Thu 17/04/14
is in Sofia now and looks forward to play 4h from 5 o'clock on at Inter Expo Center tonight :)
Thu 17/04/14
Catch Chris Liebing this season alongside a massive lineup of artists at Kiesgrube 2104! The season kicks off Sunday, April 20th, and Chris' date at the open air festival will be announced very soon...

Kiesgrube Trailer:

CLR (Official)
Tue 15/04/14
check this weeks CLR Podcast with Luis Flores in the Mix! Another big one :) or iTunes
Tue 15/04/14
Chris Liebing is set to play the Cocoon event at Poble Espanyol in Barcelona on Friday, June 13 alongside Sven Väth, Ilario Alicante and more. For tickets visit

CLR (Official)
Mon 14/04/14
CLR Podcast 268 – Luis Flores

It is Monday the 14th of April 2014 and we welcome back one of Mexico´s most popular electronic music artists on the CLR Podcast. Luis Flores is an internationally acclaimed producer, DJ and live act with a very personal handwriting. He stands for a minimalistic approach to music, which results in a rich spectrum of textures. His characteristic sound is an unpredictable, hypnotic exploration of the possibilities of electronic production and the result of this method of composition is deep and dark, while maintaining a healthy degree of dance-friendly groove. Luis has been thrilling countless crowds worldwide with his breath-taking live sets and has gained massive praise from many of his global Techno peers. He has been releasing original productions and remixes on some of the most respected labels in the scene and is currently looking forward to the release of his “Test Pattern EP” on CLR. The present set has been recorded at Binary Series in Toronto, Canada on February 14th, 2014. For more information on his upcoming gigs and releases, please visit the following sites:




Listen and download here: podcast on i-Tunes
Mon 14/04/14
Here are more photos of Chris Liebing at Time Warp's 20th Year event last week. Thanks again for closing Main Stage 1 with us! What a ride...

CLR (Official)
Thu 10/04/14
MAYDAY Dortmund is just over 2 weeks away! Catch Chris Liebing on Wednesday, April 30th at Mayday "Full Senses".

Check the event page for full details:

CLR (Official)MAYDAY "Full Senses" 2014 Official TrailerHomepage: Facebook: Youtube: Video: http://www.heg./..
Mon 07/04/14
CLR Podcast 267 – Mark Broom

It is Monday the 7th of April 2014 and we welcome back the British Techno musician and DJ Mark Broom on the CLR Podcast. Broom first got in touch with Chicago House and Acid House when he was travelling to Tenerife during the Second Summer Of Love in 1989. On his arrival back in the UK he bought his first record players and started his musical career. In 1994 he founded the label Pure Plastic Recordings together with fellow musician Dave Hill, where he released his first album “Angie Is A Shoplifter” in 1996. He and Dave Hill also formed the project Rue East and released two albums and numerous tracks under this and various different monikers. Over a time span of 25 years, Mark Broom has been busy on the road, in the studio and as the co-founder of various influential Techno imprints. He is a frequent remixer for internationally renowned artists such as Dubfire, Edit Select, Wally Lopez and Ken Ishii. If you would like to know more about Mark Broom and his current projects and tour dates, please visit the following sites:


Listen and download here:

Tracklist CLR Podcast 267 – Mark Broom

1) Lodbrock_Perfekt Ire

2) Alfredo Caforio _M03

3) Dario Zenker_Growin

4) Eric Martin_Emergency Paul Mac Edit

5) Hank Jackson_Palee Hit

6) Sssn02

7) AVN013_A1

8) Transhuman_Physical Death

9) Jonas Kopp_White Loft

10) Ghosttek_No Person Is a island

11) Kazuya Kawakami_Haunt

12) Robert Hood_Untitled 1 Mark Broom Edit

13) Robert Hood_Metroplex Mark Broom Edit

14) Mark Broom_Chapter 24

15) War made Easy

16) Jeff Mills_Force Universelle

17) Fatcat records_Grain Remix (MB Edit)

18) Truncate TWR72_Frame

19) Robert Hood_All Day Long

20) Truncate_Jack_Mark Broom's Bonus Mix

21) Aiken_Gathered

22) Robert Hood_Superman

23) Chancellor_Overwater

24) Robert Hood_The Figure

25) Mark Broom_Untitled

26) Robert Hood_One Touch Mark Broom Edit

27) Aiken_Dismal

28) Tobias Van Hoffman_Swinger1

29) Tobias Van Hoffman_Swinger2

30) R&B_BC3

31) Robert Gorl_Mark Broom Edit

32) Jeff Mills_?

33) JC_Endurance

34) Z.I.P.P.O_There's A Man Edit

35) Robert Hood_?

