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January 09 2012

  A bit late but here are my faves of 2011. I actually think 2011 has been a great year for music but, more so now than ever,  you just had to get through a hell of a lot of dross to find the good stuff. No surprise Azealia Banks is number 1. She’s got... [Continue Reading]

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Tue 24/12/13
Don't forget to set your record button for 'Queer As Pop: From Gay Scene To Mainstream' this Friday 27th (Channel 4 - 10.55pm). I'll be making an appearance along with a whole load of great people. Should be a good documentary. And a Merry Xmas to all! as Pop: From Gay Scene to Mainstreamwww.channel4.comDocumentary charting how the gay scene and the political and social liberation of gay men have inspired and affected the music mainstream over the last 40 years
Sun 02/06/13
*** Track not available for download *** Click here to view
Wed 18/09/13
    The Mark Moore & Roland Faber mix of I Am
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