Wed 16/04/14
A joyous Nik celebrates the next final 1.0 on the accordeon!Instagramthijsnoisia's video on Instagram
Tue 15/04/14
More final 1.0s! Noisia EP in june, if we aren't obstructed by some cruel fate.Instagramthijsnoisia's video on Instagram
Tue 15/04/14
I Am Legion - Snoozing For YouTimeline PhotosSNOOZING FOR YOU!
Sun 13/04/14
Since it's sunday and y'all are probably wondering what the purpose of existence is: it's the passing on of knowledge and love. (Nik -
Fri 11/04/14
Want to support an artist? See if they have their own webstore, buy music there. If not: buy in a different store. Streaming: Spotify.
Fri 04/04/14
Break-Fast viert vanavond haar 10e verjaardag! En dat vinden wij leuk.

Haal je tickets bij De Jongens van Hemmes, Plato Groningen, of
Wed 02/04/14
Ever wonder how the artwork for 'Could This Be' was made? Rutger Prins - special graphics made another great making of video that you can check out below! Making of Could This Be ArtworkThis is how the artwork for Could This Be was made :D Order the album here: Artwork by Rutger Prins: Noisia: ...
Tue 01/04/14
We've uploaded our set from March 22nd in St. Petersburg to our SoundCloud - couple of new tunes in there for you :)Noisia Set @ Pirate Station Inferno, St. Petersburg 22-03-2014Watch the full set on Youtube: ...
Fri 28/03/14
'Seven Stitches' was written for the game 'WipEout'. It was named after a friend, who in a drunk athletic spur of the moment jumped on a little pole, slipped, and busted his nutsack open. He had to get it stitched up. Seven stitches. DVSN002 - second release on Division Recordings from 2008Noisia - Seven Stitches / Groundhog [DVSN002] (2008)iTunes: ...
Thu 27/03/14
The line-up for Distortion in Copenhagen has just been revealed. We're playing Pumpehuset on June 6th alongside Joe Ford :)Noisia & Joe Ford @ Pumpehuset June 6thNoisia & Joe Ford @ Pumpehuset June 6th 2014 Tickets @
Tue 25/03/14
We had fun in TallinnNoisia live @ Factory, Tallinn, EE (Unofficial aftermovie)Some footage of our show in Tallinn on March 21st 2014 Track: Black Sun Empire - Arrakis (Noisia Remix)
Mon 24/03/14
The line up for the next Noisia Invites in Groningen on April 25th: Noisia, ︻ ƱZ ︻, TC, Audio // UK [ DnB ], Hybris dnb and Posij. Get your tickets here: PhotosVery happy to announce the headliners of @[318690718184395:274:Noisia Invites] #11 at @[172171779491705:274:De Oosterpoort] in @[23886153553:274:Groningen] on the 25th of April: @[106425519494604:274:︻ ƱZ ︻] and @[48469779094:274:TC]!
Thanks @[310255452345915:274:Rutger Prins - special graphics] for the awesome poster!
Sat 22/03/14
Pirate Station in St. Petersburg. Our set will be broadcasted live in 10 minutes!
Fri 21/03/14
'Mordez Moi' was Feed Me's first ever official release. We'd heard it from Jon when we were all in Australia for NYE 07-08 and were instantly in love with it. In those days not a lot of people around us were doing cross genre releases, but we'd just started putting out some electro ourselves on Division Recordings so we had the label all set up for it. We still love the chopped funk and crazy melody lines in this one!

'B.R.U.L.' is not an acronym for anything specific, what do you think it should stand for? It's taken from a Dutch verb that roughly means screaming in a low tone. Before B.R.U.L. it was called 'Barbarian' and it's very much inspired by Daft Punk's 'Rollin' and Scratchin'.Feed Me - Mordez Moi / Noisia - B.R.U.L. [DVSN003] (2008)iTunes: ...
Fri 21/03/14
We are playing a huge party in St. Petersburg tomorrow which will be streamed live by Radio Record on Youtube. We start at 02:55 local time [GMT+4] so, for instance, for the UK thats 4 hours earlier at 22:55 [GMT] You can watch it here:

