Wed 16/04/14
Confirming the final tracks for the new Poolside Sounds...
Mon 14/04/14

Future Disco Radio providing upfront sounds from the world of disco and house weekly. Presented by Anna Wall, featuring music from Jacques Renault, Frankie Knuckles, Black Loops plus a special guest mix from Walter Jones

Future Disco Radio 041 / Walter Jones Guestmix 10.04.14 by Future Disco

– Tracklist –

1. Jarle Brathen – Stjernekriken
2. Green Linez – Hibiscus Pacific (Jacques Renault Remix)
3. Shanti Celeste – Days Like This
4. Hercules & The Love Affair – Blind (Frankie Knuckles Dub)
5. Lorenzo Kurizu – Cinta (Black Loops Remix)
6. In The Beginning (Doc Daneeka Remix)
7. Ossie – Heartbeating (Heavenly Mix)
8. BROODS – Never Gonna Change (Lone Remix)

– Brodanse Guestmix –

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Mon 07/04/14
You can now stream the entire Future Disco Vol 7 on Spotify
Renato Cohen - Suddenly FunkOUT NOW Itunes : Beatport: Limited Edition Double CD : Too early to go home, too late to ...
Fri 04/04/14
Ahead of the weekend we chat to the Danse Club Records brothers Brodanse to co-inside with their smashing guest mix for Future Disco radio....

Read all about it here:

#Friday #Feature #Danseclub #Brodanse
Fri 04/04/14

“I Only Sweat… For The Money”, oh yes! We where all singing this one last year. ‘Sweat’ the killer collaboration of house legends Groove Armada and hot new production duo Brodanse swept across clubland becoming a favourite among many a dance music fan and connoisseur. A raw chugging bass coupled with the sweet vocals of Cari Golden made an instant hit and propelled the Brodanse brothers of Austen and Scott Smart into the forefront of the contemporary dance music scene…

As a follow up to our Stars of 2014 Spotify Feature, we decided to catch up with Austen to see if we could squeeze a bit of information out of him on the Brodanse project and to find out what their plans are for the not so distant future…

Hey guys, thanks for having a chat with us today! Firstly tell us a little bit about how the Brodanse project started; obviously being brothers you must have been making music together for quite some time?

Hey guys! Thank you for having us, much appreciated!
Despite being close we had both been doing our own things for quite some time and then about 2 years ago there was this day when we were stood outside the office and said, “What shall we do with our lives? What do we love?” and it was that day that Brodanse was formed! Although we had been Djing together before it was really from that day that we began to make music as a duo!

What first got you both into electronic music?

Funny, we were both massively into Hip Hop in our teen years and it wasn’t until our friend showed us this track by Joey Negro called ‘Make A Move On Me’ and we were like “whooaa what is this!?!” We got into Funky House and starting going clubbing (at 14, and 17) in Manchester to places like Ampersand and from there began going to Sankeys and Tunnel when living in Milan; I think this is where our taste was really formed, it was here we were seeing and hearing guys like Radio Slave, James Zabiela, Dixon and Switch!

You have your own label Danse Club Recordings; what initially brought on the urge to set up the label? Has it always been your intentions to self release your music?

It was all a bit serendipitous really, I posted a video of ‘Cherie Lee – Love Me Or Leave Me’ on my Facebook wall and Oliver $ clicked ‘like’ and we thought “Hey what if he could remix it…” I asked him, he said “Yes” and then we went and hunted down the the original DATs from New Jersey. That track was until ‘Sweat’ our best seller and it properly kicked off the label. Of course we planned to do some remixes at that point on some of the EPs, it made total sense, but now we are at a point where we actually don’t see much point in sending any other labels our music . . . why would we when we can control everything our end… e.g. when it gets released, how it is marketed, who does the remix . . .

Thu 03/04/14

Future Disco Radio providing upfront sounds from the world of disco and house weekly. Presented by Anna Wall, featuring music from Kim Brown, Soulphiction, Clancy plus a special guest mix from Brodanse

Future Disco Radio 040 / Brodanse Guestmix 03.04.14 by Future Disco

– Tracklist –

1. Kim Brown – Rubies, Riches & Crowns
2. Outboxx – Denim Dream
3. Trickski – Wilderness (Soulphiction Re-rub)
4. Clancy – Take It Slow
5. Damiano von Eckert – Planets
6. Avalon Emerson – Church of Soma (HNNY Remix)
7. Max Greaf – Bummse

– Brodanse Guestmix –

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Wed 02/04/14
Which festivals are you hitting this summer? We'll be joining Gottwood Festival this year with Tale Of Us, Avatism plus residents Sean Brosnan and Dom Chung on the bill. Plus check out the rest of the monster line-up...!

