Fri 05/02/16

Secondcity is the latest DJ/producer to spin on DJ Mag's Weekly Podcast. He's cooked up the exclusive mix ahead of his debut live show at Ants' upcoming London showcase. 

The Ibiza-based colony is set to take over at Electric Brixton on Saturday 27th February, with head resident Andrea Oliva, LA’s Lauren Lane, Noir, Secondcity and Waze & Odyssey touching down in the capital for a one-off gig at the iconic venue.

"This is the first ever live mix I have done, saying that ANTS will be the first live show I’ve done! All the music in the mix is my own and music that no one has ever heard as I have made it all especially for my live sets," said Secondcity about the podcast. 

"So the mix I have recorded is really just a small taste of the music that I have been making. Each one of of my sets will be different and contain more and more new music! Someone who I really look up to and respect is Guti and I wanted take some aspects of his live show and bring them into mine as I love the atmosphere that he generates from his shows and wanted to create my own version of it, so I’m pretty excited for everyone to see!"

Listen to Secondcity's DJ Mag Podcast below. 

Media:  528_xl.jpgSecondcityDJ Mag podcast

It's ahead of his set at the Ibiza brand's debut London party...

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Fri 05/02/16

Having honed his production skills for over seven years, Jey Kurmis is really starting to see the fruits of his labour. He's about to drop his brand new record, titled 'Kari EP', via Hot Creations — that features two standout originals and a heavy duty re-edit from HC label boss Jamie Jones.

Jey explains, “'Not too Flabbeh' was made with my friends Nukov & Yelmet from Belgium. I love the rolling bass, the catchy vox and how the playful lyrics basically sum me up! Jamie has stepped in once again, this time to do a re-edit of 'Farno'. I love what he's done and it certainly shows his expertise especially on the dancefloor. ‘Monkle’ really works in the club too with its trippy vox and melody.”

Listen to Jamie Jones' re-edit of 'Farno' below. 

Media:  1035x690-20140305-jamiejones-08-x1800-1394126175.jpgJamie JonesHot Creations

It's out on Hot Creations on 12th Feb...

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Fri 05/02/16

Richie Hawtin is collaborating on a new piece of musical hardware together with Allen & Heath.

Hawtin announced the collaboration at a press conference during trade show NAMM. The as-yet-unnamed instrument took two-years to design and will be part of a wider brand called Play Differently.

Allen & Heath has just released the first video of the instrument — watch it below:

Media:  Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 14.18.58.pngRichie Hawtinalen & heath

He's launching a new collab with Allen & Heath...

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Fri 05/02/16

“This gig was one that both Duncan [Murray] and I did together when WHYT NOYZ was once a duo and it is a feeling we will never forget. Let me take you back a little, four weeks prior to the gig in fact.

I get an email from my agent saying that Richie [Hawtin] wants WHYT NOYZ to play before him at Kappa FutureFestival in Turin. Sounds fun!? 100% let’s do that! First shock… we see the line-up. This was the order of the artists; Adam Beyer, Derrick May, Tale Of Us, Disclosure, WHYT NOYZ, then Richie Hawtin. Time to step up! 

We heard stories about what to expect, my Italian friends say it’s this mind blowing environment that is outside with an industrial sized roof that they couldn’t explain to me in broken English.

We knew why we were there to cushion the crowd from the garage baselines and vocals of Disclosure into the relentlessness of Richie. The idea was to start a bit deep and build up into the normal WHYT NOYZ sound.

Duncan and I collated the set pretty much exact, which is something we never really do, but it was such an important set and trying to read a monster crowd, most there to see Rich, I felt confident that what we chose would work.

We got picked up in a Mercedes AMG by some Italian dude who smelt like really expensive aftershave. We drove up to the back of the stage and the bass was rattling my organs before I even got out of the car.

Dunc grabbed the gig case and a hostess grabbed my hand and asked what we wanted to drink. We got back stage and met Derrick May, Tale Of Us and a bunch of other music industry folk.

 It was a trip… eating chicken legs with Derrick as he told us about the times he used to live by us in Birmingham. Setting up was hilarious.