36) AE_Andy Stott_Mark Broom EditCLR podcast on i-Tunes
Sun 06/04/14
Time Warp! Speechless ! Thank you all! I am sure we have more Pics soon... wow
Sat 05/04/14
super wild night at Loft Club that was. Thanks to all for warming Time Warp up with us! ... actually way more than just a warm up ;) ... so everyone ready for tonight?
Fri 04/04/14
let the weekend begin... ready to do the Time Warp...
Fri 04/04/14

04.04.14 :: Chris Liebing @ Loft Club, Ludwigshafen
04.04.14 :: Tommy Four Seven @ Loft Club, Ludwigshafen
04.04.14 :: Rebekah @ Loft Club, Ludwigshafen
04.04.14 :: Monoloc @ Loft Club, Ludwigshafen
04.04.14 :: DJ Emerson @ Loft Club, Ludwigshafen
04.04.14 :: Brian Sanhaji @ D! Club, Lausanne
05.04.14 :: Rebekah @ Nowa Jerozolima, Warsaw
05.04.14 :: DJ Emerson @ Nowa Jerozolima, Warsaw
05.04.14 :: Terence Fixmer @ NOX, Molfetta (Bari)
05.04.14 :: Chris Liebing @ Time Warp, Mannheim
05.04.14 :: Pfirter @ Tivoli, Utrecht
05.04.14 :: Tommy Four Seven @ Tivoli, Utrecht
05.04.14 :: Brian Sanhaji @ m_sessions vol 2, Skorohod
05.04.14 :: Monoloc @ Club 999, Prato


04.04.14 :: CLR Time Warp Pre-Party 2014 - Loft Club
04.04.14 :: CLR Residency 2014 - D! Club
19.04.14 :: CLR Stuttgart Residency - Lehmann Club
Fri 04/04/14
check out his release on CLR and of course also the latest ones.. some great music out there now ;)
go Bryan BlackTimeline PhotosBryan Black presents @[115177545229157:274:Black Asteroid]

From Prince and Depeche Mode to industrial techno: Holly Dicker charts Bryan Black's remarkable journey.
Fri 04/04/14
Be-At TV will be streaming Chris Liebing live from Time Warp #TW20 on Saturday, April 5th. Tune in here from 08:00-09:00:

CLR (Official)
Thu 03/04/14
The Time Warp Weekend starts tomorrow!

Chris Liebing and the CLR Crew celebrate 20 Years of Time Warp. First Stop: Loft Club Ludwigshafen:

See you there!

CLR (Official) #TW20Das Time Warp Geburtstagwochenden ist direkt vorraus. Den Auftakt gibt es morgen abend im Loft mit der offiziellen CLR Time Warp Pre-Party. CLR Mastermind Chris Liebing (Official) hat noch eine Botschaft für das Geburtstagswochende: Unter allen die uns in die Kommentare posten, wie der Fluss heisst vor dem Chris steht, verlosen wir 2x2 Gästelistenplätze für die Pre-Party! Hier geht es zum Event:
Wed 02/04/14
in the Studio with OKTAform Greg, working on the sync of my Audio with his Visuals for the weekend... wild... quite some CPUs involved... it's getting hot in here
Tue 01/04/14
RIPVery nice Channel 5!!
Tue 01/04/14
R.I.P. Frankie Frankie Knuckles - Tearsoldskool classics
Tue 01/04/14
Can't believe 10 years went by so fast!
lets celebrate the 20th coming weekend!
Tue 01/04/14
Tue 01/04/14
The Official Timetable for #TW20 has been released! Join Chris Liebing (Official) at Main Stage 1 for a special extended closing set from 8:00-12:00!


You can also view the Time Table through our free Time Warp App:
See you this Saturday in Mannheim, Germany. — with Nevs Htumnier and 45 others.
Mon 31/03/14
new amazing release! (trust me)Modeler EP [CLR]www.beatport.comWith the release of Alberto Pascual´s Modeler EP, CLR welcomes a new artist to the label roster while the Madrid based DJ/producer adds another record to his remarkable list of releases on respected Techno imprints, including the legendary Drumcode LTD and Plus 8. CLR076 contains four brand-new comp...
Mon 31/03/14
Gary Beck is back on the CLR Podcast this week! get it here: or iTunes
Mon 31/03/14
CLR Podcast 266 – Gary Beck

It is Monday the 31st of March 2014 and today we welcome back Gary Beck on the CLR Podcast, one of the most prolific and inventive producers in the current electronic music scene. The present mix comprises mainly of unreleased material and tracks from some of Gary´s favorite artists. Following the release of his well-received album ‘Bring A Friend' on Soma Records, 2013 has seen some of his best releases to date, including the massive ‘Video Siren'. After spending previous years releasing on labels such as Drumcode, Saved and Cocoon, this year Gary will mainly focus on creating original material for his label BEK Audio and is about to complete a collaboration with Mark Broom, which will also be released soon on this acclaimed Techno imprint. Gary´s unique sound is currently in high demand all over the world and he is playing at some of the most respected clubs and festivals. If you would like to know more about Gary Beck and his upcoming tour- and release-schedule, please visit his website:


Listen and download here:

Track listing CLR Podcast 266 – Gary Beck

1. Recondite – Psy

2. Bissamere / Space Dj’s – Moon Bass 4.44vx

3. Gary Beck – Deep Poetry 14

4. M.i.t.a – Overview (Paul Mac Remix)

5. Miki Craven – I Am Late

6. Miki Craven – Rubrik Part 1

7. Gary Beck – Blotch

8. Sosak – Buy this wreck

9. Gary Beck – Da Mooch (White)

10. Mark Broom & Gary Beck – RED

11. Gary Beck – Kapa Handy

12. Alan Fitzpatrick – Skeksis (Gary Beck Remix)

13. Miki Craven – Mad

14. Tripeo – Anipintiros #7

15. J.Tijn – The Anti Mixdown

16. Slam – Minor Interuption

17. Sound Associates - MusicCLR podcast on i-Tunes
Sun 30/03/14
a chilled out Sunday everyone .