Ed Real’s dirty stop out reality-check

Riot leader / winner of the ‘Party Animal Of the Year (2006)’ hard dance DJ award, Ed Real chatted to Skrufff about his label’s new compilation album Filthy House for Dirty Stopouts and revealed his secret to successful hard partying is hard work.

‘The harder you work the harder you party. I don’t have weekends off so when I
have six hours between the end of my set and my flight back to the UK I re-write the rule book,’ he cryptically replied, ‘Without the work / play balance you’re just a sad f**ker with nothing better to do. The difference between being a party animal and common or garden soak is that you’ve earned the right to party.’

Explaining that filthy house is ‘the afterhours shit, you’ve lost your cowboy hat, your stilettos are broken and your friends have gone home’, the normally outspoken character was also reticent about his experiences on London’s fetish scene, where he’s a regular headline spinner at Torture Garden (presumably in stilettos).

‘ What happens on the road stays on the road’ is the motto of any professional entertainer though certainly some of the sights and sounds at TG are truly liberating,’ Ed conceded, ‘For me though, the production and performance aspect make it the most unique and positive party experience. Playing music from across the board and soaking up the energy from the participants equates to a rocking Ed Real set. If only more people were concentrating on the DJ,’ he added.

Real’s new mix album (co-mixed by BK) includes tracks from producers including Judge Jules, Lisa Lashes and BK and is unsurprisingly hard dance dominated, though he admits he’s increasingly up for ‘genre hopping’.

‘Extreme things get the pulse racing and that can be music or just general behaviour. This summer I am playing the main stage at a beach rave called Def Qon One in Holland where 50,000 tickets have been sold and the music is strictly hard so I’m totally proud of our scene and proud to showcase what the future holds,’ said Real.

‘Hard Dance is a broad term for me that covers anything above 130bpm with attitude so there is lots of scope to evolve.’

Riot; Filthy House For Dirty Stopouts is out now on Riot Recordings.rnhttp://www.riotinlondon.com

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