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All your artist updates in one place:

All your artist updates in one place

Trust the DJ has relaunched. You can now view your favourite DJ related web updates in one place. Follow multiple artists and browse their latest updates from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, Blogs, Mixcloud, Soundcloud, Hype Machine and more. On top of this we'll be adding daily exclusives and some very exciting new mobile features to be announced soon!

Profile A-Z:

Profile A-Z

Every artist on Trust the DJ can be found through the Profile A-Z, here you will be able to browse (by genre, by letter) for your favorite artists, see what they're up to and subscribe to their updates by clicking the green + button



MyStreams is your mission control. This is where all of your real-time artist exclusives and updates live. You can personalise your feeds and artist streams here too.



Every week we'll be adding exclusives from artists including track downloads, chances to appear in music videos, artist Q&As, industry work experience opportunities, you could even win an artist video message made just for you. Sign up to find out more!
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