Mon 01/06/15
The first 6 months of this year have been very interesting... somehow reflective and slightly introverted perhaps due to this being the 25th anniversary of my first record label PLUS8 (official page). Honestly the quietness of not traveling every weekend was liberating, giving me some much needed time to recollect my thoughts & ideas and have some quality time with my friends. Along the way I reconnected to some old colleagues, made some new musical friends and welcomed some new members to the Hawtin & MINUS family... and said goodbye to a few long time members. However, on Saturday afternoon at the Berlin Festival everyone came back out in celebration of what bought us together in the first place, music. Amazing & diverse sets from everyone put smiles on all of our faces as we danced into the night, how we've done many times before, and how we will many times again in the future. Thanks to all the friends, fans, supporters & everyone who came out to a fun relaxed day of music reminding me of why I fell in love with Berlin in the first place... special thanks to #ROI #Janina Marc Houle Fabio Florido for the music on our stage and for James Blake for the music later on in Arena!

Mon 01/06/15
Looking forward to ENTER.Ibiza's fourth season! What a line-up for ENTER.Main...

We’re very pleased to announce the first wave of acts playing at ENTER.Ibiza this season, starting with ENTER.Main: @[15560008298:274:Adam Beyer] @[350877971671952:274:Blind Observatory] @[62728345488:274:Chris Liebing (Official)] @[111817691156:274:Christian Smith] @[203438779795754:274:Dantiez Saunderson] @[64503367153:274:Dubfire] @[175286402509711:274:Fabio Florido] @[109499179086895:274:Jon Gaiser] @[113375132169319:274:Janina] @[181527245868:274:Julian Jeweil] @[122923314434751:274:Len Faki (OFFICIAL)] @[128817759178:274:Marc Houle] @[50781834567:274:MARCEL DETTMANN] @[167147146664477:274:Matador] @[257927747554702:274:Recondite] @[199232390073:274:Richie Hawtin] @[105490072868348:274:RØDHÅD] @[57399808932:274:Sven Väth (OFFICIAL)] @[615796581768916:274:TM404] @[186496964696089:274:WHYT NOYZ] Check back for regular line-up additions throughout the week followed by the full programme announcement on June 8. — met Ben Slater.
Thu 28/05/15
Tonight I'm playing at Primavera Sound Festival for the very first time. For those of you who can't be there - ARTE will broadcast LIVE.
Tune in at 4.20am CET.

Primavera Sound - Live vom 28. Mai 2015 - Rayban- und ATP-Bühne
Tue 19/05/15
Here's the full audio from the third artist lecture of the 2015 CNTRL tour @ The New School in New York - with François Kevorkian, Dantiez Saunderson, Ean Golden and myself.

CNTRL Artist Lecture - The New School, NYC 3 of 8 (April 17, 2015)

Recorded live at The New School, NYC (April 17, 2015) Full audio from the third artist lecture of the 2015 CNTRLedu tour @ The New School - featuring Richie Hawtin, Francois Kevorkian, Dantiez Saunde
Mon 11/05/15
Full audio from the CNTRL artist discussion at Penn State featuring myself, Matador, Matthew Dear and Ean Golden! #CNTRLedu

CNTRL Artist Lecture - Penn State University (April 16, 2015)

Recorded live at Penn State University (April 16, 2015) Full audio from the second artist lecture of the 2015 CNTRLedu tour @ Penn State University - featuring Richie Hawtin, Matador, Matthew Dear,
Sat 09/05/15
Ha what a funny cool memory to tap me on the shoulder today in my inbox! A great night back in 1990 at the Industry Nightclub just outside of Detroit with Daniel Bell and I playing together under our #Cybersonik name! In those days we'd perform with a small selection of drum machines, synths & early samplers to play a selection of songs from the early PLUS8 (official page) catalog... usually we'd play tracks from #FUSE #CircuitBreaker (the track you hear in this video) and always lead up to Cybersonik's first "underground" hit, #Technarchy! Those were some amazing moments, playing with friends for friends... like the guy who introduces us in this video who is no less than DJ T-1000 a.k.a. Alan Oldham!!! For those of you who didn't grow up through those times, do a search for #FastForward which was his legendary and highly influential Detroit WDET 101.9FM radio show... a broadcast where many of us did our first interviews and where we even played some of our own music for the first time! Check out some of the archives here:

Feature : Watch: Richie Hawtin tearing it up in 1990
A little Throwback Thursday action here, with a video of Richie Hawtin laying down some tough analogue techno back in 1990. The footage shows a young and bespectacled Richie Hawtin performing live as Cybersonik alongside John Acquaviva. There’s...
Thu 07/05/15
The 2015 #CNTRLedu tour finally made its way to the west coast of North America with stops in Seattle, San Francisco, and concluding in Los Angeles for a landmark night at The Hollywood Palladium. Joined by the likes of Dubfire, Chris Liebing (Official), Victor Calderone and more - have a look back at the conclusion of an incredibly inspiring tour!

#CNTRLedu 2015 - West Coast Overview
Wed 06/05/15
A three night weekend touring the northern United Kingdom reminded me of those exciting early days in the 1990's when the some of the first clubs started to book me and support the beginning of my DJ & production career. The very cities and promoters that I visited this past weekend were were among those early supports, reaching out to John Acquaviva and I (by fax machine, asking us to come and play the sound of PLUS8 (official page)! Slam & the Soma Records gang in Glasgow, in Belfast and Shindig Events in Newcastle! What a treat to come back through my original stomping grounds, seeing a mix of old, new, young and inspired faces all still energized by the sounds of thumping beats and dirty baselines. Great to see everyone out on the dance floor and to see so many familiar faces smiling back at me!