We are on a stage between Disclosure (who are playing all of their biggest tracks live right now) to what can only be described as an ocean of people, 18,000 to be exact!

I sent Dunc to get drinks as I always set the equipment up, and there’s me and the stage manager lying down on our fronts setting up all of my equipment on a collapsed table right infant of the crowd. I can feel the heat of the lights on stage and the roar of the crowd as I am panicking to plug in RCA 

cables. Disclosure finished and suddenly our makeshift stage popped up and we were face to face with this huge crowd. I think it took Dunc and I something like 20 minutes into the set to raise our heads and look at this crowd, it was insane. You cannot visually digest that many people, it is like you are DJing in front of a painting! This is definitely the gig I will never forget.”

Media:  WHYT NOYZ other press shot.jpgWhyt NoyzDJProducerTechno

David Sidley, the now solo act known as Whyt Noyz storming the techno nation recalls his first big gig…

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Fri 05/02/16

Daft Punk fan website Daft Bootlegs has dug up some absolute gems — check out these images of Daft Punk playing live without their masks! 

The photos come direct from the duo’s first ever live tour, where Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo played shows at Global Gathering, The Carros Festival, Heavenly Social, London After Midnight and Tribal Gathering.

Here's a few of our favourites below, check out the whole set on the link above. 

[Via Harder Blogger Faster


Media:  3000728_orig.jpgDaft Punkdaft punk unmasked

Yep, you read that right! 

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Fri 05/02/16

Legendary funk and soul musician Maurice White has died aged 74. The respected musician fronted much-loved disco outfit Earth Wind and Fire, who were inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 2000.

Aside from the band, White also doubled as a session musician, playing on records for The Emotions, Barry Manilow and Barbara Streisand. He also penned mega hit  ‘Bettie Davis Eyes’, and the soundtrack to Eddie Murphy classic, Coming to America. 

Media:  020416-shows-breaks-video-maurice-white-performs.jpgEarth wind & fireMaurice White

He was 74...

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Fri 05/02/16

Ableton has finally released Link as part of the Live 9.6 Update. Link is a new technology allowing DJs, performers, artists to play together in perfect harmony, well in perfect time - together.

The aim of Link is to push the boundaries when it comes to collaborative performance. Link synchronises beat, phase, and tempo of Live and Link-enabled iOS apps over a wireless or ethernet connection. Which means that performers can forget the hassle of MIDI setup, hop on to a local network, and play multiple devices together with the freedom of a live band.

Setting up is pretty simple: just switch on Link, connect to the same network, and start playing. Anyone can start and stop their part while others keep playing. And anyone can adjust the tempo and the rest will follow.

Link works between several instances of Live, with Live and iOS apps, or even without Live in the setup: using Link-enabled apps on multiple devices or multiple apps on the same device.

Welcome to the future!!!

PS Musical talent is still needed…

Media:  Ableton_Link_Web.pngAbletonLinkLive Update

Play together in perfect time with Link...

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Thu 04/02/16

If there's one thing DJ Mag knows for certain, it's that DJ duo Dixon Avenue Basement Jams sure know how to pick 'em! Local Glasgow lad and production maverick Big Miz is one of the Scottish label's most successful young guns, offering up his insanely successful debut EP 'Midnight Man Handle' mid last year on the imprint.

Since then, Big Miz has followed up with 'Safari Park Nonsense' — that dropped in January of this year, plus spun up and down the UK alongside fellow DABJ recruit, Denis Sulta. We love Big Miz so much we just recruited him for our Fresh Kicks mix — a Soundcloud series dedicated to spotlighting the best up-and-coming producers from around the globe. A resident at the Glasgow city-centre basement party Offbeat, Scottish fans can catch Big Miz carving up the decks most weeks, whilst London-based fans will need to wait for dates dropping later this year. 

Listen to Big Miz's Fresh Kicks mix below and check out DJ Mag's quick Q/A with him. 

Last record you bought?
"Clarence 'Hyperspace Sound Lab'"

Last film you saw?