More info here:
Thu 27/03/14
And we're rolling...! This weeks radio show featuring Hercules and Love Affair, Damiano von Erckert, PBR Streetgang, and guest mix from Wolf Music Recordings Ishmael...

Listen up:
Thu 27/03/14

Future Disco Radio providing upfront sounds from the world of disco and house weekly. Presented by Anna Wall, featuring music from Walter Jones, PBR Streetgang, Damiano von Eckert plus a special guest mix from Ishmael

Future Disco Radio 039 / Ishmael Guestmix 27.03.14 by Future Disco

– Tracklist –

1. Death On The Balcony – Heart For Rent (Daniel Solar Remix)
2. Lukas Lyrestam – All I Think About (Monitor 66 Remix)
3. Asadinho – Love Capacity
4. Lula Circus – She Loves Me (PBR Streetgang Remix)
5. Walter Jones – Night Flier
6. Hercules & The Love Affair – Do You Feel The Same (Andy Bulters ‘Mr. International’ Remix)
7. Damiano von Eckert – Housem 2.0

– Ishmael Guestmix –

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Tue 25/03/14
It's time to hit the slopes – Compuphonic, Debonair and SlothBoogie Terrace party at Snowboxx Festival this Friday...

Get you ski boots on and get involved:
Sat 22/03/14
Calling all WEEKEND OFFENDERS...T-shirt and Future Disco Vol. 7 CD combo on offer right now at the web-shop

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Fri 21/03/14
#Nowplaying: this week's Future Disco radio show with Rhythm Operator on guest mix duties...

Tune in:

Have an ace weekend!
Thu 20/03/14

Future Disco Radio providing upfront sounds from the world of disco and house weekly. Presented by Anna Wall, featuring music from Chopstick & Johnjon, Fort Romeau, Oliver $ plus special guest mix from Rhythm Operator

Future Disco Radio 038 / Rhythm Operator Guestmix by Future Disco

– Tracklist –

1. Booka Shade Feat. Frtiz Kalkbrener – Crossing Borders (Chopstick & Johnjon Remix)
2. SR Krebs – She Like (HiEM Remix)
4. San Proper – Leave It To The Doc
5. Frits Wentik – Geeeses
6. Oktored – Expand
7. Oliver $ & Jimi Jules – Keep On Pushing
8. Patrick Topping – Forget

– Rhythm Operator Guestmix –

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Wed 19/03/14
Here's the future talents we suggest you keep an eye on in our 'Future Disco Stars of 2014' feature...

Spotify playlist to keep you in the know:
Mon 17/03/14

We love new music here at Future Disco and we are always on the look out for emerging talent to share with you, are adoring listeners.

That’s why we have decided to assemble our ‘Stars of 2014′ Spotify playlist, to share with you guys some of the producers that have been doing it for us in 2014 so far and the names that we think we will be hearing a lot more from in the not so distant future….


We first came across the now London based producer Clancy after the excellent ‘What You Do’ EP on Dirt Crew Recordings new sub label ‘SPIEL’ last autumn. He has since followed this debut with the ‘Overdue’ EP which is comes packed with two killer cuts plus a great remix from our pal Urulu. The Tight, crisp percussion and hypnotic sustained bass of this EP’s title track has certainly made us stand up and listen and we look forward to hear what else this man has to offer us in 2014…


I wish we had more information to give you on the this production duo but sadly we don’t have it! The amazing ‘Ezra Was Right’ first appeared on Giles Peterson’s Brownswood Recording last year and has recently been followed up by a full EP on German label Film Recordings. Our girl in the know Anna Wall was lucky enough to see the duo perform live in Berlin and was blown away! Their highly musical yet lo-fi approach to electronica is sure to earn them some serious props this year, keep your eyes on them….


