is back to rock Kings Cross like only a Chicago original can Continue reading

DJ Marky: all night long (at the End)

DJ Marky (l) returns to the End, and he’s bringing some of his friends along – think Stamina MC and Marcus Intalex for starters, with Kiss FM’s Chris Intaface and ace producer Calibre to follow Continue reading

Jamie Lidell / Multiply

Jamie Lidell’s gone from Super Colliding to serving up soul, electronic style. Can the call from KFC be far away? Continue reading

Various artists / Bar suSU

Deep house never dies, it just gets more soulful – a great compilation for before (or after) a night out Continue reading

Evil Nine – ‘live’ at Fabric

Evil Nine are bringing their new live show to their favourite club residency, Fabric. So they were going to launch the live stuff at Glasto, so what? The mud’s loss is your gain Continue reading

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