Sun 20/05/12
And I raaaaaaaan, I ran so far awaaaaaaaay...

Beware, indo-afro haircut included!Download:
Laidback Luke - Live @ Mysteryland 2003, Haarlemmermeer, 23-08-2003Tracklist @
Laidback Luke's Forum!
Thu 12/01/12
Number eight in the Laidback Luke yearmix list. Expect about seventy-six tracks in a short ninety minutes, all in this super secretly leaked HQ version. Only brought to you by still most laidback blog out there. Yes it's true. In case you've missed out, don't forget to check out Luke's older yearmixes by clicking the yearmix label at the right ->.

New old post are coming' up so feel free to stay tuned in a bit.

Download the mega power super awesome high epicness quality version:
Laidback Luke - Yearmix 2011 HQTracklist @
Laidback Luke's Forum!
Merry New Year!
Tue 13/12/11
Sun 26/06/11
It's been more then two years since Laidback Luke made that awesome Classics Mix for Mixed Up Radio. Time for them to ask if he was up for something new. As it turned out to be, he was! As always, Mixed Up Radio gave Luke a complete carte blanche. The result? A very exclusive Filterdisco 2011 mix! We wouldn't be the most laidback blog out there if we didn't give you the chance to relisten that show in case you couldn't tune in that night. So here you go, exclusive and completely free! Enjoy!

Download the mega power super awesome high epicness quality version:
Laidback Luke @ Mixed Up, Lansingerland FM, 25-06-2011 (Filterdisco 2011)Complete tracklist @
Laidback Luke's Forum!Download one of the tracks Luke played for free @
Sat 05/03/11
Let's get back into time with this classic mix!

For those who don't know, Laidback Luke has got some real techno roots. If you find this hard to believe you should definitely check this out.

Laidback Luke taking it back techno style, back in 1998, on 3x vinyl decks!

Old school.Download the mega power super awesome high epicness quality version:
Laidback Luke - Techno Mix 1998Tracklist @
Laidback Luke's Forum!
Sun 27/02/11
Especially for those who missed out last week, grab your copy of Laidback Luke's third Essential Mix right here!

Laidback Luke - Essential Mix, BBC Radio 1, 19-02-2011Tracklist @
Laidback Luke's Forum!
Mon 03/01/11
For already the seventh year in a row, Laidback Luke closed down his (maybe most epic) year with his glorious yearmix! Like always, brought by the incredible 3to12. If you think 60 tracks in a 70 minutes mix by Laidback Luke would give a nice overview of the past year, don't stop reading.

Listen to the 3voor12 stream @

*NEW* Download the mega power super awesome high epicness quality version:
Laidback Luke - Yearmix 2010Tracklist @
Laidback Luke's Forum!
Wed 27/10/10
Are you easily scared? Then don't show up. If not, it's time to get your super scary outfits ready! Cause Laidback Luke's own Super You&Me;will return to Düsseldorf! When? Next sunday during Halloween! Next to Rafik (DMC World Champion!) & Asser (Laidback Luke Forum talent!), Luke will bring nobody less then (Ed Banger Records hero) DJ Mehdi! You never heard of him? Well you may also know him from his recent collabs with Riton, under the name Carte Blanche.Not in the right mood, get a taste of last time's party:More info @ 3001 &!
Buy your tickets here!
Tue 12/10/10
Laidback Luke's own label party!Yeah! Mixmash Records, the label with that awesome artwork, happens to be Luke's own record label (for already six years!). Time to host an amazing label party right? Next week, during the best event to dance at, the Amsterdam Dance Event!Y'all going to be there. Why? Just to name a few DJ's: DJ Sneak, Felix Cartal, Hatiras & Gina Turner! And to name the other few: Gregor Salto, Oliver Twizt, Sandro Silva & George Anthony! Did I forget someone?See you there!More info @ Bungalow 8 Amsterdam & Mixmash Records!
Get your Mixmash Label Night tickets here!
Wed 29/09/10
The summer may be over now, let these one hour video's from the last few months take you back. Starting with Laidback Luke performing live @ South West Four, London!Head over to b@TV and watch their awesome 4-camera-at-the-same-time experience they created!

