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Discover New Music with Physically Fit

April 05 2012

If you’re a fan of Dancehall and Reggae then Physically Fit is a night you don’t want to miss. We caught up with Why Delila from the Physically Fit crew, to find out where she’s discovers new music….but shhhh don’t tell anyone!

When being asked to put this together I had a think about all the places that I listen to new music, blogs, nights, radio. I don’t just limit myself to just searching out the latest tracks, as with Dancehall and Reggae, you are always going to find new gems from past decades. It was so hard to narrow this down so I ended up separating it out into ‘areas’ that I go to for music. So in no particular order, here are the top five places that I discover music.

This Is My Jam/Twitter

This Is My Jam is a new music social networking site where people post up the track that they are listening to the most at that point. You get to chose who you follow, just as you do on Twitter, and follow their ‘jams’. You can log in, press play, and listen to what friends are into at that moment in time. What I love about TIMJ is how eclectic the music is- it gets you out of your musical comfort zone! I doubt I’m alone on this one, but Twitter is such a good way to discover music. People are always linking to YouTube videos, tracks they have produced, mixes they have done. This is great for keeping up to date with friend’s music but also discovering new people’s tastes.

Dub Vendor/ Boomkat

Both Dub Vendor and Boomkat were record shops until recently (Boomkat was in fact the online version of the Pelican Neck store in Manchester) but are now online stores. Dub Vendor are legendary Dancehall and Reggae specialists, and you can find almost anything that you are looking for. Boomkat has a vicious way of making you want to spend money with their ‘people who bought this record also bought this’ sections. I use Dub Vendor to buy older reggae and dancehall, and Boomkat for anything that isn’t dancehall!

Hipsters Don’t Dance

HDD is a Hip-Hop/ Tropical/ Dancehall/Soca night in East London which I am a resident DJ at. This is a night where you will hear such a great mixture of tunes, and I’m always leaning over to the person next to me, asking what the track playing is, and then writing it in my phone. It’s because of this night that I am *finally* putting the hours in trying to learn more about hip-hop (it’s taken a while, I know).

Large Up/ ReggaeTapes

I am always going through people’s blogs! I really enjoy seeing what other people chose to write about. Large Up is great for new dancehall, mixes and videos from around the globe. They often host a free download too! ReggaeTapes is a goldmine. It is solely dedicated to hosting recordings of clashes. I am still working my way through the incredible amount of soundtapes they have. This is great for discovering older dancehall tracks, seeing how other people play them, as well as marvelling at the dubplates being played!

Style & Swagger on NTS/ David Rodigan on Kiss FM

I am part of a dancehall collective called Style & Swagger with two other DJs. We have a fortnightly show on NTS Radio. Each fortnight we’ll meet up just before the show, have a cup of tea and look at what tunes each of us has found. This is a great way for me personally to fill in any gaps in my dancehall research (there is so much coming out all the time so it easily happens!). Fellow DJs, The Large and Kazabon are great at sourcing tracks, so I’m often put to shame! No one can test Sir David Rodigan. What I like the most about his show on Kiss FM are his stories, which are always a “Back in the 70s, when I was having a cup of tea with Bob Marley….” kind of thing. Even though he’s not the biggest fan of modern dancehall, he plays a wonderful mixture of older dancehall and new reggae.

You can catch Why Delila playing at Physically Fit at the Big Chill Bar on Thursday the 5th of April, for more info click here.

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