But first, we have our show tonight in Tallinn. Hope to see you there Estonians! :)Pirate Station Inferno. Трейлер. 22 марта, СКК | Radio RecordКупить билет: Все о фестивале: Радио Рекорд представляет премьеру новой, самой мистической, постановки крупнейшего ...
Thu 20/03/14
Club show in Tallinn tomorrow!
Mon 17/03/14
Here is the aftermovie from Noisia Invites March 7th 2014 Melkweg Amsterdam during the 5 Days Off festival. With Friction, Calyx & TeeBee, KOAN Sound, Hybris dnb, Gridlok, Lenzman and more. Some wicked editing! Next Invites is April 25th (Kingsnight) in Groningen.Noisia Invites #10 5 Days Off - Melkweg - Amsterdam - 07-03-2014Next Noisia Invites is on the 25th of April in our hometown Groningen at De Oosterpoort. Buy your tickets right here: Noisia, Au...
Fri 14/03/14
Yellow Brick / Raar, the first release ever on Division Recordings back in 2007. One day way back in our student housing days we were working on a remix and accidentally came up with a riff that had nothing to do with the song we were remixing. It sounded like it could be 'Electro'! We decided it needed it's own song. So we wrote 'Yellow Brick'. It probably got it's name from being a loud (brick) angry and acidic (yellow) song. Or maybe from something else. The breakdown bass patterns and filters are still a favourite at Noisia HQ. Enjoy.Noisia - Yellow Brick / Raar [DVSN001]iTunes: ...
Thu 13/03/14
We're coming to Ottawa for Escapade Music Festival this summer
Thu 13/03/14
The photos from Noisia Invites #10 last weekend in Amsterdam during the 5 Days Off festival. With Calyx & TeeBee, Friction, KOAN Sound, Gridlok, Hybris dnb, Posij, Lenzman and more. It was a great party, hope to be doing some more of these outside of The Netherlands this year. Aftermovie coming soon btw!Noisia Invites #10 - 5 Days Off - Melkweg@[318690718184395:274:Noisia Invites]@[126063560788156:274:5 Days Off] @[153388628066314:274:Calyx & TeeBee]

Photos by &#064;[214356635311766:274:Knelis] — with <a href="" data-ft="&#123;&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;;&quot;&#125;" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/page.php?id=153388628066314&amp;extragetparams={"directed_target_id":null}">Calyx &amp; TeeBee</a> at <a href="" data-ft="&#123;&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;P&quot;&#125;" data-hovercard="/ajax/hovercard/page.php?id=301130305994&amp;extragetparams={"directed_target_id":null}">Melkweg Amsterdam</a>.Noisia Invites #10 Calyx & TeeBee - Friction - KOAN Sound - Noisia - Gridlok - Lenzman Hybris dnb - Posij - Former - Fairfax Photos by Knelis
Thu 06/03/14
1.000.000 view on the I Am Legion video for 'Choosing For You' :D

I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] will be touring this summer and we'll have some more music for you soon.I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] - Choosing For You (Official Video)I Am Legion [Noisia x Foreign Beggars] debut album OUT NOW! iTunes UK: iTunes US: Beatport:
Mon 03/03/14
The new Leo Messi video features Neosignal - Sequenz (Jan Driver Remix) which we released on Division Recordings! :D Messi on the road to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ - Fast or Fail -- adidas FootballThe new adizero f50 Messi. Are you ready to play #FASTORFAIL for your chance to go to the 2014 FIFA World Cup™? Buy the boot: Play the game: When Leo Messi steps out onto the pitch, the world expects. His fans, his team, t...
Sun 23/02/14
Last night was one memorable night! Thanks goes out to Skrillex and crew. Awesome team of good people! Groningen salutes joo.Rapping in Dutch with NoisiaSkrillex's video on Instagram
Fri 21/02/14
Noisia Invites tomorrow in Groningen with Skrillex, us, Posij and Jay-P. Sold out. But there are still tickets for Noisia Invites in Amsterdam on March 7th with Calyx & TeeBee, Friction, KOAN Sound, us, Hybris, Posij and more :
Sat 08/02/14
Cape Town is awesome! We love it here.. We swam in the ocean today, it was cold, but life affirming. Tonight we'll be playing some cold, but life affirming music for you. CTEMF, 1 to 2. Come plz