Sun 20/04/14
Coachella Vibe.
Sat 19/04/14
Heading back from Coachella in Palm Springs to arrive in Europe on Sunday just in time to play the closing set of this years DGTL festival in Amsterdam. Here is the full timetable.
Fri 18/04/14
Coachella Round 2.
Sat 12/04/14
Chicago tonight.
Fri 11/04/14
And another one that is coming soon. VonStroke - Urban Animal (Dixon Dub Mix)[PREVIEW]DB-109 Claude VonStroke - Urban Animal RMXS Available on The Birdhouse: May 2nd, 2014 Available on Beatport: May 5th Available Worldwide + Vin...
Thu 10/04/14
Coming soon.Joy Wellboy - Before The Sunrise (Dixon Edit) cutcut from Dave Seaman Exclusive April 2014 DJ Mix
Wed 09/04/14
Closing the Coachella House/Techno stage on Friday. No Outcast then for me. :(
Mon 07/04/14
Full support.
J Willard Design — Frankie Knuckles "ALWAYS" Charity*PRE ORDER* Frankie touched so many peoples lives globally, including my own. I decided to get a couple of T Shirts done for a few mates for the up...
Sat 05/04/14
Mint Club in Leeds tonight. Last gig in Europe before I'm heading over to California for 2 weeks.
Fri 04/04/14
Travelled to Leipzig via train. Conne island tonight.
Wed 02/04/14
Kink is king!
Mon 31/03/14
Please do not forget that the ticket sale for our Lost In A Moment event in Amsterdam starts tomorrow at midday here:

We have 2 more surprises (some would call them headliners) to be announced soon!
Sun 30/03/14
Trouw Amsterdam tonight. My last time before the closing?
Sat 29/03/14
While posting this comment about tonights party at Robert Johnson I realized again how amazing last week at Pbar/Berghain was. I was more on the dance floor then in the Dj booth (and I played quite a long set) and had a lot of fun during that 20+ hours in the club. Thank you for the amazing music Alex, Solar, Ben, Gerd and Kristian.
And now - lets have fun tonight with Solar and Gerd Janson at Robert Johnson!
Mon 24/03/14
No more Rumors. Facts.No Distance [Rumors]
Sun 23/03/14
Recharged. Heading back now.
Sat 22/03/14
Pbar times.
Sunday morning 5 am - 10 am.
Monday morning 3 am - the very end.
Fri 21/03/14
Manchester tonight.
Mon 17/03/14
Number 50. 4 Eps. Out today.

PSY EP [Innervisions]www.beatport.comPSY EP [Innervisions] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.
Sun 16/03/14
Relaxing after last night in London. But one more to go. Malta tonight!
Sat 15/03/14
The calm before the storm. 6 hours set in London tonight.
Fri 14/03/14
Tunnel Club Milano tonight!
Thu 13/03/14
A Statement from Innervisions regarding our Lost In A Moment event in Barcelona:

"We know that many of you are disappointed about not being able to secure tickets our Lost In A Moment event at El Monasterio in June. A few of you have raised questions about how many tickets were actually available, why this isn’t happening at a larger venue, why there was technical errors for some of you and if it was fans or ticket re-sellers that purchased most of the tickets. Overnight we went through all the ticketing data with RA and would like to help by answering your questions:

- There were 1,000 tickets available for pre-sale purchase. At one price.
- The party could have moved to a larger venue and sold more tickets and made more money, but maintaining the magic of the last two years was the most important thing for us.
- As many of you will have noticed all available tickets were sold in under three minutes, the vast majority of these in the first minute they were available. This suggests that most people were refreshing the page at 12 CET exactly and completing the checkout immediately.
- Demand for this event was unprecedented. This is the most popular Lost In A Moment event of the year with people from across Europe buying tickets, often coming with large groups of friends.
- The average order was 2.6 tickets and we have checked the system for large orders that maybe for on selling. Anyone suspected of that will have their orders cancelled.
- The max order for one person is 6 tickets and no one could have had time to process more than one order.
- The payment gateway used by RA is WorldPay, the same system used by major E-retailers that handle huge daily volumes of transactions. Eg Amazon.
- A number of you reported errors at the final stage in the checkout process, this was due to the fact that the tickets were sold out. At one stage 50 orders checked out within 2 seconds.

We understand the frustration that comes with not being able to get tickets for this event. We will listen to feedback and adapt how we ticket the event next year. For example last year people said we didn’t notify them early enough, so this year we brought forward our announcement. This resulted in a much faster ticket sale.

Again, sorry if you couldn’t get a ticket and we hope to see you on an Innervisions dance floor soon."
Wed 12/03/14
Don't forget: Tickets for our Barcelona Party will be on sale in about 2 hours. Line up is announced (but expect some surprises). In A Moment at El Monasterio of El Poble Espanyolwww.residentadvisor.netFriday, 13 June 2014 - Barcelona
Sat 08/03/14
Nordstern Basel tonight with Âme.