Fri 13/11/15
To coincide with the full remix album’s unveiling on CD, the exquisite reworkings of “All I Think About Is Death” and “Why You Feel So Low”, by techno heavyweights Radio Slave and Function respectively, have been singled out for release on vinyl. The former bears all the hypnotic hallmarks of a Radio Slave classic: incrementally menacing percussive lines woven with the heart- wrenching vocal chants of the original over an epic 12 minutes. At once understated and emphatic, the tenor is deepened in the extreme on an ambient “Atmos” version. Berghain resident, Function, on the other hand treats Claustrophobia’s flagship “Why You Feel So Low” with a delicate touch: he retains the buoyant hook of the original, underlying it with a thunderous, reverberating bassline, handclaps for days, and a beat tailor-made for only the biggest and brightest sound systems. Tracklisting: A1. All I Think About Is Death (Radio Slave Remix) B1. Why You Feel So Low (Function Remix) B2. All I Think About Is Death (Radio Slave Atmos)

Fri 30/10/15
Sepalcure Fight For Us EP HF044 Single / Digital Ahead of a second full length album coming in April of 2016, one of the jewels in the Hotflush crown is back with another standout new EP. Sepalcure’s "Fight For Us EP" is their sixth on Scuba’s label, and it features two tracks of the sort of inventive and singular sounds that have made the American duo a truly unique proposition in the underground. Sepalcure is the coming together of two creative musical talents, Travis Stewart (aka Machinedrum) and Praveen Sharma (who also works as Braille), and between the pair and their vast musical backgrounds they bring a real emotional sensibility and melodic sensuality to their sounds. Built on a solid groove foundation that takes cues from juke’s trademark jittery bass, they knit in both organic wood block hits and more synthetic electronic synth textures that are compelling and refreshing, and make for some of the most forward thinking sounds in all of modern day dance. This new release proves that once more. Opener ‘Fight For Us’ is a shimmering, sun kissed and trilling electronic affair with lazy chords drifting next to heartfelt female vocals. Down low, a tender and light weight drum patter is inviting as it tumbles along, sucking you into the most vulnerable of emotional spaces. It’s a real heart-stopper that speaks of the sort of lost loves that we have all encountered at some point in our lives. On the flip, the title track ‘Music 4 All’ is a more driven and direct, dance floor-oriented cut. Swooning synths are draped over rubber kicks as a nebulous vocal muttering infuses the whole thing. Prickly precision and filtered pads all add to the inviting sense of groove and lift you up, up and away. This is honest electronic music with real structure that tugs at the heart whilst inviting you to tap your feet at the same time. For that rare trick, Sepalcure are in a class of their own. Tracklisting: 01. Fight For Us 02. Music 4 All

Fri 23/10/15
SoundCloud conversion to RSS provided by Cloud Flipper: [Web] - [Facebook] - [Donate!] This is the inaugural episode of our new radio show called "Hotflush On Air" as presented by Scuba. It goes out on the third Friday of every month at 8pm CET (which is 5am West Coast US, 2pm East Coast, 7pm UK) on Digitally Imported Radio, and is made available one week later on other platforms. Full tracklist can be found here >>>

Fri 16/10/15
Shall Ocin The Cliff / The Mist HFT044 Single / 12“, Digital Next up to add his sounds to the ever impressive Hotflush cannon is Argentina’s Shall Ocin. He serves up The Cliff/The Mist, a two track EP that showcases his knack for infectious groove in all its glory. The man born Nicolas Abalos has released music under a number of aliases over the last decade plus, but it is as Shall Ocin that he has had most success. Putting out music on labels like Culprit and Ellum Audio, he has established himself amongst contemporary tastemakers and here cements his reputation with a great debut on Hotflush. Opening the account is the excellent ’The Cliff,’ a steely main room house track with grinding synths that roam and whir about above weighty bass. It’s a physical, arresting track that brims and bristles with apocalyptic fervour and will truly work crowds into a lather as it continues to build. ‘The Mist’ is much more in your face, with malfunctioning machines smeared about above metal drums. It’s a real writhing monster that twists and turns with great filter work making for the most dramatic of atmospheres. This texturally rich, maximalist EP makes a fine new singing for the UK label and is another great entry into Ocin’s increasingly essential discography. Release date: October 16th 2015 Tracklisting: A1. The Cliff B1. The Mist