Last club you visited?
"The Mash House (Edinburgh)"

Last meal you ate?
"Mum’s homemade curry"

Last car you drove?
"My own Vauxhall Corsa" 

Last album you listened to in full?
"Amy Winehouse 'Frank'"

Last mix you downloaded?
"Daft Punk 'Live at The Arches, 1997'"

Last person you played back-to-back with?
"Denis Sulta on NYE"

Last vinyl you spun?
"DJ T-1000 'Bout To Bang It (Stanny Franssen remix)'"

Last country you visited?

Last dream you remember?
"Snowboarding in Glasgow with the bold Gbaw"

Big Miz ‘Safari Park Nonsense EP' is out now on Dixon Avenue Basement Jams (digital only). Purchase here. 

Media:  big mix.jpgBig Mizfresh kicks

The Dixon Avenue Basement Jams star steps up...

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Thu 04/02/16

Hot off the heels of a road-block event that bought Bollywood splendour to the Midlands with pounding sets from Skream and Patrick Topping, Elrow is back for another round at Rainbow Venues in Birmingham this year, and it's kicking off on Sunday 29th May. 

The party brand has also just announced three consecutive parties at a central London location on Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of April, as well as the few final tickets for  elrow Goes To London - The Trip at Studio 338 on Saturday 27th February — they're dropping Monday 8th February via RA. 

Inspired by the psychedelic sixties, an iconic era of free-love and hedonism, The Trip will transport party-goers through an unreal world of kaleidoscopic colours, zany performers and plenty of mind-bending surprises — trust us when we say, you wanna be there!

Full details below.


Media:  Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 14.21.24.pngElrowStudio 338

Do. Not. Miss. This.

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Thu 04/02/16


Nicole Moudaber is a one-woman force of nature. The DJ/producer, born and raised in Nigeria which introduced her to artists like Fela Kuti, started out promoting parties in her later city of residence Lebanon, to being tipped as “the most underrated DJ” by Carl Cox back in ‘09. Now, Nicole has her hands full releasing on labels like Drumcode, teaming up with Skunk Anansie’s Skin while running her own MOOD label, flitting between Mexico and Ibiza all in the blink of an eye. We caught up with the Renaissance woman to find out just how she does it...

So you rung in 2016 at Heart in Miami, how was that?
“OH MY GOD it was out of this world. I played this new club called Heart and it reminded me a little bit of DC-10. I played about nine hours that night. I finished about 11am, but as soon as 7am hit, the sun was filtering through and suddenly the whole room lit up, people put their sunglasses on and you could see the smiling faces. It reminded me of the Ibiza vibe and it was amazing. It was an incredible start to 2016.”

We saw on Twitter that your New Year's resolution was "less talking, more music, more racing”. Can you talk a bit about your love of fast cars?
“I recently went to Autódromo do Estoril in Lisbon, which is a very famous circuit in the racing world. They arranged an Audi R8 LMS GT3 Ultra for me, it's a car that's won many championships already. They shipped it from Madrid to Lisbon for me that day, and I had a full day in that car with my coach, who is a two-time Formula 1 world champion. I've got footage actually! At the end of the day, we had the whole circuit booked for me and a friend of mine - just the two of us on that circuit with a full team of mechanics, the full shabang. It was mega! It's a new hobby of mine and I just passed the license, but at the end of the day all the guys were just jumping up and down. I asked them what was going on, and they said "You know, you were only 20 seconds away from the lap record that had been done on this circuit in a Ferrari 458 GT3. So I feel like I do have a second talent there for sure!”

What would your dream car be to own or race?
”I already own an Aston Martin G8 Vantage, and its fitting my mood right now. But my dream is to own a Lamborghini, but they cost a lot of money! Bitch needs to work really hard now!”

In an interview you described techno and house as having a "transcendental, meditative quality". When you play, do you feel the need to inspire that feeling in your audience?
”Yes! The music that we play is very repetitive and very meditative — it can take you to a sort of trance when you repeat something over and over again. Whether you are enhanced by some external factors or not, you can still elevate on that kind of music. Once I hit the second hour of a set I'm in that zone, and I get transported and I think that people do feed from my energy and go with me on that journey. So yes, I don't necessarily do it intentionally but it emanates and affects the vibe of everybody there.”

