Thu 10/04/14
If your gunplay's notorious, you're Oscar Pistorius.
Tue 08/04/14
I can't wait until @Maria_MillerMP's head rolls (in the metaphorical sense, of course). Westminster greed personified.
Mon 07/04/14
Nuts was the kinda rag for those who thought reading FHM was an affectation, but were "too good" for Razzle.
Sat 29/03/14
Another pig with her snout in the trough. Scrap the expenses system and erect a guillotine in parliament square. @Maria_MillerMP
Fri 28/03/14
FACT on Trancework Paypal, Slick Shoota, EQ Why and more blend footwork and trance on new mixtape Tranceworkfactmag.comFACT is the UK's best online music magazine and home to the weekly FACT mix series.
Thu 27/03/14
Featuring my remix of one of the first tunes I played out (Binary Finary's 1998), mixed by Mu endboss @MikeParadinas BY Mike Paradinas (Trancework) | Thumpthump.vice.comThe Planet Mu boss crashes trance into footwork with heady results.
Wed 19/03/14
Vote Yes, get more than bingo and a pint from @grantshapps or Michael Green or whatever he's calling himself today... | BF HOODRICH (@_imsohoodrich) posted a photo on Twitterpic.twitter.comGet the whole picture - and other photos from Taz | BF HOODRICH
Sat 08/03/14
RT "@chrisbrown: Believe it is possible and make it happen." <'Believe you can hit her, then kick her c*nt in'. Happy Intl Womens Day, slick
Wed 19/02/14
RT @jackmaster: @3RDEYEGIRL R U coming to Scotland? Don't neglect us. #bring3rdeyegirlandprince2scotland Everyone PLEASE RT !!!< MAKE IT SO!
Wed 19/02/14
Wed 29/01/14
This shit right here. This. Moveltraxx presents #DMP6 [MTXLT133]moveltraxx.netGuess who's back ? Moveltraxx ! Here is our 6th volume of Da Movelt Posse compilations.  15 tracks between footwork, jersey club, house music, UK Bass and more... Once again, it's all about melting...
Sun 19/01/14
I'm all for bringing back the death penalty... for those who post "bring back the death penalty" on Facebook every time a tragedy happens.
Sun 17/11/13, Vida Sunshyne - The Formula feat. Vida Sunshyne (Taz & Akka Remix) [Muti Music]The Formula feat. Vida Sunshyne (Taz & Akka Remix) [Muti Music] is available for download on Beatport, the world's largest DJ and electronic music community.
Sat 16/11/13
New ish pon the cloud...
Taz - NYEsoundcloud.comI make music. info:
Wed 16/10/13
Prokofiev is my homeboy.
Sun 13/10/13
New remix on the cloud...
VICTOR NIGLIO - JAGER (BF HOODRICH REMIX)soundcloud.comI make music. info:
Thu 10/10/13
Nov 29th @ The Melkweg, Amsterdam. @KUTMAH @eprombeats @Jamescloack @akkachar @Krampfhaft #TEAM #5yearsofRwina
Mon 07/10/13
What's with these fake soundcloud accounts doing the rounds at the moment? Like anyone's stupid enough to click those links...
Mon 07/10/13
Big-ups to the new followers. O HAI
Mon 07/10/13
βƒ h๏๏ďяɨȼh - βя€ąЌ ţh€ $ɨℓ€ɲȼ€ (teaser)soundcloud.comI make music. info:
Sun 06/10/13
More new ish pon tha cloud.
βƒ h๏๏ďяɨȼh - βя€ąЌ ţh€ $ɨℓ€ɲȼ€ (teaser)soundcloud.comI make music. info:
Sun 06/10/13
New ish pon tha cloud...
βƒ h๏๏ďяɨȼh - $ţ¥ℓɨɲ ๏ɲ ¥ą (teaser)soundcloud.comShort snippet of something to come.
Thu 03/10/13
Terry Richardson is one creepy-ass dude.
Thu 03/10/13
Hit 1800 followers on Soundcloud today. Much obliged, folks! New music on the way!
Taz | BF Hoodrichsoundcloud.comI make music. info:
Tue 01/10/13
Honoured for the Synergy EP to be in @sibegg's Top 10 Begg - Best of Bleep Chartsbleep.comBleep's favourite artists tell us their top fives - Buy at - Vinyl, CD, MP3, WAV, FLAC.