Fri 24/10/14
A great 5 out of 5 for Dos Palos over on DMC World Magazine, thanks Greg Fenton

"Stunning winter sunshine single for NuNorthern Soul sees the combined talents of Faze Action’s Robin Lee along with that of vocalist/ multi instrumentalist Ed Begley fuelling the Balearic fire with two equally gorgeous productions. That is however, if the sounds of Steely Dan plus The Doobie Brothers etc appeal to you. Fortunately they very much do for me and the opening, ‘Lady of the Westway’ spins west-coast lyrics together with bubbling synthesizers and warm harmonies to great effect. As indeed does the shuffling soul of, ‘I’ve Been Around’ which no doubt sounds perfect, horizontal pool-side too."

Dos Palos - Lady of the Westway // I’ve Been Around - (NuNorthern Soul Records)
Stunning winter sunshine single for NuNorthern Soul sees the combined talents of Faze Action’s Robin Lee along with that of vocalist/ multi instrumentalist Ed Begley fuelling the Balearic fire with two equally gorgeous productions. That is however, if the sounds of Steely Dan plus The Doobie Brother…
Mon 20/10/14
We would like to thank the ever growing numbers of people who tune into our cloud // pod // oddcast every month... More and more people tuning in and more and more plays being logged... Thanks you lovely lot...

NuNorthern Soul Sessions
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Sun 19/10/14
Some NuNorthern Soul action this weekend plus a couple of amazing selectors in town playing at Potato Head Beach Club Bali

Step up Beane Noodler and Young Marco

Last day in India, leaving early hours tomorrow... Its been ace... I know I have only sampled what is on offer and I promise to return... I am looking forward to getting back home to Bali and getting back on the decks down at @[176866185656947:274:Potato Head Beach Club Bali] on Friday and Sunday plus I have @[79926076872:274:NuNorthern Soul presented by Phat Phil Cooper] at @[453325781414046:274:Old Man's] on Sunday also... If you are in #Bali and love great music you should also get along to check both @[580171927:2048:Beane Noodler] [UK] and @[562976384:2048:Young Marco] [Netherlands] as they will be both be flexing their broad musical tastes this week at Potato Head. Beane the Noodler Wednesday from 4.30pm Young Marco Thursday from 4.30pm #Music #DJs #Culture
Thu 16/10/14
Easy vibes...

NuNorthern Soul Session 70
This month has seen us floating flat on our back staring at the sun and letting the musical waves wash over us... Track Details Ashley Thomas - Would You Cry? Alison Crockett - Like Rain Alma Forrer - Bobby (tes nuits) Laetitia Sadler - Depuis Le Centre Du Coeur Vestige - A1 Alumnia - Meaning of Tim…
Tue 14/10/14
Pre-order Dos Palos from those lovely Mancunian lynch pins, Piccadilly Records...

Dos Palos - Lady Of The Westway / I've Been Around / NuNorthern Soul from Piccadilly Records
Dos Palos - Lady Of The Westway / I've Been Around / NuNorthern Soul from Piccadilly Records
Tue 14/10/14
Listen >>>
Pre Order Vinyl -

Early Support
CHRIS COCO, Melodica, UK - Hey this is totally gorgeous. Straight on Melodica next week for sure. Thank you. Played on Melodica 29th Sept -

KON, USA - Nice work, Alan Parsons meets The Eagles on vacation in L.A. Summer 77'

DON LETTS, BBC Radio 6, UK - Played on his show Sunday 5th October -

PAUL ‘MUDD’ MURPHY, Claremont 56, UK - I like the Lady of the Westway track.. a nice new direction for him!

RAINER TRUBY, Compost Records, Germay - diggin´both tunes a lot, very sweet, very chilled… cheers for that.

LEXX, Switzerland - This is beautiful! Lady of the Westway is my fave. I'll get that 7"!

PHIL MISON, UK - Really like the tracks, Ed’s voice is great.

ASHLEY BEEDLE, UK - I've been around - by a country mile. With the Timmy Thomas electronic drum riff and laid back vocals, I can see this getting play listed on Radio 2/6 Music - if they got their fingers out. But you know that already. Fantastic stuff. Good to hear Robin on fine form.

MO MORRIS, A Mountain of One / ZSOU, UK - Laurel Canyon Sunsets, Arthur Russell tones, Wonderland Avenue, Americana Dreaming - Future / Past innocence. A Beautiful timeless record - steeped in heritage but heading down the highway - Kudos - Dos Palos ! XX

LEFTO, Belgium - This could be the perfect soundtrack on the road.

JASON BOARDMAN, Aficionado, UK - Nice vibes on both, liking the west coast feel so thanks for sending.

MOONBOOTS, Aficionado, UK - Love this. Lady of the Westway is the boy for me. Has that, driving down the Pacific Coast Highway at sunset vibe

BILL BREWSTER, UK - I've been Around is really bloody good. Other song cool, too, but lead track is a blinder.

LEO MAS, Italy - I have now listened to the two tracks of Dos Palos they are very nice and I like them very much, good vibrations. Arrangements of I've Been Around are beautiful even Lady Of The Westway I really like, it has a nice mood. Hard to say which I prefer, I really like them both. Congratulations Robin Lee, nice work I can not wait to have the 7”

SEAHAWKS, UK - What can I say… a stone cold classic and one of the best releases this or any other year…

MICHAEL RUTTEN, Soul Searchin’ Radio, Germany - Another soulful running on NuNorthern Soul. for my box. Vibes!

DAN MITCHELL, LN-CC, Island of the Gods, Indonesia - love the vocals on the A and the B perfect for those sun drenched Bali sunset sessions ! awesome.

KELVIN ANDREWS, UK - yes indeed. Both tracks are fantastic . Will support and play.

