Mon 01/12/14
Regarding the incident at Time Warp in New York this weekend which is being posted and talked about on the web, I would like to apologise here to the girl involved. It was not my intention that the speaker fell. Only to nudge the monitors in her direction and for her to understand that perhaps she had filmed enough. I was as surprised as I'm sure she was when it moved the way it did and the top speaker fell off of the stack. For that, I'm extremely sorry and embarrassed about what happened. This was never my intention. Sometimes being in the middle of the spotlight, continual cameras and glaring iPhone lights, things can get stressful and frustrating. I'm sorry that this frustration took an unexpected turn and took away from anyone's experience of Time Warp. I have tried to reach the girl to apologise personally but have not yet been able to track her down and will continue to try to contact her.
Sun 30/11/14
The Christmas season is upon us and we're excited to announce a special sale with a few hard to find "limited edition" items that we found on our recent office move!

For all my original Plastikman fans OR for those who just came on board with my EX album earlier this year, grab the last quantities of the Plastikman ARKIVES retrospective! Check out the ARKIVES book to learn more about the early crazy years in Detroit and where & when the whole Plastikman project started:

Have a great Xmas and I hope to have some more new music for you all next year! - Rich

Fri 28/11/14
Check out the EP#1 of a series of two special Matador EP's coming out on my MINUS label over the next few months! If you love Gav's music, then you're gonna freak out over these new tunes... if you've never heard of Gav, then check it out, he's one of the masters of melodic #Techno these days!!!!!

Matador returns to Minus with new music
One year on from his last release, Gavin Lynch will put out two extended EPs in December and March.
Thu 27/11/14
Nearly 25 years into my career and here I am at the end of yet another beautifully inspiring year. Surrounded by an incredibly supportive group of family, friends and fans, I’m able to continue living my dream being an Electronic Music Artist & “DJ”, travelling the world, learning, teaching, entertaining and inspiring new and old fans alike and helping to continue the growth & development of our wonderful culture. This year was full of crazy experiences, crazy events, unexpected surprises and some incredibly challenging new projects (some of which you’ll all hear about next year)!!! The last twelve months has been filled with so many moments that it’s hard write down here, but I’ll highlight 14 of them that still resonate in the front of my mind!

1. The Secret Technology project that we will announce to our scene in early 2015.
2. A summer of incredibly inspiring gigs like Sunwaves NEOPOP Electronic Music Festival TOFFLER Fuse Peacock Society Ambasada Gavioli Fabric London Sonus Festival Cocorico Glastonbury Festival (official) THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT Movement Electronic Music Festival (OFFICIAL).
3. Ibiza with ENTER.Season 3, back-to-backs with Dubfire & Luciano (Official Page) and my yearly visit to Cocoon Ibiza.
4.The return of Plastikman with “EX” and double header Plastikman & Hawtin shows at the Sónar Festival.
5. ENTER.International bringing #Techno across the world to MUTEK Montreal, CREAMFIELDS BA, Escape: All Hallows' Eve.
6. Caprices Festival - what could be better than a Swiss chalet, Skiing & Gigging & partying with 8 of your best friends.
7. An Inspiring and thought provoking Spring tour of Asia at ageHa (Tokyo), Club Eden (Seoul), Att Show Box 文創立方 (Taipei), M2 (Shanghai).
8. Time Warp anniversaries around the world – WIE IMMER!
9. Sven Väth (OFFICIAL) 50th birthday party!
10. Having Dixon, Tale Of Us, Recondite and Dubfire ASK to do club remixes of Plastikman “EX” songs.
11. Dixon, Guy Gerber and Dubfire’s sets (Legendary moment... Ali dropping the Carl Craig remix of Vince Watson) in the ENTER.Sake bar Ibiza.
12. Incredible MINUS singles from Maceo Plex, Julian Jeweil, Matador, @Testpilot (aka deadmau5), WHYT NOYZ, Carlo Ruetz, Marc Faenger Florian Frings and outstanding albums by Jon Gaiser & Paco Osuna OFFICIAL!
13. Receiving the Outstanding Contribution to Music AIM Independent Music Awards with my family in attendance!
14. Japan Trip uniting three of my passions at the Red Bull Music Academy & Sake Samurai ceremony... MUSIC SAKE & EDUCATION

To everyone who came, who participated, who supported & helped organize and who danced the night away, THANK YOU!!! If some of these memories, moments, people, DJ's and experiences above bring you back to that time, that energy, then keep that feeling in mind as we close out 2014 with the various different year end polls and charts!

