Fri 11/04/14
Hello again. It's been a fair bit of time since I just put u
Mon 31/03/14
Listen to the upcoming teebs album here !!
“@nprmusic: First Listen: Teebs, 'E S T A R A' @teebsio”First Listen: Teebs, 'E S T A R A'n.prThe electronic artist seems to yearn for New Age music, or at least remnants of it, on his new album. In the process, he steers toward luxurious sadness and wistful contemplation.
Sat 29/03/14
The @hannibalburess live from Chicago special is on Comedy Central tonight. Watch that !
Tue 25/03/14
Who's gonna see "the raid 2" this weekend?
Wed 19/03/14
Simple Things have answered our prayers by brining this trio
Tue 18/03/14
Just woke from a long lucid dream. Good way to start the day.
Sat 15/03/14
Win some. Loose some. Pey some. @AustinPeralta
Sat 15/03/14
That was awkward as hell. Pretty much the true sxsw experience.
Sat 15/03/14
Shit is weird
Fri 14/03/14
Sxsw set time changed a bit. I'm on around midnight now.
Fri 14/03/14
They always playing 2pac when I get an @Uber_LA . Yess.
Tue 11/03/14
Layer3 will be at sxsw after all! This Friday w Nas, thundercat, cap murph live band, ASAP mob. Badbadnotgood //// Mass appeal
Mon 10/03/14
Btw the sxsw show ain't a Layer 3 thing, sadly.
Mon 10/03/14
How's the South Park game? It's dope right ?
Mon 10/03/14
So many people trying to sound the same. Shit is wack.
Sun 09/03/14
Playing the Sydney opera house was pretty fkn awesome. I'll never forget that night. Thanks to everyone who made it such a memorable ride
Sun 09/03/14
“@aidan_rahman: @flyinglotus you coming to brisbane?”u missed it
Sun 09/03/14
About to play the Sydney opera house. Sold out show! Layer 3 lookin gorgeous here. Honored.
Sat 08/03/14
“@sethpaint33: @flyinglotus Are you gonna be bringing Layer3 to Red Rocks?” Yep!
Thu 06/03/14
Perth tonight! W @ryanhemsworth and @TakuBeats
Tue 04/03/14
As I entered Melbourne’s elegant Forum Theatre, Operatives
Mon 03/03/14
“@fleuridity: dreamed I interviewed @flyinglotus who was a genie inside a tape recorder. asked "Is UTQC a concept album" yes. All of em are
Sat 01/03/14
Got a few days off in Melbourne. Anything happening? Or worth checkin out?
Sat 01/03/14
Can't save u from that mouse:('s photo on Instagram
Sat 01/03/14
"Brainfeederrrrrr ya cunt!!!!" -Some girl n Hobart