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Camping Checklist

July 18 2012

  OK so you're going to be camping (possibly hours) away from home for the weekend and you need to ensure that you do not forget any of those essential items that will make the weekend go as smoothly as possible. Below you will find the GlobalGathering Camping Checklist to possibly make the arduous task of packing your bag(s) a little bit easier. • Tent (including pegs, ropes, etc) • Sleeping Bag • Groundsheet • Airbed • Torch • Batteries • GlobalGathering Festival Ticket • Money • Sunscreen • Hat • Sunglasses • Towel • Toothbrush & Paste • Plastic container to carry water • Thick Jacket / Sweatshirt / Fleece • Clean Underwear (enough said!) • Waterproof Jacket • Wellington Boots • Sandals (leave the heels at home girls, fields and heels do not mix!) • Warm clothes to sleep in * Camera • Wet Wipes • Plastic Bag (will help keep your clothes dry in your tent should it rain) • A bag for your rubbish (which can be deposited in the bins on the campsite) • Last but certainly not least... A nice soft toilet roll GlobalGathering Electronic Music Festivals

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Taking you straight back to the 90’s with Shy FX's breakthrough track ‘Original Nuttah’ #PULLUPShy Fx - Original NuttahOld Skool DnB Enjoy :)))
*** Track not available for download *** Click here to view
  Tomorrow sees the final GlobalGathering of the y
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