For our scene and culture, here’s one of the most important ones, the Resident Advisor Year End Poll…

Let's take the NEXT STEP. into 2015, together! - rich

Thu 27/11/14
I have so many incredible musical memories in Montreal! I remember one of our first PLUS8 (official page) road trips when John Acquaviva, Daniel Bell (DBX) and I drove up to record a show for the famous Canadian radio show "Brave New Waves." On that trip, we performed at one of the early Montreal raves and met a VERY young Plus 8 fan for the first time, Tiga! Over the years I've returned time & time again to enjoy the hospitality of the city and its diverse Electronic Music scene. From early after-hour mornings at Club SONA, to incredible New Years Eve "CELEBRATIONS" shows to many inspiring (and challenging) MUTEK appearances, Monteal continues to radiate an incredible energy and respect to all things Electronic! This year we returned again to play for my friends at Mutek, bringing ENTER. and our #dotUP free event to Canada for the first time!

Richie Hawtin - dotUP! Montreal & ENTER.Mutek (May 29th, 2014)
Richie Hawtin - dotUP! Montreal + ENTER.Mutek (May 29th, 2014) Subscribe for the latest videos: Coming back to Canada is always signifi...
Thu 27/11/14
Some interesting press regarding the increased popularity of #Techno & Techno related events in North America all leading up to this weekends Time Warp event in NYC!

Time Warp, the Most Prestigious Techno Festival in the World, Makes Its Way to New York
For three months, Time Warp found itself in limbo. The first festival in the city where it is still based — Mannheim, Germany, having debuted in 1994 — Time Warp has grown to become the mo...
Wed 26/11/14
There's weekends that you look forward to and then there's weekends you PREPARE for! Who's ready to EXPERIENCE the power of one of the best & most creative European #Techno events and it's arrival to America.

Time Warp NYC is THIS WEEKEND! See everyone there!

Sun 23/11/14
A perfect way to end our series of ENTER. International events for 2014 at the THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT in Manchester last night! Amazing to see so many friends & ENTER.Team members in attendance, dancing & smiling and bringing us back to the intensity of the summer! Beautiful melodies by Recondite, deep rhythms from Fabio Florido and the BASSLINES of Jon Gaiser rocked the Main room while the ENTER.Mind room vibrated with frequencies from TM404, Miles Whittaker & Matthew Hawtin! THANK YOU MADchester, it really does get crazy as you head North! Stay tuned for more ENTER.International coming in 2015!

Thu 20/11/14
An incredibly warm reception from old friends and new fans in the heart of the city where it all began for me... DETROIT!!!!!

Richie Hawtin - Movement Festival, Detroit (May 25th, 2014)

Richie Hawtin - Movement Festival, Detroit (May 25th, 2014) Subscribe for the latest videos: Richie and friends congregate in Detroit f...
Wed 19/11/14
I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to all my very emotional & dedicated fans in Buenos Aires! Each time I play, whether early this year at Time Warp BA or last week at our yearly ENTER. stage at CREAMFIELDS BA the energy and excitement never ceases to amaze me! Thank you for everyone's support!!!!!

Big THANKS to the Buenos Aires Hawtin Fan club for always meeting with at the airport with gifts and smiles, you all give me even more energy each time I visit your country!!!! Thank you to Mariela, Luz, Facundo, Vir, Mile, Max & the everyone at the airport!

See you all next year!!!

Mon 17/11/14
One of the best reasons to have my own label MINUS is to assist my like-minded friends to achieve their own dreams and help bring each of their unique sounds to a wider audience. Over the past 10 years i've seen many of the MINUS gang develop and each of them continues to energize & inspire me. Last week, my good friend and one of MINUS's longest standing artists Jon Gaiser released his newest & most impressive albums. "False Light" kicks you in the gut/butt with the expected Gaiser basslines and combines his new found love of Modular systems into a synthesis of Analog & Digital perfection! If you haven't heard the album, YOU NEED TO. If you haven't experienced "GAISER" Live, YOU MUST! In my opinion Jon carries the torch of what the best Detroit Techno always was; musical, primal, melodic, futuristic and completely infectious! CONGRATULATIONS on the new album Jon!!!! - rich

Find GAISER "False Light" at Beatport

and if that's not enough, check out his Live Essential mix here to get an idea of what it's like to experience Jon Live!

Photo below from last week's killer show at Warung Beach Club - THANKS to everyone who were there!

Fri 14/11/14

#NYC – The new address for Time Warp 11/29!

Tue 11/11/14
Jon Gaiser's "False Light" album is out now on MINUS!


[MINUSmin32] Gaiser - False Light

Buy your copy here: A key member of the Minus family for almost a decade, Jon Gaiser released "False Ligh...
Thu 06/11/14
Video from the ENTER.Ibiza 2014 closing party!

