Sun 20/04/14
@skrillex @borgore @knifeparty @skism_uk @skreamizm @excisionofficial @nero @fluxpavilion @funtcaseuk do u boys still need those car parts we were talking about? #document1carpartsuk
Fri 18/04/14
Wasted way to much money and time!!
Fri 11/04/14
Doc one's at the zoo....dun know!
Fri 11/04/14
Nothing like a can of electro house to quench your thirst on a hot day!!
Mon 07/04/14
Not long now till the new ep is finished and we can get rid our our terrible studio beards and mop hair!! Can't wait to show you all what we've been up to.
Thu 03/04/14
Been a while since we got the morphsuit and keytar out lol!
Document One - Bam Bam Pop (Music Video)Available now on Beatport: iTunes pre-order: (release Nov 4th) Like Document One:
Thu 03/04/14
Anyone got a working crack for encarta 95?
Sat 29/03/14
New live sets really coming together! #thefutureisnow
Wed 26/03/14
Kicking it old school tonight!
Wed 26/03/14
My kind of group! Compressorhead Ace of Spades Preview of Compressorhead during band practise at the Robocross head quarters in Berlin. Coming soon ...
Tue 25/03/14
Doesn't ableton make these???
Tue 25/03/14
Chilled remix we did for our good buddy Comets We FallFalling Skies (feat. Yushichi) [M:UK]www.beatport.comFalling Skies (feat. Yushichi) [M:UK] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.
Sun 23/03/14
Thank you Stuttgart, this weekend was fun!!
Fri 21/03/14
Full quality previews coming soon!!!

Appreciate the response to our recent Instagram previews peeps. Just been having fun in the studio recently and letting things happen naturally. Glad you guys are feeling it!

#feelingpositive #backinlovewithmusic
Thu 20/03/14
Another new ting a ling! #bouncywouncy #bassywassy
Thu 20/03/14
Touched to see our free release has had over 250,000 plays and 15,000 downloads, didn't see that coming, thanks so much for the support!! #dubstepaintdeaditjustsmellsfunny Dubstep aint dead it just smells funny
Wed 19/03/14
I'm not Rudimental I'm rude and mental!
Mon 17/03/14
Happy st Patricks day from doc one x
Sat 15/03/14
Havin a gander at oxfords new art gallery! #busstopgallery #loveyourplane
Thu 13/03/14
Something for the neuro heads!
Wed 12/03/14
Working on something a little different! #glitchstep #dirtywirty #yetsmoothywoothy
Wed 12/03/14
You won't forget tonight by Jessie Andrews is out now on Itunes, including a cheeky Doc One remix!!!! Jessie Andrews ft. Comets We Fall - You Won't Forget Tonight (Document One Remix)Buy the single and Remix NOW on M:UK (Metropolis London Music Ltd) Vocals by Neil Ormandy. Premiered on Majestic Casual youtube channel: youtu....
Wed 12/03/14
Forgot how much of a game changer this was!! TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Remix)This week we have Dub Police's D1 featuring Jenna G 'Flood of Emotions' and Caspa's remix of TC's 'Where's my Money' Share this track on Facebook: http://www...
Wed 12/03/14
Rare pic of joe and I playing in different bands on the same line up! Any guesses to which ones??
Sun 09/03/14
George Clooney = worst batman ever!!