This second video is an exclusive Laidback Luke Ibiza DJ set @ Filmed from above on Luke's hands, so y'all can see what the master at work is actually doing on his Pioneer decks!Tracklist @
Laidback Luke's Forum!
Tue 07/09/10
Again, a dancefloor bangin' bootleg by Laidback Luke. A lot of you out there must have heard it in one of Luke's DJ sets at his weekly Super You&Me;Radio show, or maybe even at a club or festival if you got the privilege to see him live. Don't worry if you didn't, cause now you can play it yourself!
Jay-Z feat. Swizz Beatz - On To The Next One (Laidback Luke Bootleg)
Mon 02/08/10
Sequel commin' up y'all!This summer's second Super You&Me;Ibiza party is ready to blow to pieces! Again, at Cream, Amnesia. Again, superhero's only. I guess you never left the island right? If you did, it's now time to get back for some Fake "terrifying" Blood, Laid "superhero" back Luke & Wynter "wonderwoman" Gordon live! Definitely a must see if you missed out two weeks ago!More info @ Amnesia &!
Get your Super You&Me;tickets here!
Sun 18/07/10
Super Ibiza party heroes, brace yourself!Because Super You&Me;is about to take over Ibiza! Just a few days left till the first (out of two!) party starts at Cream, Amnesia. So get yourself a boat and a superhero outfit and cruise over to (besides Terschelling) the best party island out there. Next to legendary hero DJ's Wolfgang Gartner and Laidback Luke, Jonathan Mendelsohn (from Laidback Luke's Till Tonight) will perform live! Btw, where was Waldo?More info @ Amnesia &!
Get your Super You&Me;tickets here!
Tue 29/06/10
Superhero meeting commin' up in New York City!
After England, Laidback Luke is back in the United States of America and wants you to join his super awesome hero party. Celebrate Independence Day at Pacha with warrior Wolfgang Gartner and local badass superwoman Gina Turner with this Captain America special! Make sure all of you superheroes don't miss out on this one and check Karate Kid at the previous edition:Last time's Super You&Me;pictures @ Super You&Me;'s Flickr!

More info @ Pacha &!
Get your Super You&Me;tickets here!
Thu 20/05/10
Laidback Luke's super party goes back to Europe!
So you couldn't get in the completely packed Miami WMC edition? Then it's time to make it up to Luke, Bart, Wolfgang, Dan and all the others who are performing at IndigO2! Unite your powers and get your ass over to this battlefield in London, cause that's where Super You and Super Laidback Luke will be for the already second time in history! Back to the last one:Last time's Super You&Me;pictures @ Super You&Me;'s Flickr!

More info @ IndigO2 &!
Get your Super You&Me;tickets here!
Sun 21/03/10
Be warned, this party is ONLY for superheroes...
In case you haven't heard it yet, Laidback Luke's Super You&Me;will return to WMC! Including this year (besides Luke of course) Dada Life, Afrojack, SonicC & more than special guest Calvin Harris! Just buckle up your superhero belt and you're all set for this heroic Miami battle. The one he threw in Amsterdam earlier this month brought some good ol' fun y'all!Don't forget to check Luke's WMC do's & don'ts :
Last time's Super You&Me;pictures @ Super You&Me;'s Flickr!

More info @ Liv &!
Get your Super You&Me;tickets here!
Tue 02/03/10
They're back! Back in Amsterdam, for this year's second Super You&Me;party! Head your superhero-ass over to club Panama. Why? Cause Laidback Luke, John Dahlbäck, Sandro Silva, Fuser, Viccus & Mitch de Klein got what you need baby! Here's a video to see how epic the last party was. See you there!

Last time's Super You&Me;pictures @ Super You&Me;'s Flickr!

More info @ Panama &!
Buy your tickets here!
Fri 26/02/10
Stop bloggin' fake shit y'all! This is the real deal, at the real blog. By Laidback Luke. Who else?BTW, is the half naked lady on the couch below offending you? Too bad!
Laidback Luke - Blogger
Sun 21/02/10
Time for some good old Laidback Luke classic DJ mixes from the past, broadcasted just recently on Laidback Luke's Super You&Me;Radio!

