Mon 21/11/11

Well it is a bit of an early holiday but the shop will be closed between 22nd November and 16th December 2011. You can still make and order but we will not be able to post it to you until after the 16th December.

Many thanks!

Wed 26/05/10

You may be interested to know that Zeke, the artist for Skull Disco, has a release with his band The Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra available. It's a full length album and it is available as a download or a limited edition cd.

Wed 05/12/07
That's right a FREE 60 minute new Skull Disco mix from 2007 by DST! Right click to download it here.
Note: This is a free download for your personal use only, please don't take the piss / torrent it / try and flog CDs of it on ebay etc. Feel free to post/send links to this page but please do not try and link directly to the file on our servers, it won't work anyway, thanks.

ALSO: Watch out for SKULL 08 & 09 available here soon!

Tue 27/02/07

A suspected new species of Shackletonia, an amphipod crustacean sampled near Elephant Island, Antarctic Pensisula, during the RV Polarstern expedition ANTXXIII/8 in the Weddell Sea 2006/07.

Credit: © C. d'Udekem, Royal Belgium Institute for Natural Sciences, 2007