What does 2016 have in store for MOOD records?
”I've got some incredible releases lined up. I've got my 'Silent Sigh' EP coming out at the end of the month and there's an album from Marino Canal, an incredible Spanish artist. And also I've got a remix package for the Breed EP — I have people like Jamie Jones, Chris Liebing, Pan-Pot, Scuba, Carl Craig, Hector and Paco Osuna involved and it's sounding incredible. I've been playing them and it's just mega. There's lots of exciting stuff coming out on MOOD, but also lots of parties related to MOOD. 

So it's sad news to hear about Carl Cox ending his Space residency this year. Are you still close with him and how do you feel about the residency ending?
”Well it's funny that you ask me this question, because last month before he went to Australia I was chatting with him on the phone, and I told him I was really really sad, because I don't want anything to end! He told me, "No! I'm actually very happy it's ending, I've been doing it for 15 years and everything has to come to an end." It's better to end it on a high and leave like that, and we don't know what will happen after that when Pepe leaves and it goes back to the original owners. 16 years is a long time running, very few people will achieve that. So he's really very happy that he's rocked the island for 15 years and it's been one of the most successful parties out there. He really put a new perspective on it for me - you need to be happy, because everything ends and then you get onto the next big thing.”

Can you name any female individuals past and present in the industry who have particularly inspired you?
”From the past, there's DJs like Smokin Jo. I really look up to someone like Anja Schneider, she's an incredible person as a DJ, a career woman and a professional. I could say the same about Monika Kruse... there are many in this industry who I look up to.”

Can you speak about your experience as a woman in your own career journey? Do you feel it would be any different as a man? (Aside from getting asked questions like these from journalists!)
”Absolutely not. I don't feel threatened, I don't feel like I live in a man's world, I live in my own world! And I shape it the way I want. it's as simple as that.”

As somebody who did a minor in Women's Studies, does that have any impact on your own thoughts about the industry you're a part of?
”Absolutely, but on a personal level. But professionally, I feel like I'm owning my own industry. I've got my company, I built it from scratch, and this is my thing. What I've learnt in my university years has little impact on my professional life, but on a personal level, it's had a lot of impact, of course. It made me see the inequalities in certain continents, it made me understand how cultures work. What we need to tackle is the perception and the cultural side of things rather than this industry... at the end of the day, if you're a man or a woman, if you want to work, and be successful, you just need to work hard and be tough. There are weak men out there and there are weak women out there. And there are strong men and strong women out there. It depends where you fall and where you want to be, it's as simple as that.”

What can you tell us about Lower East Side?
“I got involved in this non-profit organisation called the Lower East Side Girl's Club, based in the Lower East Side of New York. Basically it's run by two incredible women who have raised money and built a state of the art building that cost about 20 million, to help girls from lower income families and orphans. Some of these girls have been raped or had bad experiences with family members. They bring them all in and they teach them about media, music, radio, cooking, astrology, all these interesting things to help develop them. I decided to donate and be part of this amazing group of people. I wanted to create a music section, and I've already pressed the button on getting all the equipment from Pioneer — CDJs, mixers, controllers and all that. It gives them everything they need to perfect their art.”

Media:  14d9bdf3a4dba5e7649f060912f94e82.jpgNicole MoudaberMOOD

Nicole Moudaber is a true star of the underground, we sit down with her to find out more...

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Thu 04/02/16

DJ Mag has had our eye on LPZ for quite sometime, and now we've nabbed the acid techno connoisseurs for a quick Top 10 tracks feature of the hard hitting genre.

The Paraguayan production trio have also recently launched their own label, titled LPZ Records, and we've snapped up the first listen of their brilliant new club slammer, 'Construction Technique'.It's out 15th of February so don't sleep on it — this is one for the heads! 


Philippe Petit
"Frenchman Petit has been killing it with releases on his label DMT, this one in particular is a stone cold classic with the bass line and acid melody that comes in around 3:05."


Dax J 
Monnom Black
"Another big favourite of ours, it just has an excellent acid bass line and these heavy drums that complement each other perfectly. Works on the dancefloor every time!"


Stefan Vincent
Applied Rhythmic Technology
"We don't know much about this track apart from the fact that it bangs and that is on ART the label owned by the legend that is Kirk Degorgio! Digital only we're afraid, sorry vinyl purists!"