Fri 11/09/15
Auden Hunger EP HFT043 Single / 12“, Digital Auden’s third EP sees the shadowy producer stride familiar lengths of eclecticism while dipping into fresh sources of inspiration. The title track yearns for the glory days of UK Rave with its sunrise chords overlaying broken beats and drops of acid. The homage is all but shorn on Alan Fitzpatrick’s remix as he contemporises it into a techno bomb with a breakdown to remember. Flexing typical versatility, ‘Simmer Down’ provides the counterpoint with rolls, bounces and jacks in equal measure while ‘Sewer System’ rounds off the EP in a blissed-out discordant ambience. Release date: September 11th 2015 Tracklisting: A1. Hunger A2. Simmer Down B1. Hunger (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix) B2. Sewer System

Mon 13/07/15
‘Black on Black’, the ninth track from Scuba’s Claustrophobia album, gets the remix treatment by techno titan Len Faki. Tracklisting: Scuba - Black on Black [CST004D] A1. Black On Black B1. Black On Black (Len Faki Goes Black Remix)

Tue 07/07/15
OUT NEXT MONDAY JULY 13TH "Black on Black", the ninth track from Scuba’s Claustrophobia album, gets the remix treatment by techno titan Len Faki. Scuba Black On Black incl. Len Faki Remix Hotflush Digital CST004D A1. Black On Black A2. Black On Black (Len Faki Goes Black Remix)

Wed 01/07/15
Big one coming in from Superfreq regular David Scuba Continu
Tue 30/06/15
Following 2013’s ubiquitous smash ‘Untitled’ and last year’s heavyweight ‘Erotic Discourse’ remixes, Paul Woolford returns to the Hotflush fold with a double-headed cerberus, ‘Orbit / MDMA’. Tracklisting: A1. Orbit B1. MDMA

Mon 22/06/15
Sonar Festival was amazing this weekend, playing the main stage right after Chemical Brothers totally lived up to expectations. Headed straight to the Hotflush Recordings party at Nitsa afterwards to close the night b2b with Alan Fitzpatrick... Absolutely love that club and the vibe in there on Saturday was perfect. Thank you to everyone who danced! Now chilling in Ibiza for the week before Belfast, Awakenings and Berghain next weekend.... Summer is here :D

Thu 18/06/15
Very excited to be back at Sónar Festival this weekend, last time was in 2011 so it's been a bit of a wait but 3am on Saturday night in the SonarClub it's all gonna be happening. Got some massive tunes for it too...

Sónar 18.19.20 June 2015 :: Scuba
Immersive techno, The path of Paul Rose –aka Scuba– is underpinned by evolution, exploration and transformation. He has experimented with minimalist dub…
Wed 17/06/15
Another big track from my Essential Mix... out now on Hotflush Recordings.

Scuba - Drift (Mr Tophat & Art Alfie Remix) [CST003D] CST003D - Scuba Release date: June 15th, 2015 01. Drift 02. Drift (Mr Tophat & Art Alfie Remix) © & ℗ 2015 Hot...
Tue 16/06/15
A1. Paul Woolford - Orbit [HFT042] PREVIEW

Tue 16/06/15
B1. Paul Woolford - MDMA [HFT042] PREVIEW

Mon 15/06/15
Out now, original version available on the album 'Claustrophobia'

Sat 13/06/15
Shows in Europe and the US in June and July

Fri 12/06/15
Shows in Europe and the US in June and July...

Fri 12/06/15
Happy Friday ♥

Robert Hood – Minimal Nation (Full Mix)

Tracklist & running order of dj mix: 1. Intro 2. Ride 3. One Touch 4. Rhythm Of Vision 5. Sleep Cycles 6. Unix 7. Station Rider E 8. The Pace 9. Museum 10. A...
Thu 11/06/15
Lots of fun in Madrid yesterday with Vicious Magazine.... a few photos and then played on their streaming show, Vicious Live. Madrid fucking rocks (even when it's raining :D)

Wed 10/06/15
Montreal the other week ♥