Sun 20/04/14
Don't miss Fuse's 20th birthday with Magda and dOP tonight in Brussels! More info here:
Fri 18/04/14
Catch Magda playing in France this weekend - at Festival REPERKUSOUND in Lyon tonight and at the Items & Things showcase at BLANK Utopia in Paris on Saturday! For more information check the links:
Wed 16/04/14
the hustle gang
Wed 16/04/14
Magda is playing at the Items & Things showcase in Sofia, Bulgaria tomorrow. For more info about tickets and set times check the link:
Fri 11/04/14
Magda is playing at Viale Ramazzini 33, Italy tonight. Check the link for more info: at Viale Ramazzini 33www.residentadvisor.netFriday, 11 April 2014 - North
Tue 08/04/14
dear Time Warp, i can't believe you turned 20. it has been a pleasure watching you grow up through the years. thanks for the good times!
Sat 05/04/14
Tune in now to watch Magda playing live at Time Warp! live on Sunday, 06 Apr 2014 @ 02:10 BST from Time Warp Mannheim 2014 Floor 4. For more sessions from the world's finest DJ's and live acts, please visit
Sat 05/04/14
If you couldn't make it to Time Warp this year here is your chance to listen to Magda's set live on Be-At TV. Tune in tonight around 3 CET. Mannheim 2014 Floor Mannheim 2014 - Floor 4.
Fri 04/04/14
Magda is playing in Germany this weekend - at the Items & Things showcase in Robert Johnson tonight and at Time Warp tomorrow. For more info check the link. Warp 2014 at Maimarkthallewww.residentadvisor.netSaturday, 05 April 2014 - Mannheim
Fri 04/04/14
Please check out the next installment of my side project CORNERBRED with Daniela Huerta… a podcast exclusively for Hunger Magazine. hope you like :) Mix: Magdawww.hungertv.comLegendary minimal house DJ Magda is showing her funkier side.
Tue 01/04/14
Thank you Frankie Knuckles for inspiring generations with your unique sound. Much respect. You will be greatly missed. Knuckles - Baby Wants To RideFrankie Knuckles Presents Baby Wants To Ride Trax Records TX150 Produced by Frankie Knuckles
Mon 31/03/14
hey guys… i'm on instagram now and super excited to share some of the more ridiculous moments from my travels :)
Wed 26/03/14
surprise vocals live in Bogota by Baby Vulture! thank you :)
Thu 13/03/14
hey guys, check out this nice photoblog…some beautiful and spooky imagery from a talented artist.
Tue 11/03/14
please check out our latest items and things release by rework. some great tunes there
Fri 07/03/14
celebrating international womens day, please tune in tonight to BBC radio one for my essential mix
Wed 26/02/14
just got to brazil… can't wait for warung on friday. here we go :)
Sat 22/02/14
dear squirrels and fine feathered friends, i'm off to south america in a few days to start my first tour of 2014. for more info, please check out the video teaser on my new youtube channel. Latin America Tour & Warung Residency "14!Magda returns to Latin America on tour and also announces a new Warung Residency 2014. February/March tour dates below... 28 FEB: Warung, Itajai (Brazil) 1 M...
Fri 21/02/14
here's the playlist i did for RA Resident Advisor & Sonos Origins for the Loft; hope you all like it… by MagdaAs part of the #ORIGINS films series, brought to you by Resident Advisor and Sonos, Magda presents a playlist designed for the Loft. Inspired by her experiences in Detroit and Berlin, Magda's dusky tastes made her the perfect selection for the House of SONOS's Loft. Her playlist draws heavily from t...
Wed 19/02/14
wow this just popped up online. a back to back mix from 2001 of mike servito and i :) thanks detroit conservancy!! x Mike Servito - M & M Mix - 2001All vinyl mix recorded at M_nus in Windsor, Ontario.
Tue 18/02/14
just in case you missed it... RA Resident Advisor and Sonos filmed me for the #ORIGINS series to peak into my past. check it out… Magdawww.residentadvisor.netIn the third edition of our film series, Magda Chojnacka describes her winding journey across multiple cities and countries.
Sat 15/02/14
our next release on items and things coming feb. 28th :)
Thu 13/02/14
check out this interesting techno label… nice sound :) Tapesopaltapes.bandcamp.comTuff Sherm & PMM - The Pagan Cinema by Opal Tapes Personable - Alternate/Other by Opal Tapes Huerco S. - Untitled by Opal Tapes BAT & OND TON by Opal Tapes 1991 - High-Tech High-Life by Opal Tapes Basic House - I'm Not A Heaven Man by Opal Tapes 51717 - 0VUL by Opal Tapes WANDA GROUP - PISS FELL OUT...
Tue 11/02/14
oh yeah…. very much looking forward to this oneTimeline PhotosThe @[1423490457867787:844:FOUND Festival 2014] line up is here!

Tickets on sale now from RA:

&#064;[146494732033182:274:Damian Lazarus], &#064;[207845458637:274:Cassy Britton], &#064;[12888864484:274:DJ Sneak], &#064;[141072339288522:274:Frankie Knuckles Fan Page], &#064;[11030908781:274:Moodymann], &#064;[128015246931:274:Magda], &#064;[113092020441:274:Anja Schneider], &#064;[119310701304:274:Feel my Bicep] and &#064;[178416312190425:274:Darius Syrossian] join a selection of the finest electronic acts in the world! — with Chloé Stylianou and <a href="" data-ft="&#123;&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;\u0040&quot;&#125;" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/user.php?id=611575401&amp;extragetparams={"directed_target_id":null}">James Jennion</a>.
Fri 07/02/14 Magdawww.residentadvisor.netIn the third edition of our film series, Magda Chojnacka describes her winding journey across multiple cities and countries.