Wed 16/04/14
FANS! If this was you I'm so sorry! I just love my fans! Haaaa
Tue 15/04/14
My view right now.
Tue 15/04/14
Things that I cannot watch..... Parents that push there kids too high on a swing! Makes me so sick and angry. (Dickheads) I always feel I have to say something to save them.
Mon 14/04/14
Mon 14/04/14
Rednek - Fuck Em (FREE DOWNLOAD) by REDNEKRednek - Fuck Em (FREE DOWNLOAD)I was gonna just trash this but i though somebody might like it! Respect ...
Mon 14/04/14
Great Yarmouth tonight.
Sat 12/04/14
In Wales in the next few weeks!
Wed 09/04/14
Jägermeister sponsor Super Group sponsored Super Group - REABO - “Whatever May Come”360magazine.tumblr.comRELEASED THROUGH BAD BOYS RECORDS 27TH APRIL REABO, the super group consisting of bass artist Rednek, XFM presenter and bassist of indie/rock band Losers Eddy Temple-Morris, Skindred drummer Arya, grime artist Beaupierre, and Ol the former guitarist from the widely known metal band Evile. Brought to...
Tue 08/04/14
Just found this on my sons back!
Mon 07/04/14
Uk (Rednek in London) residency every month in Tooting! Info to come. This will make it easier for uk fans to come as watch me perform live ! Respect to you all! Who will come????
Sat 05/04/14
What time does the Internet close?
Fri 04/04/14
Just spent all day shooting and directing a new viral video for Jagermeister with Smivadee Productions . Mental day! Thanks to John Hornby Skewes & Company Limited for the junior pp drums which we unfortunately smash the shit out of! I'll send them back in a body bag!
Wed 02/04/14
Bare with me people! I'm just in the middle of making my new album.
Wed 02/04/14
Just need 10 likes on this page. Can you help please. Thank you. Redz App Coming Soon!
Tue 01/04/14
Video Message to you all live from my yard.
Tue 01/04/14
Big Happy birthday to my beautiful wife Dani today! Thank you for everything you do! X
Sat 29/03/14
Fri 28/03/14
Best Snap Chat! This is the guy that does my Videos! Haaaa Smivadee Productions
Fri 28/03/14
Taking bookings now.
Thu 27/03/14
Rednek performs in Lanzarote end of May! Details to come
Wed 26/03/14
Interview with Rednek and Eddy Temple Morris Spotlight: REABOwww.soundspheremag.comShare on Tumblr For our next band spotlight, we chat to Eddy Temple-Morris (of Losers and XFM-fame) and dubstep music producer Rednek who are both members of the innovative Jagermeister-sponsored […]
Tue 25/03/14
Tue 25/03/14
Tue 25/03/14
Just had my number plates stolen off my car! Grr! Life's little tests!
Mon 24/03/14
Is it me or does this ugly fuck of a monkey seem to have a nice little sexy cleavage? By the way this picture has not been photoshop'd, I took a picture of this while watching TV tonight. Mental looking fucker!