Matthew Dear – album teaser, Poolside remix & Boiler Room


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Watch The Beams Album Trailer
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Stream “Her Fantasy”

M ss ng p eces in collaboration with Matthew Dear present the Beams album trailer. You will find a dancer, a poet, a trumpet player and mainstay Ghostly visual artist and designer Michael Cina painting Dear’s portrait for the cover of Beams. This is the third time Matthew Dear and m ss ng p eces have joined forces.

Meanwhile, “Her Fantasy,” the highly praised lead single from Beams continues to be embraced. Recently, director Tommy O’Haver shared his self-described “mash-up” homage to Avant Garde filmmaker Kenneth Anger in his video for “Her Fantasy”. Poolside now slows “Her Fantasy” down to a cool breeze with their tantalizing remix.

Matthew is also confirmed to appear for Boiler Room in their breakfast show, next Tuesday 8th August. Tune in live at 10am to watch his set.

Beams is available August 27th (Worldwide) & 28th (North America).

“Fifth and best LP from US techno producer turned songwriter…Beams is more expansive and vulnerable than the nightclubbing menace of 2010′s Black City.” **** Q

“proves that electronic producers who refuse to be typecase are the ones who keep the music exciting.” – The Wire

**** – Mojo

Our last look at Matthew Dear’s creative cycle was the fathoms-deep starkness of his 2010 album, Black City. A triumph of slowly imploding romanticism, Black City was ultimately just another step in Dear’s creative evolution from his breakthrough Asa Breed (2007) .

Beams release date is coming shortly. Matthew Dear has some DJ dates this summer before prepping the band for live dates. Matthew Dear, the relentless songwriter, producer and collaborator, offered an early taste of what to expect from Beams with the well-received EP, Headcage, in January of this year. The highlights were working with other producers (Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid) and vocalists (Johnny from The Drums) which lent Headcage an openness and poise.

Recorded in Dear’s home studio and mixed at Nicolas Vernhes’ Rare Book Room studios in Brooklyn, Beams evokes a day-lit dreamworld at once strange and familiar. While the album’s dancefloor-ready tempos, major keys, and sun-warmed synths signal Beams as the lighter, brighter response to its predecessor, closer inspection reveals a squirming mass of oddball details. Dear’s latest productions creak and groan like anxious organisms, with slivers of guitar, electric bass, and drum kit darting in and out among the synths and samples.

Early on in Matthew Dear’s Beams— the New York-based artist’s fourth full-length, his first since 2010’s shadowy masterpiece Black City— something strange happens. A thick-fingered electric bass gallops in atop a driving backbeat as Dear sneers, “It’s alright to be someone else sometimes.” It may be odd to hear former techno-wunderkind Matthew Dear playing rock music, but the manic punk pulse of “Earthforms” is just one facet of Beams’ kaleidoscopic journey. Shot through with equal parts optimism and uneasiness, Beams is the latest transmission from one of pop music’s most fascinating creative minds.

Beams’ lyrics, meanwhile, are deeply personal, expressing vulnerability and confusion in startlingly immediate ways. “Do I feel love like all of the others or is this feeling only mine?” Dear sings on the strutting lead-off single “Her Fantasy”, later wondering “Am I one heartbeat away from receiving a damaging shock to my life?” Dear has grown into his songwriting voice, and he wears his current lyrical perspective—that of a man with something to lose—with an impressive grace.

When all is said and done, the central tension in Matthew Dear’s Beams— musical mischief vs. lyrical maturity—may not be a tension at all. After all, growing up involves learning to integrate all of one’s disparate selves. “I’m about 4 to 5 different people at any given time,” Dear says. “By allowing all of those different personalities to exist… the most pure and direct self can come through in the music. [The songs] may still be cryptic, and full of contradictions—but in my opinion, that is pure, unadulterated thought in musical form. They are direct lines to the center.”

In other words, Beams.


01. Her Fantasy
02. Earthforms
03. Headcage
04. Fighting Is Futile
05. Up & Out
06. Overtime
07. Get The Rhyme Right
08. Ahead of Myself
09. Do The Right Thing
10. Shake Me
11. Temptation


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