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May 23 2011

‘Raise Your Weapon’ was without a doubt one of the highlights from deadmau5′s recent album ’4×4=12′. The track has now been revisualised by Stimming, Noisia and Madeon.

The Stimming remix strips the track back to a minimal-tech affair, highlighting the vocals and adding a sprinkling of live instruments; the Noisia mix delves deep into the bassbins with its gnarly dubstep; whilst the Madeon mix translates the track into a glitchy Gallic electro number.

This Remix package is timed with release of the deadmau5 Touch Remix App. This is an innovative way for you to interact with Deadmau5′s music; you can freely take loops from different tracks and mix them together. Next, you can apply effects to your remix, adding your own creativity. You can then record your own remix and share on Facebook. Also, for the first time ever, you are able to enter your remix into a competition to win a custom, one of a kind deadmau5 iPad, loaded with his tunes.

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Tue 01/04/14
april fools :P
Tue 12/03/13
Wed 20/06/12
As he is set to star on the cover of Rolling Stone in Americ
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