Fri 17/10/14
Playing b2b with my buddy Ryan Elliott in Nottingham tonight, this is the first time we've had the chance to do it and I can't wait!

Info here -

Thu 16/10/14
Mon 13/10/14
Welcome to the family Barnt

Barnt signs to Hinge Finger
Daniel Ansorge has stepped up for the fifth vinyl release on the label run by Joy Orbison and Will Bankhead.
Sat 04/10/14
Portsmouth tonight !

Fri 03/10/14
This one below is actually a demo by Boddika & me, out in the new year as part of something special we've been planning.

Catch me in London tonight alongside two of my favorite DJ's - my good friend Andrew Lyster of _meandyou. & Evan Baggs.

Info here -

Unknown - Unknown

Delicious..might actually just about most likely be my fave tune of year. [Ripped from Joy O's Essential mix ~~
Thu 25/09/14
Morning Boddika

Thu 25/09/14
I'm not much of a dancer, the only time in the last 5 years I've stayed on the dance floor for longer than 20 minutes was due to Evan Baggs and I've been trying to play alongside him ever since. I was lucky enough to catch him at Panorama Bar playing Garage I'd never heard of into Perlon and Villalobos records. All the while maintaining a beaming smile, something I've always struggled with.

All the useful info is on the flyer but for more info have a look here -

Hope to see u there x

Trust with Joy Orbison + Evan Baggs + Light Sounds Dark at The Laundry
Friday, 03 October 2014 - London
Mon 15/09/14
Jungle - The Heat // Joy Orbison Reduction

The Heat (Joy Orbison remix)

Jungle's The Heat - remixed by Joy Orbison
Tue 09/09/14


shot outs to hugo and me and you
Wed 13/08/14
Jack & I have been playing shows together for about 5 years now, he was unsurprisingly one of the first people to contact me (on myspace) before I had released any music or played a show: The first person to bring me to Glasgow, introduce me to the Sub Club and the wonders of Rubadub records. From that point on we've been close friends to the point that he even came on holiday with the missus & I. Funnily enough I also used one of his earliest mixes to woo her, hard to say no after that really…
This weekend we'll be playing all night long at XOYO, something we've never had the chance to do in London but have always wanted to. All the pre sales have gone but I'm told there will be a load on the door from 9pm. Really looking forward to this, hope to see you there - even just to legitimize this bro love x

Info -

Sun 03/08/14
This was me yesterday at Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam, thanks to everyone who came by!
I'll be playing b2b with Tale Of Us tonight at Canvasopde7e, more info here -

Fri 25/07/14
Tonight. My Essential Mix.

Fri 25/07/14

Wed 23/07/14
Jack x Optimo x Me - SGP

Hosting my own stage this Sunday at @[45124221753:274:The Secret Garden Party] with some of my favourite DJs in the werld. Catch us at The Drop all day long from 2pm till midnight.
Mon 21/07/14
Sat 19/07/14
Berlin >> Panorama Bar - 4-7am

Mon 14/07/14
Looking forward to Lovebox (official) on Friday, I hear it's sold out. But my next London show will be with Jackmaster at XOYO, tickets available here -

Sat 05/07/14
Geweldig om hier in Nederland te draaien op zo'n special moment! Thank you Pitch!

Sat 24/05/14
Currently on my way to Holland for Drift Festival in Nijmegen and then off to Life Festival in Ireland on Sunday >>>

(Pic -
Tue 20/05/14
His & Hers matching Trilogy Tapes Tee's, (modeled here by the missus & I) now available via the TTT store !!