It’s fair to say we’ve been a fan of this Local Talk Records/ Studio Barnhus affiliate for quite some time, but it’s only now that we see HNNY really starting to find his character within his own productions. His early edits of the likes of Steve Reich and Mariah Carey really hinted at something bigger then the garage/ house cross-over success that was ‘For The Very First Time’ which for most part of 2012 was the only track people could put next to his name.
Now with recent releases on the likes of Local Talk, Local Talk’s new sub-label Omena, his own label Puss and his highly regarded ‘Music For Listening’ Podcasts we can really hear the magnitude of this Swede’s range and it seems a complex yet fun-loving artist identity is really starting to glow through our man HNNY. We predict big things…

Kim Brown

No Kim Brown is not a forgotten Garage vocalist from years gone by but a Berlin based production duo, who only went and released their debut album ‘Somewhere Elese Is Going To Be Good’ at the end of last year… and you know what? It’s amazing and easily one of the most under-rated records of 2013! Rich, warm and dreamy are all words we would to describe this superb debut, let’s hope there is more to come in the coming months…


It’s always easy to draw comparisons to so many of this Bristol duo’s contemporaries or artist that emerged from the city before them, giving the resurgence of house music coming from Bristol over the last five years. What separates Outboxx to the others though, is their fresh approach of re-creating the classic house sound. This is not only in the form of their soul drenched DJ sets but also apart of their one of a kind live stage show featuring their friend and frequent collaborator Naomi Jeremy. We picked “Letting Go” from their EP on Futureboogie Recordings to give you a example of the versatility that Outboxx posses. This duo go way beyond the threshold of just creating ‘house bangers’, something much cleverer is a-foot here and we can’t wait to see how this how they’re going to develop their sound over the year…


Having released their first EP on Sinden’s ‘Grizzly Imprint’ (a great start we might add), the Cardiff lads Bodhi have slowly been conquering Europe with their vocal driven, bass infused strand of house. Their remixes for the likes of The XX and Sampha caused quite a stir last year and even got them picked up the Australian mega label ‘Future Classics’ who released their last EP at the end of last year. With forthcoming material on big wig labels such as Virgin and Atlantic plus the always reliable 20:20 Vision it will be worth keeping your ears to the airwaves as Bodhi will no doubt be plastered all over your wireless’s soon…


Brodanse aren’t just ‘Bro’s’ by name but nature as well. The brothers of Scott & Austen Smart, have been steadily cooking up some deep, dark, tech vibes on their own ‘Danse Club Recordings’ having already collaborated with legendary vocalists Cari Golden and Kevin Knapp on the label. Their big break though came last summer when they collaborated with the mighty Groove Armada on ‘Sweat’ which was an underground smash hit and propelled the brothers from playing small bars to massive warehouse parties. Apparently more collaborations with Groove Armada are to follow soon, so keep your ears peeled…

Damiano von Eckert

The Cologne based ‘Ava Music’ boss has been having an amazing 9 months, having released his debut album ‘Love Based Music’ and putting out a string of well received 12′s. His sound takes in the best elements of hip-hop and house, raw cut up samples held together with dusty analogue machines is the name of the game for Mr. Pink. We’ve picked the smasher ‘Housem 1.0′ to give you an idea of just how much dance floor energy this man can pump into his productions, watch out as ‘Housem 2.0′ is going to be released through Ava next month…

Max Graef

I don’t think we could have made this list without mentioning Max! Whether it’s through his releases under his many guises on his own Box Aus Holz label, his collaborations with Melbourne Deepcast’s Andy Hart or releases on Tartlett, Max is slowly taking over with his jazz infused chop shop style of house. With his debut album on Tartlett scheduled for releases next month and gaining massive radio support from Giles Peterson on 6music, it is likely this album is going to take Max to the next level and we are sure he is going to be a house-hold name in no time…


Soulphiction is in no means a new producer. The German ‘Philpot Records’ boss has been making music since the early 2000′s on various labels including Sonar Kolektiv, Perlon and many, many, more under a string of different alias’s that all take influence from different forms of house and techno. With such a vivid history on the underground it seems strange that it was only at the end of last year that with his ‘When Radio Was Boss’ EP on DJ Koze’s Pampa Recordings that some heads really started to turn. The title track is a machine funk jam that centres around a distorted bassline and weaves between old raido DJ rips and some epic strings; a true nostalgia trip for any pirate radio fans but still a very oddball track that you wouldn’t think would strike such a chord with the masses in the way it has. Though it’s with his new release ‘Mind & Body’ on the ‘Live Jams 1′ EP that we think this guy is really going start breaking through, a high quality disco cut with a house twist, simply brilliant…


Thu 13/03/14
For this weeks radio show guest we welcome LET'S PLAY HOUSE label boss Jacques Renault

Also featuring music from Hercules and Love Affair, HNNY, Kornél Kovács and then some....

