Vanilla Ice’s nemesis takes on Eminem

Notoriously scary hip hop player Marion ‘Suge’ Knight branded Eminem a racist this week, going on to accuse the multi-millionaire white rapper of profiteering off black culture.

“When Eminem came out, I liked him,” he told XXL Magazine, “But when you start saying black women are nigger bitches and gold diggers, then I’ve got a problem because I’ve got a mother, I’ve got daughters. You cross a line when you start stereotyping a race.”

The Death Row Records chief is currently recuperating after being shot in the leg this August outside an LA party, though remains one of gangsta rap’s most infamous and feared characters. Jailed on numerous occasions, he first attracted worldwide notoriety in the early 90s after Emimen’s predecessor Vanilla Ice said in a TV interview that Knight had dangled him over a hotel balcony until he agreed to sign over royalties for his multi-million selling hit Ice, Ice Baby. Though Vanillla Ice later retracted his allegation, Knight has since been linked to the still unsolved murder of Tupac, (ongoing) violent feuds with Dr Dre and most bizarrely, the horrific case of aspiring rapper turned cannibal killer Anton Singleton aka Big Lurch.

Singleton was convicted last year of stabbing to death his room-mate 21 year old Tynisha Ysais in 2002 and eating part of her lung, prompting the dead girl’s mother to launch a lawsuit claiming Death Row Records had given him PCP (Angel Dust) to “act out in an extreme violent manner to make him more marketable as a ‘Gangsta Rap’ artist”.

“This is not only slander, it’s extortion, like that girl who claimed to be Bill Cosby’s daughter,” Knight replied at the time, denying he’d ever met Singleton.

“If I had any dealings or conversations with this guy, you would know about it,” he added.

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