Laidback Luke - Live @ RUSH, Paard van Troje, The Hague, 08-10-2005
Laidback Luke - Live @ Girls Love DJs, Hotel Arena, Amsterdam, 23-12-2005 (Ghettotech)
Tracklist @
Laidback Luke's Forum!
Listen to Luke's Super You&Me;Radio, every friday night (CET) @

Talking about some classic mixes, the next two are back online! So if you missed out before, check them out!

Laidback Luke - Live @ Laidback Luke Forum Meeting III, The Jam, Utrecht, 22-06-2007 (French House)
Laidback Luke @ Mixed Up, Lansingerland FM, 29-11-2008 Broadcasted by Mixed Up Radio
Both Tracklists @
Laidback Luke's Forum!
Thu 04/02/10
New Super You&Me;party's will be brought to you! Starting this year @ 3001, Düsseldorf!3001 is the first (of three within two months!) place where the Super You&Me;party will be held at. Why should you drop by this time? Well, we all love our occasional Fake Blood right? I know I do, and so does Laidback Luke. So don't miss out on this one in Germany! Let the next video of last's edition be a dress code inspiration. See you there y'all!

Last time's Super You&Me;pictures @ Super You&Me;'s Flickr!

More info @ 3001 &!
Buy your tickets here!
Wed 23/12/09
Laidback Luke Bootleg Pack 2009Sorry, no longer available due copyright infringement!

If you missed out on Laidback Luke's previous bootleg packs and/or sets, don't worry. Most of the links are restored! Feel free to check them out by going through this laidback blog!
Wed 16/12/09
The year is almost over so Laidback Luke is closing it properly like every year, with his 3voor12 yearmix!

Listen to the 3voor12 stream @

Laidback Luke - Yearmix 2009Tracklist @
Laidback Luke's Forum!
Enjoy this mix and don't forget to come back next week!

Tue 08/12/09
Super You&Me;@ Matter, London dropped like a bomb! Time for the second European edition @ D! Club, Lausanne!Within less than two weeks another crazy Super You&Me;party will be held. Switzerland is the country to go to, Lausanne the city and D! the club! So why should you? For this Dutch invasion trio: Laidback Luke, Bart B More & Sébastien Lintz! You never heard of those last two? Then you suck and have to head over to Laidback Luke's forum cause that's where it all began for them. Some words from Sébastien Lintz regarding this party @ Luke's Newsletter. I can only leave you with this short impression of last's edition which simply was, if I may say so, epic to witness!

Last time's Super You&Me;pictures @ Super You&Me;'s Flickr!

More info @ D! Club &!
Buy your tickets @ Fnac!
Thu 12/11/09
After last editions at the Dutch beach, Laidback Luke is spreading his Super You&Me;party virus across Europe. Starting off @ Matter (The O2), London!This time he invites besides himself, Norman Doray, Lee Mortimer, The Dutch Rudder & Dirty Stop Outs! I don't have to tell you anything about Super You&Me;'s dress code right? Great, then you're all set! Well if you got yourself a ticket on time. But you probably didn't. And now it sold out! Don't worry though, I just heard there will be just a few tickets available at the door! So if you want to be one of those lucky few... Okay, I leave you with a video to get you in the right Super You&Me;mood. See y'all the 14th of November!

Last time's Super You&Me;pictures @ The Photo Gallery!

More info @ Matter &!
BTW, expect some new laidback stuff on here very soon, so stay tuned!
Wed 16/09/09
So you have seen Laidback Luke play recently? If you did, you definitely must have heard this one!Laidback Luke rocked a lot of places during his tour this summer. Just to name a few, he visited Cannes, Acapulco, Melbourne, Toulouse, Malta, Amsterdam, Paris, Chersonissos, Utrecht, Portugal, Sydney, Ibiza, Antwerp, Budapest, the Plug, Köln, Brussel, Tunesia, Croatia, Poland, Portugal & Marocco bitch! Relive this moment, or pretend you are there now from your own bedroom by downloading the pack below. Aah, stupid me, I almost forgot to mention he also went to Newcastle mate!

Chuckie & LMFAO - Let The Bass Kick In Miami Bitch (Laidback Luke Says Pack)Ooh and for the record: This sunday he'll be at his own Super You&Me;! @ Bloemendaal slet! See you there bitches!