Wed 06/05/15
Our CNTRL tour is now about two weeks behind us but I'm still feeling the energy of all the participants and the up-and-coming producers that we met in each city. So lucky to have had this chance to meet so many new people all who feel that very excitement that first got me into Techno & electronic music. Thanks to all of you for engaging with us and for those of you who stepped up to me during the day sessions or after my gig each night and gave me something to listen to! I've spent the past few days getting all of the music transferred onto my computer and now will spend the next days & weeks listening (yes, there's A LOT of music to listen to!). But before I start listening, I'm going to enjoy my weekend off in my own studio and see what sort of new music I can finish with all of the creative thoughts I've been feeling since this very inspiring tour!

Thank you to all of you for supporting the second half of the tour, in Seattle at the Neptune Theatre, San Francisco State University & DNA Lounge in San Francisco and UCLA & The Hollywood Palladium! And to all of our sponsors and artists who joined us on the last three dates Chris Liebing (Official), Dubfire, Matrixxman, Grimes, Victor Calderone & Lee K.

Thu 30/04/15
FULL AUDIO from the CNTRL artist lecture at Berklee College of Music w/myself, Matador, Matthew Dear, and Ean Golden):

CNTRL Artist Lecture - Berklee College of Music (Boston) April 15, 2015

Recorded live at Berklee College of Music, Boston (April 15, 2015) Full audio from the artist lecture @ Berklee College of Music in Boston - the first stop of the 2015 #CNTRLedu tour featuring Richie
Mon 27/04/15
With stops in Boston, Penn State, NYC, Montreal and Toronto - we look back at the connections and engagements felt during Eastern Coast leg of the 2015 CNTRL tour. #CNTRLedu

#CNTRLedu 2015 - East Coast Overview
Mon 27/04/15
With stops in Boston, Penn State, NYC, Montreal and Toronto - we look back at the connections and engagements felt during Eastern Coast leg of the 2015 CNTRL tour. #CNTRLedu

#CNTRLedu 2015 - East Coast Overview
Sat 25/04/15
After 10 days on the road with our CNTRL tour, it's all boiling down to its final conclusion at LA's Palladium tonight!

Read more in the Los Angeles Times:

Fri 24/04/15
After 10 days on the road with our CNTRL tour, it's all boiling down to its final conclusion at LA's Palladium. Prepare for an onslaught of pure electronically-driven techno. I don't get to LA too often, so I'm looking forward to this perfect last stop after an incredibly inspiring tour. #CNTRLedu

Fri 24/04/15
The final stop of our CNTRL tour - see you tomorrow LA!! #CNTRLedu

Thu 23/04/15

@[62728345488:274:Chris Liebing (Official)] with the handover to @[64503367153:274:Dubfire]! #CNTRLedu
Wed 22/04/15
CNTRL continues today in Seattle - starting off with a Point Blank masterclass by Dubfire!

We're deep in discussion with @[64503367153:274:Dubfire] for his @[71668139045:274:Point Blank] masterclass in Seattle! #CNTRLedu
Mon 20/04/15
The 2015 CNTRL tour made its first stop at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, one of our partners in education alongside Point Blank. Have a look at some of the interactions we've been having with the next generation of electronic music culture! #CNTRLedu

#CNTRLedu 2015 - Berklee College of Music
Mon 20/04/15
What an incredibly engaging & inspiring week on the road with our CNTRL tour! Thank you to all the students and fans who participated in the panels at Berklee College of Music, Penn State, The New School, Concordia University & University of Toronto and for everyone who came out to the club nights at Middle East Restaurant and Nightclub, Levels Nightclub, Webster Hall, New City Gas & CODA. Although I love gigging, clubbing & playing music, having the opportunity to spend the last week engaging with students, fans and my peers Marc Houle Matador Matthew Dear François Kevorkian Dantiez Saunderson Kevin Saunderson Mateo Murphy Blue Hawaii Ean Golden Justin James Dinamo Azari, talking shop and learning from their different perspectives and own unique workflows... incredibly inspiring and only makes me want to get straight back to the studio and create!!! Remember, there is no right or wrong way to make Electronic Music (except for ghost writing), just find your own unique way, don't get lost in the instruments, plugins or technology that you use, and just find a way to magnify your own individuality and the things that make you YOU! The future of Electronic Music relies on continued innovation and individuality, push yourself, trust your judgement, limit your options and have the discipline to spend every waking moment on learning your craft. There are no shortcuts!


Thank you to all the sponsors who are helping our mission! Roland U.S. Roland Canada NATIVE INSTRUMENTS TRAKTOR Point Blank Beatport Splice AIAIAI AM Only Bridges for Music DJ TechTools Funktion-One (Official) littleBits Livid Instruments SubPac Moog Audio Insomniac Events Dancing Astronaut MINUS Guitar Center

Sat 18/04/15
Day 4 of the CNTRL tour has us in Montreal at Concordia University! #CNTRLedu

"Sound unique and commit… the human has to transcend the technology." -@[199232390073:274:Richie Hawtin], @[6240296732:274:Concordia University] (Montreal) — met Thony Fitt RC.