STEVE COBBY, Fila Brazilia UK - I've Been Around is a sweet slice of balmy Indian summer melancholia. Going straight into next months Mixcloud offering.

NEIL DIABLO, UK - Beautiful Music!

ANDY WILSON, Sonica Radio, Ibiza - Supporting

BOBBY BEIGE, The Garden Festival, Croatia - Loving this, wouldn't expect anything else from Mr Lee quality production,'I've Been Around', sounds like a modern day 'Michael Franks”, played this at the beach just yesterday, sounded lovely.

DOM SERVINI, WahWah45, UK - Bloody love it! Amazing music to wake up to today! Will cover it in Echoes and play on the radio A LOT! Played on Unherd Radio Show 29th Sept -

GREG FENTON, DMC Update, UK - This is great, defo reviewing.

PHILIP SHERBURNE, Pitchfork, USA - Thanks for getting in touch. These are both lovely. Can definitely hear that west coast influence that you talk about in there. Not sure yet that I'll have room to review them, but I will definitely keep them in mind.

KENNETH BAGER, Music For Dreams, Denmark - I love it -thanks so much for the download great release and I will support more than once on radio etc .. Love especially ‘I've Been Around ‘

Dos Palos 'Lady of the Westway / I've Been Around'
Sun 12/10/14
More musical snacks and treats...

NuNorthern Soul Session 70

Another dip of the toe into the huge pool of music...Wrap you ears round our latest session here >>> details...Ashley Thomas - Would You Cry?Alison Crockett - Like Rain
Sat 11/10/14
Lovely support from the Welsh corner on Dos Palos. Adam Walton drops it on his latest show over on BBC Radio Wales. Listen from 1h 50m is...

11/10/2014, Adam Walton - BBC Radio Wales
The best in new Welsh music, exclusive sessions, interviews and demos.
Wed 08/10/14
Thanks Bill Brewster for the Dos Palos support...

» DJ History Podcast #276 Bill Brewster
Tracklisting: SHOOK – Violet Hues BOOZOO BAJOU – S.A.E (Red Axes remix) MARK E – Night Heart SONN – Infinite Spring LUKE VIBERT – Jack U Whole (SDCs 1988 Vibe Mix) JAZZANOVA FT. PAUL RANDOLPH – Now There Is We (Kuniyuki Deep Remix) DOS PALOS – I’ve Been Around OLLI AHVENLAHTI – The Poet
Wed 08/10/14
Big thanks to Don Letts for the Dos Palos support on his BBC 6 Music show -

Mon 06/10/14
A quick guide to the artwork to date on our releases... You can find out more over on and listen and buy the releases on our Bandcamp -

Sat 04/10/14
#Music #Bali #Chilled

NuNorthern Soul mix from Karma Kandara, Bali. October 2014
A selection of sun soaked tracks from our recent session at Karma Kandara, Bali.
Mon 29/09/14

NuNorthern Soul Download

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Sat 27/09/14
Its that time of the month again... We will be hanging out at Old Man's in Bali selecting tracks for Sunset. Session starts at 4pm...
#Music #DJ #Soul #Jazz #FolktoFunk #Eclectic

Fri 26/09/14
Sunny side up :o)

I am DJing from 1pm today up at @[287725324598317:274:Karma Beach], sunny, soulful sounds for the beach bound head nodders and toe tappers... #Bali #Music #NuNorthernSoul
Thu 25/09/14
Coming soon...

Dos Palos 'Lady of the Westway [NUNS006]

***DUE FOR REALEASE ON 10th NOVEMBER ON NUNORTHERN SOUL RECORDS*** Having collaborated in the production duties with brother Simon for Faze Action, Robin Lee...
Wed 24/09/14
A play from Kev Beadle Radio Show & Podcast of the Dos Palos single forthcoming on NuNorthern Soul.

Kev Beadle Solar Radio Show 23/09/14

emeson – lenton (emeson) swindle – smash n’grab (brownswood) evm128 – drpn it (studio rockers) kabuki – tempest – atjazz remix (head to toe) jackson 5 – dancing machine – daniel crawford remix (bandcamp) dos palos – I’ve been around (nunorthern soul)...
Mon 22/09/14
A mixed bag of musical goodness - in no particular order…

Ann Malone & BJ Smith - First Light
Nil’s Jazz Ensamble - Summer Love
The Elder Statesman - Montreux Sunrise
INKSWEL feat. Gary Davis & Andras Fox - Delaide Reaction
The Bamboos - The Wilhelm Scream feat. Megan Washington
Onyricon - Sweet Dream (Leo Mas & Fabrice On Air Mix)
Tommy Guerrero - 40 Summers
Vestige - A1
Dos Palos - I’ve Been Around
BJ Smith - Prototype
Sat 20/09/14
Sharing those Sunday sounds...

Another musical session is now online. Session 69 - Track List Anne Malone and BJ Smith - First Light Vanilla - Free (Intro) Macross 82 99 - Lovers Bing Ji Ling - Hangin' On A String Nil's Jazz Ensamble - Summer Love Magic In Threes - Summertime Strut Jaze Baqti - Justice Has A Pryce The Elder Statesman - Montreux Sunrise Macross 82 99 - Fugaz Triorganico - Mario 'El Commandante' Kassett / Margo - Lovebites (LTGL Remix) Albarka - Banda Originale We All Together - It's A Sin To Go Away INKSWEL feat. Gary Davis and Andras Fox - Delaide Reaction
Thu 11/09/14
Now in at Picadilly Records

Various Artists - La Escollera Session One / Nu Northern Soul from Piccadilly Records
Various Artists - La Escollera Session One / Nu Northern Soul from Piccadilly Records