Tune in here:

#nowplaying #thursday #jams
Thu 13/03/14

Future Disco Radio providing upfront sounds from the world of disco and house weekly. Presented by Anna Wall, featuring music from Will Maddams, Hercules & The Love Affair, HNNY plus special guest mix from Jacques Renault

Future Disco Radio 037 / Jacques Renault Guestmix 13.03.14 by Future Disco

– Tracklist –

1. Hokuto Sato – Rhodes, 3AM
2. Will Maddams – Warm Organic
3. Pyschemagik – Black Noir Shwarz (Mineo Remix)
4. Kornel Kovacs – Szikra (Bonus Beats)
5. Hercules & The Love Affair – Be With You
6. Macro Bernadai – Meteor
7. Dorsia – Ghana (HNNY Remix)
8. Avalon Emerson – Synagogue of SoMa

– Jacques Renault Guestmix –

Links: Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook

Fri 07/03/14
Now playing: Future Disco radio guests CHOPSTICK & JOHNJON's 'Roots' as featured on Future Disco Vol. 7....

This weeks radio show guest is Fred Everything check it out here: & Johnjon - Roots (Alternative Mix)OUT NOW Itunes : Beatport: Limited Edition Double CD : Too early to go home, too late to ...
Thu 06/03/14

Future Disco Radio providing upfront sounds from the world of disco and house weekly. Presented by Anna Wall, featuring music from Borrowed Identity, Frits Wentik, Jonas Rathsman plus special guest mix from Fred Everything

Future Disco Radio 036 / Fred Everything Guestmix 06.03.14 by Future Disco

– Tracklist –

1. Borrowed Identity – You’re Mind
2. Samuel – Numberuma
3. Crowdpleaser – Nenereki (Kalabrese Remix Multi Culti Edit)
4. Frits Wentik – Gesses (Ishamel Remix)
5. Mr. Falcom – Landing Lights (Rhythm Operator Remix)
6. Isis Salam – Let Go feat. Kruse & Nurenberg
7. Tapes – Videos (Mercury Remix)
8. Jonas Rathsman – Hope I’m Wrong

– Fred Everything Guestmix –

Links: Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook

Thu 06/03/14
Saturday's launch party with Outboxx will also be streamed live by Be-At TV

Let the countdown begin....
Wed 05/03/14

This Saturday marks our return to The Basement of The Edition Hotel to celebrate the release of Future Disco Vol. 7 – ‘Til The Lights Come Up.

Joining the compilations compiler Sean Brosnan and resident Dom Chung will be the hotly tipped Bristol based duo Outboxx who also feature on the compilation with their remix of Crazy P – Clouds.

This party is completely Free Entry you just need to RSVP to with the full name and email address of each person attending.

For more information CLICK ATTENDING on the Facebook Event.

Wed 05/03/14
THIS SATURDAY! Launch party with Outboxx...join us.

RSVP your name to:

More details:
Fri 28/02/14
We chat to our favourite disco edit duo Psychemagik this weeks Future Disco radio show guests...

Check out the show here: Disco Interview Psychemagik – Future Disco – Future Disco Album Series, Radio, Events and...www.futuredisco.net28February2014Comments OffCategoryNewsTagsPsychemagikFuture Disco Interview PsychemagikHere at Future Disco, we love a good dig around a record store. There is nothing better then spending a Saturday afternoon wading through a load of dusty old slabs of wax to try and find that one record that you k...
Fri 28/02/14
This time last week! We were jamming in the Mixmag DJ Lab with Axel Boman...