‘We Are The City’
I Love Acid
"It's fair to say that Posthuman are one of the best acid producers and evangelists around right now, what with their I love Acid parties, label and releases like this. This one is the big one from their latest EP on ILA, killer!"


'Think For Yourself’
Body Work
"The previous track leads us on nicely to this, one of our own releases as LPZ (that is the 2 of us plus Cosmo Lopez) which was actually remixed by the aforementioned Posthuman. We love their remix but maybe because it's closer to home we think the original just tips it with those warm pads and the vocal sample. Sounded big at PBar last time we played live there!"


‘Crackin' Skull (Abe Duque Remix)’
"This is a serious groover that has been doing some proper damage in our sets in Paraguay for a while now, we just love that 303 bass line and the percussion."


Marcellus Pittman
‘There's Somebody Out There’
"A slow one but what amazing atmosphere from the man Marcellus Pittman, that acidic bass line does it for us every time. It’s one to really let yourself get into too as it clocks in at over 10 minutes long."


‘Analogue Acid Project’
"Cosmo (Lopez) got us onto this one, a great squelchy monster of a track from TNT, an alias of Soundmurderer and SK-1 of Rephlex and Planet Mu fame. Not for the fainthearted as it pounds!"


Mundo Muzique
‘Acid Pandemonium’
"Right! Going back to basics with this one on the mighty R&S, we don't play this one out a lot but that doesn't mean we don't love it. Acid + Hoover = like being at a Belgian rave in the '90s."


"So, we got to the end of our list but we thought we'd leave you with simply the best acid track ever. This has been on a few of our mixes already and a certain DJ called MCDE had in one of his mixes recently so it's getting quite popular. Thanks to Trax Records for re-pressing it on double loud vinyl, we absolutely love it!"

Media:  P Lopez & Octavio.jpglpzacid technoTechnoAcid House

And debut their new single...

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Wed 03/02/16

Point Blank’s Ganesh Singaram looks at the different techniques

While EQ and compression are vital for shaping the tone and the sound of your mix, depth and spatial effects are what give your music a three dimensional and immersive feel. For their latest FFL, Point Blank were joined by their Sound Engineering instructor Ganesh Singaram (Trey Songz, Swedish House Mafia) to look at five different techniques to create depth in your mixes. Make sure you subscribe to Point Blank’s YouTube channel for more tutorials and live events.

If you want to learn recording, engineering and mixing techniques as well as dive into DJing and even master the business, Point Blank’s online Diploma courses cover all this and more. Taken from anywhere in the world and for up to 64 weeks, they’re some of our most comprehensive courses. Graduates include Patrick Topping, Jon Rundell and No Artificial Colours so you know you’re in good hands. Find out more about Point Blank’s online Diploma courses here

Media:  Article Image.jpgPoint BlankTips & Tricks


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Wed 03/02/16

Back in 2014, photographers Vincent Voiginer and Barbara Bernardi had an inspired idea. They camped outside Berlin's techno temple Berghain one Sunday morning, snapping pictures of weary ravers propped against Berghain's infamous metal fence. 

Two years on and it still looks brilliant and we still love it — so much so that we've decided to re-post it!

The full series consists of forty images and forms part of the documentary series entitled Nachtgestalten (‘Creatures Of The Night’) — more info here. 

[Via Chase The Compass]

Media:  14492202522_25beed5d0c_b.jpgberghainBerlinVincent VoiginerBarbara Bernardi

Voiginer & Bernardi capture 'Creatures Of The Night'

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Wed 03/02/16

Famed techno festival Time Warp is lookin' huge — the German mega fest has just dropped its full 2016 line-up. Kicking off on Saturday 2nd April at Maimarkthalle Mannheim, the who's who of techno are set to spin, cue Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox in a special B2B with Italian tech don Joseph Capriati and Ricardo Villalobos, plus a headline set from techno don, Sven Väth. 

Other returning heavyweights include Germany's Chris Liebing, Marco Carola, Nina Kraviz, Jamie Jones, Monika Kruse, Seth Troxler B2B The Martinez Brothers, Adam Beyer and Pan-Pot, plus debut performances from Solomun, live duo Schwarzmann (Âme and Henrik Schwarz), Kölsch and Apollonia.

