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Hello everyone! here is my latest news report, I hope you enjoy reading about what i get up to on my travels. This report starts off with me travelling all the way up Durham for Shock on Friday 20th Feb and it was well worth the 4 & halve hour drive, it was proper bounce event and the club was rammed which was fantastic for a Friday. The next night I had been looking forward to for ages, Tidy trax meets Polysexual @ air in Birmingham and I was right to get excited as the atmosphere was electric and hit me as soon as I walked in the door. I knew it was going to be busy from the amount of people that had mailed me on the message boards to say they were coming and I even dressed up for the camouflage theme (see pictures below) and great to see loads of you all dressed the same, we looked like a right proper stomping army. Straight after the gig I managed to get 3 hours sleep then I was on a plane to Russia @ The Gaudi club, Moscow’s largest club and it was huge and totally lush! Gorgeous venue full of up for it clubbers (the Russians are so trendy!) I went with my friend and fellow tidy girl dj Kym Aryes and we had a blast together and was also joined on the bill by Sonique. Me and Kym stayed partying to around 7am, then went straight to breakfast and afterwards had a walk around Red Square which was great as it was a national holiday over there with a Army parade but It was bloody cold -15 degrees! So I really loved Russia and I got to meet some lovely people, I was even given a present by one clubber of a set of Russian dolls to keep which I thought really sweet and even sign loads of my tracks I produced that clubbers had brought along, good to know the Russians are keeping up with the harddance scene!I Well chat to you soon, love Lisa Pin-Upxx

I spy a pin-up hair cut! :-) rn

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