Tue 15/04/14
Here's our DJ chart to celebrate the release of our "Your Girl / Silver" EP which is available to purchase via Beatport now! xx

Fri 04/04/14
If you're looking for a way to organise your Audio Unit plugins we recommend Auganizer, it's very very dope and makes a massive difference to the way you access plugins in your DAW. It's the simple things! #geek
Thu 03/04/14
No, it's not a Snap sample. #homework X
Wed 02/04/14
In case you missed it you can hear our new single on our Soundcloud....


...and buy it online....


Let us know what you think!

Tue 01/04/14
(in post Evil Nine – Your Girl from Loudat. More by this
Sun 30/03/14
Stoney Roads have premiered our brand new track 'Your Girl' which is available to purchase World wide on Monday!

http://stoneyroads.com/mp3s/premiere-evil-nine-your-girl/Premiere: Evil Nine – Your Girlstoneyroads.comBrighton-based Evil Nine have just sent over a dark breaks banger as the front side of an upcoming release. The duo are in striking from after the latestEP Haxxan / Diamonds received perfect marks from Migmag and beyond. From Danny Brown collaborations to Fabric Live residencies, experience shows wi...
Fri 28/03/14
Oh hey!

You can now pre-order / preview our new EP 'Your Girl / Silver' on iTunes, out on Friday / Monday depending on where you live....


Wed 26/03/14
Here's a little something to whet your appetite as our new EP "Your Girl / Silver" is out Friday on iTunes!

https://soundcloud.com/evilnine/silver-teaserSilver (Teaser)Your Girl / Silver EP out Friday 28th March on iTunes. ...
Wed 05/03/14
Our next release 'Your Girl // Silver' is out March 31st, it's been a while... Xx

Here's a picture of some silver because one of the tracks is called 'Silver'...
Tue 18/02/14
Super excited to be playing in Taipei at Korner 牆角 with Adam Freeland on Thurs 27th Feb! Tickets available here: http://www.walkieticket.com/product.aspx?P1=0000002612 xx
Sun 16/02/14
Check out the bro Freeland's new collaborative project & EP :-) XXThe Acid EPBuy 'The Acid EP' : ...
Fri 14/02/14
TONIGHT ! if you're in Budapest ... on at 1.00 https://www.facebook.com/events/188466174679924/
Tue 11/02/14
Tue 11/02/14
also in two weeks us and the uber-bro Adam Freeland are hosting a Marine Parade reunion Taiwan side . should be a pretty sweet affair . If you're in the area you should come along ...xxTimeline Photos倒數16天!!!預售票現正熱賣中!
詳情請上@[207383246132914:844:Adam Freeland + Evil Nine In Taipei]
限時分享贈票活動已在&#064;[168614116580369:274:Ultra Dance Society]粉絲專頁進行中~快去試手氣!! — with <a href="http://www.facebook.com/wanghartproductions" data-ft="&#123;&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;;&quot;&#125;" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/user.php?id=644655562&amp;extragetparams={"directed_target_id":null}">Wang Hart</a> and 62 others.
Tue 11/02/14
Coming this Friday ! Evil Nine greatest hits show comes to budapest , our home from home . looking forward to rinse out the old favorites and see all my hungarian friends on the dancefloor ! xxCover Photos02.14. &#064;[379665655449073:274:Be Massive]pres:
&#064;[188466174679924:844:EVIL NINE\: GREATEST HITS set / METHA, MIRA, LUCKY 23]
https://www.facebook.com/events/188466174679924/# — with <a href="http://www.facebook.com/methaDJ" data-ft="&#123;&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;;&quot;&#125;" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/page.php?id=404200736288513&amp;extragetparams={"directed_target_id":null}">Metha</a> and 4 others.
Fri 07/02/14
EXXXXCLUSIVE-SIVE-SIVE !!! so we've done a mix for our bros Stanton Warriors . some raw shit . you want to hear the lead cut from our new e.p ? it's on it , dudes !!! 2nd track in .... play loud xxxxx
Something for the weekend. New exclusive podcast mix with Evil Nine! http://stantonwarriors.podomatic.com/entry/2014-02-06T09_00_13-08_00Stanton Warriors Podcast #017 : Evil Nine Guest MixWe caught up with not-so-evil Tom in sunny Brighton for a quick chinwag and this episodes guest mix.
Wed 05/02/14
Wanna buy our shit? xTimeline PhotosWe&#039;re getting rid of even more stuff from our cramped studio, wanna buy it? OFFERS WELCOME!! x

Akai APC20 with custom black paint job, looks dope....


Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ Audio interface.....

Mon 03/02/14
Just uploaded a DJ mix to @StantonWarriors for their next podcast, it features our next single. XX
Sun 02/02/14
We're getting rid of even more stuff from our cramped studio, wanna buy it? OFFERS WELCOME!! x

Akai APC20 with custom black paint job, looks dope....


Native Instruments Audio 8 DJ Audio interface.....

Tue 14/01/14
Forgot about Facebook innit x
Wed 18/12/13
Come catch us here on the 28th in manchester and dance off the turkey tummy xxxxPhotos of Evil Nine&#064;[519862968094764:844:Tangled Christmas Party w/ Valentino Kanzyani &amp; Evil Nine] playing a classic breadbeat mix... why dont u Poppadom down!! its gonna be HOT!!! at Sound Control, Manchester, Saturday 28th December.. 2 weeks today! Tickets here - http://skdl.it/17j2DOp
Mon 09/12/13
Check the new one from our friend & collaborator Juice Aleem so good!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmESlaMsvokJuice Aleem - AnuMal (Official Video)Juice Aleem - AnuMal After the soaring heights of the MoorKaBa LightBikes... the journey is continued with AnuMal: the dominion of the Flesh. A dance between...
Fri 06/12/13
Listening to our retrospective mix, impressed, proud, inspired etc. XP
Fri 06/12/13
Finishing our new EP today innit, x.
Fri 06/12/13
In case you missed it..... xxTimeline PhotosWe&#039;ve got a new DJ mix up on Soundcloud, kind of a &#039;best of Evil Nine&#039; (Don&#039;t worry we&#039;re not going anywhere). If we get enough plays we&#039;ll enable downloads :-)