But you need to get your skates on! Tickets are absolutely flying out the door — you can get everything you need right here. 

Watch the preview for Timewarp 2016 below. 


Mark your calendar: Saturday 2nd April 2016. #TimeWarpDE

Posted by Time Warp on Friday, January 15, 2016Media:  12471720_10153976344541336_2378322645897440391_o.jpgCarl CoxTime Warp

And it's insane!

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Wed 03/02/16

Underground UK festival Field Maneuvres is back for another year in 2016, and the line-up is looking tasty as ever. 

The intimate fest has built its name for itself thanks its inspired line-ups and loyal following, with Ryan Elliott, Jane Fitz & Jade Seatle, Brackles, Ben Sims, Altern-8’s Mark Archer, Auntie Flo, Mark E and Elgato all confirmed for this year's edition.

It's on 2nd - 4th September in a Secret Location just outside London — you can snap up 2nd release tickets right here. 

Media:  fm-006.jpgField Maneuversryan elliottJane Fitz

Ryan Elliott, Jane Fitz & more...

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Wed 03/02/16

Few names have had as much of an impact on a genre like Todd Edwards has on UK garage music. Its explosion in the early nineties coincided with the genesis of Edwards’ career, when his chopped and scattered style began seeping its way into the scene’s blueprint, until to many it was THE garage sound.

In his more than two decades in the industry he’s released a slew of original productions and remixes, not to mention collaborating with a certain famous robo-masked duo twice and winning a Grammy award.

Busy as ever, he’s currently working on a new solo album, as well as remixing and remastering his last studio album, 'Odyssey', for a re-release. In between it all, we managed to collar him for a rundown of his ten faves from the genre he had a big hand in defining.

Sneaker Pimps
'Spin Spin Sugar' (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)
"Armand Van Helden's classic always goes off when I play this in my set."


TJR feat. Xavier
'Just Get's Better' (TJR dub)
Multiply Records
"Any Tuff Jam track can do no wrong, and this is one of their best."


Todd Terry
'Put Your Hands Together'
"If I ever feel there isn't enough movement in the crowd, I'll throw this on. Never fails." 


Neneh Cherry
'Buddy X' (Masters At Work House remix)
"Still one of my favorites from MAW. I would lose it when I heard the organ drop in the beginning. Kenny's drum work is superb!"  


George Morel
'Let's Groove'
Strictly Rhythm
"Finding an infectious synth line isn't easy, but when you find it, you've created a track with longevity."


Reach & Spin
'HyperFunk' (Instrumental)
White Label
"I don't usually like tracks with a heavy synth but this one is an exception for me."

Fully Loaded (Todd Edwards & Karl Brown) feat. Kele Le Roc
'Roll With It'
"This one never got a proper  release but it was a special collab, and it's a great song."


Sandy B
'Make The World Go Round' (Deep Dish vocal mix)
"An addictive bass line and vocal made this House remix a classic. I still love to play it."


Roy Davis Jr
XL Recordings
"It's so deep and soulful and the crowd still cheers when I play it."


Sound Of One
'As I Am' (Todd Edward's vocal mix)
"The dub marked the beginning of my career. More than a decade later with the studio I didn't have back in the early '90s, I found the acappella and made a full vocal remix of the dub. I really want to release this!"

Want more Todd? Edwards is taking part in two Red Bull Music Academy Lectures along with Lunice in support of the application phase for RBMA Montreal 2016. All application info can be found HERE. Today they're at the Music Room in Brighton's Royal Pavilion. You can RSVP for a spot via the links.

Media:  Todd-Edwards.jpgTodd EdwardsGarage Classics

The garage legend tells DJ Mag some secrets! 

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Tue 02/02/16

This Friday, Dutch DJ Dannic is set to play a special EDM set in the UAE — he’s returning once again to lush, Dubai-based nightclub, WHITE Dubai. 

The nightclub is famed for its broad music selection and epic alfresco dance floor, expect anything from hip-hop selectors (including Ty Dolla Sign) to the biggest names in EDM and commercial house on the club's weekly bill.

