Fri 11/04/14
Hello again. It's been a fair bit of time since I just put u
Wed 19/03/14
Simple Things have answered our prayers by brining this trio
Tue 04/03/14
As I entered Melbourne’s elegant Forum Theatre, Operatives
Fri 21/02/14
Got back in from having the third years grill me about my wo
Tue 11/02/14
Anyone who knows me knows I love Flying Lotus, so whenever I
Sun 02/02/14
Back to work tomorrow after a three day weekend, early start
Fri 31/01/14
January is always such a hopeful time in music. We have an e
Wed 29/01/14
I was planning to keep secretly this remix from New Jersey b
Tue 21/01/14
Hoarse-voiced Los Angeles emcee preps himself for a big and
Wed 08/01/14
Flying Lotus has been a little quiet lately. Either that or
Mon 06/01/14
Ruff Draft is a name I hooked into by following the Team Sup
Fri 27/12/13
That time of year again, time for my annual track dump featu
Sun 22/12/13
After FlyLo dropped his twitter milestone collection of what
Fri 20/12/13
Visit Indie Shuffle to download. Sounds like: J Dilla, Madli
Wed 18/12/13
- Considerazioni - ...E non me lo sarei mai aspettato. Secon
Thu 12/12/13
Flying Lotus hit some arbitrary milestone on Twitter so unle
Tue 10/12/13
im feelin all emo about this.. — FLYLO (@flyinglotus) Dece
Sun 08/12/13
MAC MILLER * S.D.S. Just in case you missed this track. (in
Mon 02/12/13
A million times yes! New fave GDNA out of Southern Californi
Thu 21/11/13
TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment) has built a solid reputation on
Thu 24/10/13
Visit Indie Shuffle to download. Sounds like: Daedelus, Pref
Wed 23/10/13
It's time again! there's an awful lot of soundtrack stuff go
Thu 10/10/13
On paper, the original “Everything You Never Had” is eve
Mon 02/09/13
With the newest release in the Grand Theft Auto series fast
Sat 17/08/13
With summer starting to wind down, we felt we would try to s