ENTER.Ibiza 2014 - CLOSING PARTY (October 2nd, 2014)

ENTER.Ibiza 2014 - CLOSING PARTY (October 2nd, 2014) Subscribe for the latest videos: To celebrate the end of a very special season, EN...
Mon 03/11/14
#SãoPaulo - Want to be on the guest list for D-Edge on Nov. 6th? Comment on this post for a chance to win. Winners will be notified on the comments section tomorrow.

Sun 02/11/14
An absolutely incredible and inspiring ENTER. at Escape: All Hallows' Eve with our full production and a beautifully diverse group of some of todays best #Techno & Electronic Musicians representing the best of what our scene has to offer! Thank you to all the ENTER. supporters in the crowd for their support & creativity with homemade t-shirts, flags and banners that gave us all even more energy to play at our very best. Big props & thanks to my entire ENTER.Team, specially our onsite production team who were responsible for the Audio, Visual & Lighting part of the experience Ali M. Demirel, Itaru Yasuda, Johannes Kraemer, Mattias, Malle & Chris!!! And of course, thank-you to my friends & colleagues who all played their best, Justin James #Gaiser Recondite #MK The Martinez Brothers Hot Since 82 #Davi Matador Damian Lazarus ART DEPARTMENT Tale Of Us LOCO DICE Luciano (Official Page) ... stay tuned for our next ENTER.Experience in the US ... maybe VEGAS next summer, or if not, come visit us on Ibiza next summer for ENTER.Ibiza season 4 at Space Ibiza! Thanks for the support - Rich!

Fri 31/10/14
Honored to be inducted into Pete Tong’s Hall Of Fame. The show is happening RIGHT NOW, tune in to BBC Radio 1 to hear it

BBC - Radio 1
Listen to BBC Radio 1, home of the Official Chart, the Live Lounge and the world's greatest DJs including Nick Grimshaw, Scott Mills, Fearne Cotton, Greg James, Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and many more. Listen on DAB Radio, Digital TV, 97-99 FM, Online and Mobile
Fri 31/10/14
ENTER. arrives in California for Day 1 of #ENTERla at Escape: All Hallows' Eve!!

SET TIMES ● @[391818674190428:274:ENTER.]LA ● Day 1 — met Matador en 7 anderen.
Thu 30/10/14
Celebrating a friends birthday is always a special occasion, but when that friend is Sven Väth (OFFICIAL) ’SPECIAL’ takes on a new meaning.

For the past two decades Sven has been the figure head of European Techno scene, even on my first visits to Germany back in 1991 he was already a lightning rod in the German scene and his long sets and immersive party experiences were already legendary.

Sven was one of the first people to invite me to play in Germany and later I became one of the only international artists to be a resident at his Omen nightclub in Frankfurt. Through the years Sven and I found a common bond within the music we enjoyed and our passion for even the most crazy experiences and over years of playing together, long into the morning (and night again) our friendship grew, celebrating our similarities and respecting our differences. Hanging out together we often referred to ourselves as the Controlled Chaos twins, each of us taking turns at both side of that coin and enjoying (fully) all areas of the nomadic Techno lifestyle.

Sven’s passion for the music and his energy for the party never cease to amaze me, and after all these years, after so many life changing moments together, both in the club and in the far corners of the world, I’m happy & honoured to be a friend, collaborator and often, his partner in crime.

Sven, congratulations on your 50th birthday, an incredible celebration of passion, longevity and energy that has inspired generations of electronic music fans around the world!

Thu 30/10/14
Even after the whirlwind travel schedule of the past two weeks I'm still feeling the serenity of Japan and the incredibly inspiring ENTER.Sake trip. It will take a few months to finalize all the meetings and experiences we had, but you'll all get to try some incredibly delicious new Sake at ENTER. next summer season on Ibiza! Now after a few days catching up at the MINUS office in Berlin it's time to head off to the west coast of America for our NEXT STEPS of the ENTER.Experience with this weekends 2 day ENTER. stage at Beyond Wonderland and then over for my special once yearly Halloween visit to VEGAS, this year at the new SLS Las Vegas Hotel & Casino! I know that Vegas has opened it's doors to Electronic Music over the past few years, but it's not so often that myself or my #Techno colleagues get to visit, so expect an evening of great music, enveloping beats and, probably, some Sake fuelled craziness! Looking forward to the entire weekend in the USA! ... then we'll start off next week going south for my first gig in Panama at the LEVEL CLUB, then at D-Edge Sao Paulo, then Warung Beach Club and finally ending up at another ENTER. at CREAMFIELDS BA! Off we go!