DJ Mag last caught up with Dannic when he spun for us at our DJ Mag live stream at NOVA nightclub during ADE — we simply can’t wait to see what he’s got in store for fans when he takes over the WHITE Dubai booth this weekend!

Tickets and more information here.

Media:  dannic.jpgWHITE dubaiDannicUAE

The Dutch superstar will be spinning EDM in the UAE

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Tue 02/02/16

Croatia has established itself as one of the top destinations for music festivals in Europe over the last few years, playing host to a seemingly ever-expanding circuit of top-notch beach festivals like Outlook, Hideout, Electric Elephant, Dimensions and more.

We’re offering one reader the chance to win a holiday to Croatia, including a ticket to the festival of their choice, in conjunction with Croatia Wave. 

All you have to do to enter is like and share the video below. Make sure you tag the festival you want to attend, followed by #CroatiaWave.  

Croatia Wave More Than A Festival Holiday

FANCY WINNING A FESTIVAL HOLIDAY TO CROATIA COURTESY OF WWW.CROATIA-WAVE.COM!? Croatia is the go-to festival destination of Europe, if not the world - and 2016 sees us celebrating our fifth year as the leading UK-Croatia festival tour operator. We have pulled together some of our finest moments from the Adriatic, captured in the moment by our very own festival partners, music heads, ravers and holidaymakers alike. During our time in Croatia, we’ve become synonymous with the festival scene, and grown to cover the whole market - including partnerships with Hideout, Fresh Island, Sonus, Ultra Europe, Soundwave and the brand new Love International launching in June this year. We caught onto the magic of Croatia early, and have built a solid reputation for fulfilling all of your needs for an all-encompassing festival experience. We look forward to you joining us this season for more than just a festival holiday with Croatia Wave… To WIN simply "LIKE" & "SHARE" this video & tag the festival you would like us to take you to, followed by #CroatiaWave

Posted by Croatia Wave on Wednesday, 27 January 2016Media:  12592451_940153882705076_2425765751203396764_n.jpgCompetitionCROATIA

Sign-up for the chance to win a free festival holiday in Croatia

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Tue 02/02/16

Late Night Tales first release of 2016 will be a compilation of new material from Sasha.

‘Scene Delete’ will showcase a different side to the UK house and techno producer. The release features 21 tracks inspired by Sasha’s love for “post-minimalist modern classics”.

According to the press release, Sasha has been working on tracks in that vein for the last three years amassing “50 pieces of music”. The album also includes a collaboration with Nigel Godrich's experimental rock band Ultraista.

“I love to listen to something completely different that’s quite hypnotic as well. It almost… purges the system,” says Sasha.

‘Scene Delete’ will be released 1st April. 


01. Channel deq
02. View2
03. Baracus
04. Linepulse
05. Time After Time
06. Detour
07. Pontiac
08. Cassette Sessions D
09. Cassette Sessions E
10. Healer
11. Modcon
12. Scarpa Falls
13. Warewolf
14. Bring on the Night-time feat. Ultraista
15. Corvette
16. Shelter
17. Untitled 3
18. Abacus
19. Rooms feat. John Graham
20. Broadcast
21. Vapour Trails

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Media:  Sasha - Press Photo.jpgSashaLate night tales

The veteran UK DJ steps up for Night Tales’s first release of 2016

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Tue 02/02/16

Jeff Mills will perform his soundtrack to Fritz Lang’s 1929 silent classic ‘Woman In The Moon’, live at London’s Coronet Theatre on 28th April.

Mills has scored two of the German sci-fi director’s films over the years. In 2000, he recorded a soundtrack for ‘Metropolis’ followed by one for ‘Woman In The Moon’ earlier this month. The latter release will form the basis of his three-hour performance accompanying the screening.

Mills has previously worked on a number of audio-visual pieces including a 2014 performance at the Royal Festival Hall which featured a montage of sci-fi clips from the 1930s through the 70s.

Tickets to the Coronet Theatre show will be available on 5th February.  

Media:  jeff-2.jpgJeff Mills

The Detroit DJ will be accompanying a screening of Fitz Lang’s classic at The Coronet Theatre

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