Watch it again here:
Fri 28/02/14

Here at Future Disco, we love a good dig around a record store. There is nothing better then spending a Saturday afternoon wading through a load of dusty old slabs of wax to try and find that one record that you know is going to ignite the passion that got you listening to music in the first place. This week we where lucky enough to catch up with two chaps who we think share a very similar disposition when it comes to digging through record shops…

Over the past five years the duo of Danny McLewin and Tom Conveney aka Pyschemagik have carved a unique path in the world of electronic music. In this day and age of aggressive digital sales tactics and ‘hero worshipping’ the producer; Danny and Tom have brought the attention back to the art of being real DJs and have created a name for themselves as being the ‘go to guys’ for tripped out disco and other such rarities, through their DJ sets, edits, compilations and original productions. We had a chance to catch with the pair to discuss the concept behind the Pyschemagik and their plans for the future…

Hey guys thanks for having a chat with us today… You first made a name for yourself creating quite unique edits of old records, do you feel like the ‘edit’ a good way to update old gems for a modern dance-floor? Or is it more of a case of wanting to put your own slant on a particular song?

Tom: Both… It’s always great to give a dancefloor something they are familiar with but with a twist!!!

You’re known as the ‘go to guys’, for rare records, when did you both start collecting and have you inherited any collections?

Danny: Luckily my parents had an amazing prog, folk, rock and jazz collection so I inherited a lot of great stuff there. I started collecting when I was about 9 years old, mostly pop and David Bowie 45′s. But the serious digging started when I was 16. I started with Jimmy Castor, Kool & The Gang, James Brown etc all the Ultimate breaks kinda gear, Honey Drippers, Soul Tornadoes.
Then in my 20′s I got in to the folk psych jams, David Axelrod, Air, Heaven & Earth, Christine Harwood etc.

In terms of collecting new material, nowadays where do you usually go crate digging to find your back-catalogue gems?

D: One of the pluses of touring is being in different countries and cities all the time so I try as much as possible to visit as many stores as I can. I have many collector friends I trade with and i’m always looking online, in Charity shops and boot fairs. It’s an addictive obsession.

So far you’ve compiled three compilations ‘Magik Cyrkles’ and ‘Magik Sunrise’ and ‘Diabolical Synthetic Fantasia’ which have all been met critical acclaim, how do you approach compiling an album against creating a regular DJ mix?

D: I guess the plan is to find a selection of music that flows together well collectively. Compiling an album has it’s restrictions, finding artists and clearing the tracks etc, whereas a mix is limitless.

For your latest mix for the Future Disco radio show, we’ve had the pleasure of going through the vaults and spinning a vintage mix of yours – where was the Blackout ’77 mix recorded and any tunes that we’d still hear in your sets today?

T/D: It was recorded in our Cosmic Forest Studio… Those specific tracks aren’t really relevant today so much but the mix is still a good representation of a side to the Psychemagik sound. When we play disco sets we sometimes play a few of those old gems.

You’re based in the UK – in terms of hotspots for finding new records, where is your usual port of call in terms of records shops?

D: SSSshhhhh!!!!

You’ve got a release coming out this week for Crosstown Rebels, how did this come about? Have you been fans of the label for a while?

T: Yes!! It’s been a solid stable of slick releases for years. Such an honour to have our first non self released track on Crosstown!

We hear you’ll also be playing at their annual ‘Get Lost’ party in Miami – is this your first year at WMC? And what are your thoughts on the music conference itself?

D: This is our first year so ask us again afterwards.

T: We are super excited about it though… We have got some sick parties lined up there . We’ll be at SXSW too playing the A Club Called Rhonda showcase with Tensnake and a very special surprise guest.

Your remix of Mirror People was such a big song for us in Ibiza last summer (hence why we included on Future Disco Vol. 7), do you think whether it big room bangers or twisted disco jams your sounds has a strong tie with the Balearic Island?

T: We like to soundscape with our productions and when doing so it’s always nice to dream of a paradise! It’s also fun to play with the contrast of the blissed out Balearic against some naughty basslines!!

So we hear that the next Magik compilation is in the pipeline – any hints at what we can expect from from that and any more remix projects you can tell us about?

D: It’s the usual mix of rare private presses, Balearic folk oddities and obscure euro gems. There’s a couple of really nice edits from some of our record collector and DJ friends also.

Remix wise, lots of great things happening, including working with Arthur Baker on some of his vintage disco material which is really exciting. We’ve also been working on some new studio tracks which hopefully you’ll hear later on this year.